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NEXT WEEK: Maintain EMS Dominance in Tight Budget Environments! Attend the EW Combat Systems Life Cycle Management Conference, July 17-19
Today’s EW combat systems are expensive and likely to remain in the DoD’s inventory longer as downturned budgets struggle to procure replacement systems. To ensure these systems remain effective, both performance insertion and cost reduction will be critically important to EW’s future. This conference will discuss in depth how all the services and other DoD agencies insert performance enhancements into legacy systems. We will discuss cost reduction concepts, including combat systems integration, and use, as a case study, the Navy’s new product-line approach to improve the vertical integration of its EW systems. 


Congressman Rob Wittman, Virginia’s First Congressional District, 112th Congress
Jaymie Durnan, Senior Advisor to the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Research & Engineering, The Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 

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VOTE NOW IN THE 2012 AOC ELECTION: Online Voting Open Through July 31!
The 2012 AOC Election is now open for voting online. You will need your AOC member number (found on the label of your JED) and crows.org password to access the online system. Offices include the AOC President-Elect (for the presidential term beginning in 2014), as well as At-Large directors and directors for the Central, Mid-Atlantic and Pacific regions. You can learn about the candidates in the AOC Election Guide in the June issue of JED. (Use your crows.org username and password or username: June2012 and password: crow0612 to log in.)

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE JULY 27! Register Now for the AOC Convention. Big Discounts for Young Crows.
Register now for the 49th Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention, "Arming the Spectrum Warrior," September 23-26 in Phoenix, AZ, and take advantage of early registration discounts. 

To help bring young EMS warriors into the Crow family, we are offering discounted registration fees for first-time AOC convention attendees who are 35 years of age or younger by September 24, 2012. You must provide your date of birth at the time of registration and past attendance will be verified by AOC staff. Register by July 27 and attend for only $300!


"Unveiling the Unified Command Plan for the EMS Warrior"

"Developing the Joint Force for 2020"
"Big Data. New Physics. The Ultimate 'Weak Signal' Detection Weapon" 

THINGS ARE HEATING UP IN THE PACIFIC: Don't Miss the Pacific Theater Air, Sea, Land Battle Concept: IO/EW/Cyber Operations Conference, October 16-18 in Honolulu
The Information Operations Institute and the Association of Old Crows are proud to present this conference on the hottest topic facing the world today and in the future: the Pacific Rim. Sessions include topics on the South China Sea and surrounding waterways of global significance. This international conference brings experts from the U.S., Japan, Korea, and other countries to discuss the issues affecting this area, new concepts of operations (air, sea, land battle concept), with a concentration on programming and budget areas.

The South China Sea is an area of primary concern for many nations. The U.S. DoD is building its air, sea battle concept encompassing not only traditional air and maritime operations but also incorporating the IO/Cyber/EW operations and programming. It is critical that all nations come together to build viable joint concepts and ensure the programming funding is in place to bring the concepts to fruition. Foreseen as an annual event and concentrating on strategic international partnerships, this conference promises to be one that is on the leading edge of future operations in the Pacific Theater.
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Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare Course, August 7-10 - LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE!
This course will provide an overview of Electronic Warfare from its roots in Electronic Combat to its contemporary EM Spectrum Warfare applications. Although this is not a technical course aimed at engineers, certain technological principles will be presented in order to baseline attendees and help demonstrate the unique knowledge skills and abilities that warfare across the EM spectrum requires.
Instructor: Lynn Berg
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PLAN AHEAD CALENDAR: Make the Most of Convention With Our On-Site Education
Make the most of your AOC Convention trip by planning now to take one of the convenient on-site courses planned for Phoenix. Register for your course when you register for convention and take advantage of early savings!
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September 18-21
: Electronic Warfare Update Course
Course Details

September 20-21: Effectiveness Evaluation of Electronic Self Protection
Course Details

September 22-23: Modeling and Simulation Course
Course Details

September 22-23: Survey of EM Battle Management Applications
Course Details

September 25: Survey of EW and Cyber Applications
Course Details

September 27-28
: Radar for Electronic Warfare Professionals Course
Course Details

September 27-28: Survey of EW Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Applications and Payloads
Course Details
D-TA Systems of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, joined the AOC in June as a small Industry Group Member.
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AOC is pleased to announce the revitalization of the Santa Barbara Roost with a newly elected chapter president and board of directors. Congratulations to the new leadership! For information on becoming involved with the Santa Barbara Roost, contact Glorianne O'Neilin at AOC HQ. 
President: Phil Estabrooks 
Board Members: Randy Franciose, J. Brett Marymee, Rick Rister, Ricardo Paredes, Alvin Salge, Dick Curtis, Danny Lang 
A new report released this week from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) titled, "Electronic Warfare: DoD Actions Needed to Strengthen Management and Oversight," says that the "DoD has taken steps to address a critical electronic warfare management gap, but it has not established a department-wide governance framework for electronic warfare." 

The report cites the need to repair critical leadership gaps in EW that may limit the DoD's ability to effectively manage EW programs and resources and makes three key recommendations for the DoD to follow moving forward. 

Electronic warfare isn't the same as cyber warfare, but similarities exist between the two, and the United States Department of Defense must address those commonalities to provide better defense capabilities, a new audit reveals. (Government Information Security)
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In the July issue of the U.S. Naval Institute's Proceedings Magazine, Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, U.S. Navy, writes that "We need to move from 'luxury-car' platforms - with their built-in capabilities - toward dependable 'trucks' that can handle a changing payload selection." (Proceedings)
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The U.S. military is accelerating its cyberwarfare training programs in an aggressive expansion of its preparations for conflict on an emerging battlefield. The renewed emphasis on building up cyberwarfare capabilities comes even as other defense programs have been trimmed. (Wall Street Journal)
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Engineers at the Army's Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey have managed to send lightning bolts down a laser beam. And they didn't even use The Force (as far as we know). (GCN)
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Death stopped Abdul Qayum, a Taliban commander in Afghanistan's Zabul Province, in a fiery flash and roar. It was an evening in October last year, and Mr. Qayum was meeting several Afghans in a field. Though he did not know it, a Navy F/A-18 strike fighter was circling high overhead more than five miles away, summoned by an American Special Operations team. Its engines were out of earshot, the pilot said, "so we didn't burn the target." (The New York Times)
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