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Association News

Recorded From AOC Europe 2024: From the Crows' Nest

Host Ken Miller walked the show floor for exclusive coverage of AOC Europe 2024. Joined by special co-hosts for quick segments with guests, including presenters, industry reps, subject matter experts and VIPs worldwide they discussed this year's theme and current issues facing the EW industry. 

Call for Nominations for 2024 AOC Awards

A central tenet of AOC's mission is recognizing individuals, groups and military units for their outstanding performance in furthering the aims of the AOC and the Electromagnetic Warfare enterprise. The AOC has a number of awards that are available each year, with three categories – Prestige, Community and Chapter Flow Up.

Submit your nomination by June 30.

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AOC Future 5
Honoring the Best and Brightest Young Professionals in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Are you an early career professional in electronic warfare, information operations or related disciplines? If so, we invite you to apply for the AOC Future 5 program. This prestigious program annually recognizes five outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the field and show promise as future leaders. Selected participants will receive exclusive benefits, including mentoring, professional development opportunities and networking with industry leaders. Don't miss this chance to advance your career and become part of the AOC's legacy of excellence EMS/EW/IO industry

Application deadline: June 30

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Submit Your Nomination for the AOC 2024 BOD Election

Would you like to get more involved in the association and add your voice to the AOC Board of Directors? Nominate yourself for one of the open positions below and join in the future of AOC. As part of the nomination process, you are asked to have a sponsor or nominator that supports your wish to run for election.

Positions that are eligible for election this year are

  • At-Large Director (2 slots available)
  • Central Region Director
  • Mid-Atlantic Region Director
  • Mountain-Western Region Director

Submit your nomination by May 31.

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Warfighter Information Advantage Symposium 2024
Oct. 29-30 | Augusta, Georgia

Theme: EW Reenergized - The Army Phoenix Taking Its Place in the Joint / Coalition Fight

Original papers are being solicited from the United States Government, Academia, Industry, Operational Units and Subject Matter Experts. Final Symposium presentations may be unclassified up to US Secret. Abstract submissions should be unclassified and indicate the level of classification for presentation and focus on the following topic areas:

  • Information Advantage During Large Scale Combat Operations
  • Unified Network and the Hybrid Cloud – Accessing Information Anytime, Anywhere
  • Novel solutions for succeeding in a competitive, congested and contested EME
  • Electromagnetic Warfare – how to Fight and Win in the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Unmanned Capabilities in Cyberspace and Electronic Warfare
  • Transforming in Contact - Exercises, Experimentation and Soldier Touchpoints
  • From the Field – Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations and Lessons Learned
  • Signature Management – Hiding in Plain Sight
  • Adversary Capabilities and Challenges in EMS
  • Cyber and EW in Joint /Coalition Operations

Submission deadline: June 28

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Reach your audience at Warfighter Information Advantage Symposium 2024. When you partner with AOC, you come face-to-face with professionals directly involved in the EW/EMSO industry. Browse sponsorship opportunities.

Electromagnetic Warfare Capability Gaps and Enabling Technologies 2024
June 25-27 | Crane, Indiana

Theme: Accelerating EMSO Capabilities

The overall goal of this signature conference for Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) professionals from the military, government, industry and academic fields is to discuss issues related to shortening the timeline to field advanced Force Level EW and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) capabilities across the Services. Technical panels and keynote speakers will address EW and EMSO requirements, emerging technologies necessary to support joint warfighting, and achieve an enduring advantage in the electromagnetic spectrum.

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Reach your audience at EW Capability Gaps and Enabling Technologies 2024. When you partner with AOC, you come face-to-face with professionals directly involved in the EW/EMSO industry. Browse sponsorship opportunities.

MPG Solutions® - Advancing RF & Microwave Subsystems
MPG Solutions dedication to excellence propels us to continually push the boundaries of signal purity, speed, bandwidth, dynamic range, linearity, SWAP (Size, Weight, and Power), and reliability.  In the process, we forge close partnerships with our customers, aligning our efforts towards the development of advanced RF & Microwave solutions. Through this commitment, we not only push the limits of technology but also contribute to the overarching mission of Connecting and Protecting People®
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Call for Papers: AOC 2024

AOC has chosen Electromagnetic Spectrum Warfare - The Great Power Competition as the theme for its 61st Annual International Symposium and Convention. Complimentary to the keynote, spotlight and breakout Sessions, we are planning for 12 technical Sessions comprised of subject matter experts from the military, academia and industry in numerous topic areas. If you're a professional with original, unclassified information related to electronic warfare or information operations, you're encouraged to submit your abstract. This is an excellent opportunity to share your expertise and contribute to the conversation on advancing EMS superiority.

Submission deadline: July 31

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Elma Electronic Inc.
W. L. Gore & Associates
Association News cont 3

2024 AOC Sponsorship Catalog

AOC connects electromagnetic warfare practitioners, industry partners, policymakers and procurement decision-makers.

