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Association News

Cyber Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA) 2024
April 30 – May 2 | Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Theme: EW Overmatch – Reestablishing Dominance in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Submission Deadline: Jan. 19, 11:59 PM ET

Taking place at a critical juncture for electronic warfare (EW), CEMA 2024 marks a significant moment as the Army is on the verge of fielding terrestrial and airborne EW capabilities after a 30+ year hiatus.

You're invited to submit an original, unclassified abstract focused on one of the following key topics:

  • Science & Technology: Current, emerging and future trends in EW/Cyber/SIGINT/IO technologies, architecture, techniques, use of machine learning/artificial intelligence and other novel technologies
  • Acquisition Programs: Updates from key leadership, program and capability managers and policy makers on current and emerging programs of record, quick reaction capabilities and rapid prototyping efforts
  • Exercises & Experimentation: Lessons learned from CEMA exercises and experimentation
  • DOTMLPF-P: Integrating holistic CEMA solutions into Army and Joint formations in support of multidomain operations
  • From the Field: Feedback on current employment of CEMA capabilities from operational units, emerging CONOPS, TTPs, signature management and force structure implications
  • Special Emphasis Topics: Multi-Domain Systems of Systems, Information Advantage
    Intelligence Production in support of CEMA operations, Distributed Operations, Indo-Pacific unique requirements, Navigation Warfare, Machine Learning and Automation and Electromagnetic Battle Management in support of Joint All Domain Command and Control

Submit your paper by this Friday, Jan. 19!

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Collaborative EW Symposium 2024
March 12-14 | Point Mugu, California

Theme: EW at Scale – EW Capabilities for Near Peer Force on Force Warfighting

Join us at Collaborative EW Symposium 2024, a premier event uniting leaders from the US military, government, academia and industry. Focused on cutting-edge research in EW, the symposium addresses challenges in large-scale force-on-force combat. Explore the latest advancements and opportunities in EW, engaging with top-tier experts and decision-makers. Be part of shaping the future of electronic warfare strategy in this dynamic and collaborative environment.

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The EW Innovation Chasm - Bridging the Gap Between Academia and EW
Jan. 25 | 2 PM

The innovation chasm - the difficulty of bridging the gap from university research to products and services available in the market - is key a problem in many fields of endeavour, but seldom in EW. While this may initially appear to be a positive conclusion, this is sadly not the case. Unfortunately, little innovation gap exists in EW simply because academics seldom work in EW. The reasons for this lack of academic consideration of EW appear obvious. The tremendous operational value of EW means that the majority of EW is classified, while academia is based on the principle of openly sharing information (publish or perish). Additionally, there is an argument that militaries kill people and that this is counter to the goal of academia, which is to develop people. However, neither of these apparently obvious issues is as clear or significant as it may appear. Based on the presenter's experience as an academic working in EW for more than a decade, it will be argued that EW is actually a particularly suitable topic for academic work. It is hoped that this discussion will assist EW professionals in approaching academics and convincing them that EW really is an interesting, rewarding field to work in.

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Pushing the Boundaries of Wideband Technology

In this episode of From the Crow’s Nest, host Ken Miller speaks with Jarrett Holcomb, a senior research engineer at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Jarrett launched his career by developing an EW-centric test software called SPARTA, which later won an R&D 100 award. He was also recently recognized as an AOC Future 5 for his contributions to the Electromagnetic Warfare community

In recent years, Jarrett has focused on researching next-generation receiver architectures that meet the demanding requirements of future threats. Jarrett and Ken discuss advancements in wideband technology, open systems architectures, and the role of artificial intelligence in changing data processing for electronic intelligence. They later note the organizational challenges in trying to implement next-generation technology.

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The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center – the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Featured Jobs

Data Engineer Intern – CNH Industrial – Oak Brook, Illinois, United States (On-Site)

• Defense Electronics Associate Consultant – Renaissance Strategic Advisors – Arlington, Virginia, United States (Hybrid)

Chapter News

48th Dixie Crow Symposium
March 24-27

The 2024 theme is “Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) as a Maneuver Space - Achieving Dominance in the EMS through Speed, Innovation and DATA”. Papers are being solicited on topics related to new technologies, open architectures, EMS data (needs and/or CONOPS), software development pipelines, innovative approaches to validation and release processes and novel approaches to using or integrating existing technologies that will allow rapid acquisition and fielding.

Submit unclassified abstracts to by Jan. 26. Learn More

Download a complete schedule of events here. To register for the symposium click here. 

The sponsorship opportunities help fund the Dixie Crow Education Foundation, a 501(c) 3 organization. This is a great company opportunity to provide branding visibility to over 2000+ government/military/academia and industry attendees. All sponsorships directly fund Dixie Crow STEM Scholarships and are tax deductible.

Industry News

Senators voted to kill a resolution that would have ordered the administration to assess whether Israel has violated human rights. But the debate highlighted Democratic resistance to providing unfettered aid. (NYT)

Russia fired two missiles at Kharkiv during the night, hitting apartment buildings and a medical center and injuring 17 people in the city in northeastern Ukraine, officials said Wednesday, in Moscow’s latest strikes on civilian areas in the almost two-year war. (AP)

No injuries or significant damage was reported from the strike, but the attack is adding to concerns about the war in Gaza spilling into a larger and more complicated regional conflict. (NPR)

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