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Association News

AOC 2023
The Association of Old Crows 60th International Symposium & Convention
Dec. 11-13 | National Harbor, MD

2023 Theme: Advancing EMS Superiority Through Strategic Alliances and Partnerships | Join us at the industry's leading event to hear from subject-matter experts, explore a show floor brimming with the latest cutting-edge technology and network with stakeholders, thought leaders and experts in the field.

Register today and book your room early – discounted rooms are limited!

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Become a Sponsor | AOC provides numerous sponsorship opportunities allowing you to introduce your product and/or company to our audience. Learn more or contact Sean Fitzgerald, AOC Sales & Client Operations Manager, at 703-549-1600 x222 or

Collaborative EW Symposium 2024
March 12-14 | Point Mugu, California

Theme: EW at Scale – EW Capabilities for Near Peer Force on Force Warfighting

Presentations may deal with the Symposium themes and topics directly or indirectly. Any important EW presentation will be considered as all such are relevant to the stated Symposiums topics and theme.

Potential presenters are challenged to explore collaborative EW through innovation and invention. Presentations or demonstrations from US DOD, Industry and Academia are requested for the following topics:

  • Scaling up currently existing EW capabilities for US and Allied Forces
  • Designing New EW Systems for Rapid and Affordable Capability Expansion
  • Designing and/or Upgrading EW Systems for the ever expanding use of the EMS in warfighting:
  • Sharing EW Mission Capabilities across Services
  • Warfighter Perspective

Submission deadline: Nov. 29

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MPG Solutions – Cutting-Edge RF & Microwave Subsystems
Five decades of experience in supporting mission-critical Electronic Warfare and Radar platforms under the most challenging conditions. We push the limits of signal purity, speed, bandwidth, dynamic range, linearity, SWaP, and reliability while establishing close partnerships with our customers that lead to advanced RF & Microwave solutions.
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EW/Cyber Technology Assessments by DOT&E: A Process Primer
Sept. 14 | 2 p.m. ET

The Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) has a role, mandated by Congress, to conduct cyber assessments across the Department. Within the DOT&E Cyber Assessment Program (CAP), there is also a team focused on offensive cyberspace operations (OCO) and non-kinetic effects (NKE). The DOT&E CAP OCO/NKE establishes an annual campaign plan to “establish a Cyber Readiness Campaign for OCO/NKE that can inform the Department on its ability to develop, test and field OCO and NK-related capabilities and inform commanders at all echelons how these capabilities are integrated and synchronized with Joint Fires to achieve an operational effect.” This highlights four lifecycle areas of interest: development, test/demonstration/experiment, integration and synchronization. CAP OCO & NKE participation in all aspects of this lifecycle process places the team in a unique position to understand the systems in development and/or test for fielding and align these efforts with the combatant command’s objectives for integrating the systems into mission executions and support to the synchronization of the multi-domain operations plans. CAP OCO & NKE’s involvement in strategic support initiatives (e.g., DODI 3600.03 rewrite, threat and range realism, etc.) informs our approach across all lifecycle areas and enables timely influence for capabilities and employment processes. The knowledge and experience gained through the capability assessment facilitates and drives realistic planning, use cases and scenarios for exercise planning and execution.

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Present a Webinar

Educating and informing the Electromagnetic Warfare community is at the heart of AOC’s mission. As the leader in training EMSO and EW professionals worldwide, AOC offers a wide selection of professional development courses and webinars on various topics led by experts in the field.

Be at the forefront of educating the men and women in the EW/EMSO industry and submit a proposal to instruct our next live webinar.

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Elma Electronic Inc.
Mercury Systems

[Course] Principles of ESM Analysis
Nov. 6-9 | Instructor: Dr. Sue Robertson

Are you an ESM professional looking to enhance your skills and take your career to the next level? Our upcoming course is designed to empower ESM analysts with the knowledge and techniques to decipher and optimize ESM system performance. Whether you're a seasoned professional working as an ESM data analyst, equipment developer, system assessor or just starting out, this course promises to offer valuable insights to help you excel in your field.

Advance your knowledge in various topics:

  • ESM systems and the electromagnetic environment (EME)
  • Equipment Considerations
  • ESM Processing, including Direction of Arrival Calculation, Deinterleaving, Radar Location
  • ESM Testing and Trials in the Real World
  • Radar Identification and Library Generation and Matching, Specific Emitter Identification
  • Common Issues with ESM Systems, including DOA Errors, Multipath, and Multi-tracking

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A Conversation with Dr. Alix Valenti

In this episode of From the Crows’ Nest, host Ken Miller sits down with journalist, writer and friend, Dr. Alix Valenti. Alix hosts her own podcast, D-Fence, which focuses on European military and security issues. In this collaborative podcast effort, Ken and Alix discuss issues ranging from the art (and experimentation) of creating a podcast to the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In between, they cover current events, their perspectives on coalition operations and trends in Naval EW and Undersea Warfare. You can learn more about Dr. Alix Valenti here.