For over 55 years, electronic warfare (EW), electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO), cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA) and information operations (IO) professionals from military, government, industry and academia have looked to AOC to provide access to emerging technologies and the latest developments to protect the warfighter.

Plan to partner with AOC in 2024! AOC sponsorships are a great way to increase your reach and be part of what's happening right now in the EMSO industry.

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Present a Webinar

Educating and informing the Electromagnetic Warfare community is at the heart of AOC’s mission. As the leader in training EMSO and EW professionals worldwide, AOC offers a wide selection of professional development courses and webinars on various topics led by experts in the field.

Be at the forefront of educating the men and women in the EW/EMSO industry and submit a proposal to instruct our next live webinar.

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As of Jan. 1, free live webinars are a members-only benefit. Non-members can purchase webinars for $25 each.

Not an AOC Member? Level up your learning and join AOC today!

An Effective Approach to Evaluating Electronic Warfare Systems
May 16 | 2 PM ET

There is a growing need for electronic warfare (EW) systems to counter enemy radar systems more consistently with complex & innovative techniques to successfully prevent or deceive threats and improve survivability. However, modern radar systems can detect irregularities in programmed electronic attack (EA) techniques. Ensuring that EW systems can produce these techniques without exploitable irregularities demands thorough and accurate EW test and evaluation methods. Existing methods for waveform evaluation of EW responses can be costly in both time and resources. Further, complex EA techniques require evaluation at a high resolution and fidelity that cannot be easily achieved with common laboratory tools due to tradeoffs between bandwidth and resolution. With high-performance hardware and advanced digital signal processing (DSP), engineers can digitize and process large bandwidths of congested and noisy environments. Implementation of these techniques will help secure electromagnetic dominance and save the lives of countless warfighters. This webinar will discuss methods and applications of advanced waveform analysis that enable quick, accurate and automated characterization of critical parameters of advanced EW systems with the needed resolution for proper evaluation.

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Live from AOC Europe 2024 in Oslo, Norway

In this AOC member/subscriber-only episode of From the Crows’ Nest coming to you from AOC Europe 2024 in Oslo, Norway, host Ken Miller is joined by three special guests: Lieutenant Colonel Erik Bamford, Branch Chief of EW, Norwegian Armed Forces; Journalist and author, Dr. Tom Withington; and Duncan McCrory from the Department of War Studies at King’s College, UK. Together they discuss alliances and collaboration in supporting multi-domain electromagnetic warfare operations.

These AOC member/subscribers-only episodes of FTCN will be released twice a month. Members and subscribers will also be able to participate in the live recording of the episodes. These episodes will be available for a limited time to everyone who already enjoys our podcast. Become a member today so you won’t miss one of these essential episodes at You can reach the host directly to share your thoughts or comments at

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L3Harris Technologies
L3Harris Technologies

The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center – the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Featured Jobs

• Modeling & Simulation Project/Senior Project Leader – The Aerospace Corporation – El Segundo, California, United States – (On-Site)

Cyber Warfare Instructor II – Tyonek Native Corporation – Hurlburt Field, Florida (On-Site)


Young Crow Spotlight

AOC STEM Student of the Year Scholarship

Each year, the AOC Education Foundation awards two students who exhibit academic excellence in engineering or engineering technology, as well as interest and potential contribution to national defense, with $12,500 each. These scholarships are generously funded by Raytheon Intelligence & Space.

Application deadline: May 31

Do you know someone who would be interested in applying? Let them know about this amazing opportunity!

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Analog Devices Inc
Elettronica SpA
Chapter News

Summit 2024: Spectrum Control for Resilient Space Operations
June 11-16 | Bedford, MA

Join us for a deep dive into Spectrum Control for Resilient Space Operations. This in-person event brings together experts in the field to discuss the latest trends, challenges and solutions in controlling the spectrum battlespace throughout all phases of military operations. Don't miss this opportunity to network, learn and collaborate with industry leaders and innovators.

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Achieve Spectrum Superiority and Deploy Next-Gen EW Capabilities Faster
Spectrum superiority has never been more critical to success on the battlefield. Amid an increasingly contested and congested electromagnetic spectrum, the ability to reliably operate CNS and Radar/EW systems, while deceiving and disrupting the adversary, creates a significant tactical advantage.
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Industry News

The Air Force Research Lab's Integrated Capabilities Directorate is seeking white paper proposals from industry for its Ephemeral Paragon program, which will improve the situational awareness and EW performance of individual weapons platforms. (JED)

Gun battles between Israel and militants from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and smaller Palestinian factions intensified overnight into some of the fiercest in months in both northern and southern Gaza, both sides said on Wednesday. (Reuters)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken sought Tuesday to rally the spirits of glum Ukrainians facing a fierce new Russian offensive, assuring them during a visit to Kyiv that they are not alone and that billions of dollars in American military aid on its way after months of political delays will make a “real difference” on the battlefield. (AP)