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International Foundation for Telemetering
Spectrum Control, Inc. formerly APITech

The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center – the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Featured Jobs

Executive Director for Operations – Photonis Defense – Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States 

•  Senior Cyber Security Analyst – Cleared – Hybrid – ICF – Pensacola, Florida, United States

TF-047 Micro-Coaxial Cable
TF-047 is a versatile micro-coaxial cable that is ideal for high-density applications. This cable is used in an array of applications including medical, inside and outside-the-box, semiconductor testing, quantum computing, and mobile. With its extensive connector compatibility, this cable can be customized for the solution you need.
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Elettronica SpA
W. L. Gore & Associates
Chapter News

You're Invited: Lunch and Learn at Silvus Technologies HQ
Sept. 21

The Greater LA Chapter Members are invited to a Lunch and Learn event on Thursday, Sept. 21, hosted by Silvus Technologies and CRFS at Silvus’ headquarters in Los Angeles. Lunch will be provided. CLICK HERE for more event details and to register. - Silvus Technologies and CRFS subject matter experts will discuss how Silvus’ MANET radios, LPI/LPD and AJ capabilities and CRFS’ Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) passive RF systems are empowering the warfighter to achieve decision dominance and RF spectrum overmatch in any operational environment. Seating is limited to 27, so RSVP today.

For questions, contact Keith Swenson (

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CONVENTION 23 - Australian Information Warfare: Beyond the Defence Strategic Review
Sept. 26-28 | Adelaide, South Australia

The Information Warfare discipline is emerging at the forefront of Australian Defence priorities as a key enabler of critical operational capabilities. Convention 23 will see electronic warfare, cyber and information operations professionals from domestic and international government, Defence, industry and academic partners convene to engage on topical areas of interest in the IW domain. The convention will feature two days of open conference followed by a classified day for eligible attendees.

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Join the Spectrum Working Group

AOC Australia and the SWG are run by volunteers committed to promoting the interests of Australia's IW community. If you're interested in helping out and getting some personal and professional development along the way, please get in touch!

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12th Annual Pacific Information Operations & Electromagnetic Warfare Symposium
Oct. 17-20 | Honolulu, HI

USINDOPACOM, the Diamond Head Chapter of the Association of Old Crows, and the OSD Phoenix Challenge team are co-sponsoring the 12th Annual Pacific Information Operations & Electromagnetic Warfare Symposium. 

Oct. 17-18 - Unclassified plenary sessions will take place in-person at the Alohilani Hotel. A hosted evening social on the Alohilani Swell Deck area follows the end of the first day from 4-6 p.m. on Oct. 17. This portion of the symposium is offered both in-person and virtual and attendance is limited to 250. Those who register for virtual only will be able to view all presentations as they are given, or after the recording is posted to the site for later viewing.

Oct. 19-20 CLASSIFIED plenary - On the 19th, the CLASSIFIED plenary sessions begin with the morning session set at S/REL TO USA, DEU, FRA, JPN, KOR AND FVEY. The main plenary will be held at the Towers Conference Center with overflow at USARPAC and MARFORPAC HQs. Attendance at these sessions is restricted and requires an additional registration process – please visit the Know Before You Go page for instructions. Classification for sessions on Oct. 19-20 is SECRET REL TO USA FVEY.

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Industry News

What in the world is Artificial Intelligence? And what does that have to do with the future of Electronic Warfare? Is AI changing everything we do? AI can drive your car, write your term paper, help you create emails with the appropriate tone, so it only stands to reason there are potential military applications as well. Specifically, the integration of AI EW and the potential transformation in capability it provides. AOC Senior Technical Adviser Matt Thompson takes a look at how the infusion of AI into EW is opening new avenues for increased speed and lethality and/or protections. (Source:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s rare visit has drawn warnings from Washington against providing military support for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. (Source: NBC News)

More than 55 others were wounded in the attack in Khartoum's May neighborhood, where paramilitary forces battling the military were heavily deployed, the Sudan Doctors' Union said in a statement. (Source: NPR)

Parker Meggitt Baltimore
Wireless Telecom Group