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Association News

Call for Nominations for the AOC 2023 Board of Directors Election

You have the opportunity to play a critical role in the future of our organization by joining the board and helping us advance our mission to serve as the leading advocate for the advancement of the electromagnetic spectrum. Consider nominating yourself or a fellow AOC member to fill one of the available positions, which include:

  • President-Elect
  • At-Large Director (2 available)
  • Southern Region Director
  • Northeastern Region Director
  • International Region II Director

Submit your nomination by tomorrow, June 1.

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Call for Papers: AOC 2023

AOC has chosen Advancing EMS Superiority Through Strategic Alliances and Partnerships as the theme for its 60th Annual International Symposium and Convention. The event includes main stage and breakout sessions, as well as nine technical sessions featuring subject matter experts from the military, academia and industry. If you're a professional with original, unclassified information related to electronic warfare or information operations, you're encouraged to submit your abstract. This is an excellent opportunity to share your expertise and contribute to the conversation on advancing EMS superiority.

Submission deadline: July 31

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AOC Future 5
Honoring the Best and Brightest Young Professionals in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Are you an early career professional in electronic warfare, information operations or related disciplines? If so, we invite you to apply for the AOC Future 5 program. This prestigious program annually recognizes five outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the field and show promise as future leaders. Selected participants will receive exclusive benefits, including mentoring, professional development opportunities and networking with industry leaders. Don't miss this chance to advance your career and become part of the AOC's legacy of excellence EMS/EW/IO industry. Submit your application today and be part of the 2023 AOC Future 5!

Application deadline: June 30

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MPG Solutions – Cutting-Edge RF & Microwave Subsystems
Five decades of experience in supporting mission-critical Electronic Warfare and Radar platforms under the most challenging conditions. We push the limits of signal purity, speed, bandwidth, dynamic range, linearity, SWaP, and reliability while establishing close partnerships with our customers that lead to advanced RF & Microwave solutions.
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Introduction to Passive Radar
June 8 | 2 p.m. ET

In this Webinar we will introduce the concept and operating principles of passive radar systems. We review the basics of bistatic radars and introduce the concept of Emitters of Opportunity (EoO) and their ideal qualities. We discuss how satellites can be used as EoO’s, evaluate the role of satellite illumination and forward scattering, how passive radar can be applied to stealth technologies and highlight examples of operational passive radar systems. The Webinar concludes with a review of technologies that can be used during Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) of passive radar systems.

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Elma Electronic Inc.
Mercury Systems
Meet RavenStar™
Put your mission in motion with a technology that is revolutionizing C5ISR. Smart, sleek and agile, the RavenStar™ antenna system is setting the new standard for mission-critical communications by soaring above RF challenges. RavenStar is a new approach that allows frequency agility and steerability simultaneously and is scalable to the needs of your mission.
Contact an expert at Battelle to discuss your toughest RF challenges — of today and tomorrow.
RavenStar™ | Battelle Product Solution

The Integration Imperative: Lessons in Multi-Domain Mastery

Effective communication and decision-making are critical for success in multi-domain operations (MDO) in today's fast-paced world. Ken Miller's recorded discussion from Germany with Dr. Thomas Withington, newsletter editor for Armada International, who shares the most important lessons we've learned in achieving multi-domain integration.

Ken and Dr. Withington discuss the crucial need for network resiliency in NATO's multi-domain integration, the all-of-government approach necessary for cybersecurity and vulnerability management, and navigating the landscape of multi-domain operations and their inherent difficulties.

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Ultra Electronics Limited – EWST

If you're looking for talented candidates for internships, post your open positions today! As part of our commitment to the growth of the EW talent pool, we're offering free internship postings for AOC Industry Members. 

Just log into your account, hit "post a job" and select the internship posting product

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The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center – the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Featured Jobs

• Radio Frequency Antenna Engineer — Booz Allen Hamilton — King George, Virginia, United States (On-Site)

• Cryptologic Cyber Planner / Network Warfare Cyber Planner - Experienced Levels (Maryland and Texas) — National Security Agency — Fort Meade, Maryland, United States

Innovative Directed Energy Systems for Electromagnetic Dominance
Epirus’ Leonidas suite of products mark a sea change in directed energy. Our solid-state, software-defined high-power microwave systems enable unprecedented counter-electronics effects, with demonstrated precision strike and counter-swarm capabilities. This innovative approach to directed energy, alongside future multi-function capabilities, will play a crucial role in achieving electromagnetic dominance.
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IMS 2023
W. L. Gore & Associates
Chapter News

47th Dixie Crow Symposium: Record-Breaking Event

The Dixie Crow Chapter celebrated 55 years as an AOC Chapter during the record breaking 47th Dixie Crow Technical Symposium March, 19-22. The Exhibit Hall had 63 vendors, with three on the waiting list. We're grateful for this achievement. The chapter promotes "Advancing Electromagnetic Warfare TOGETHER" through social events, technical symposia, a monthly newsletter and guest speaker meetings. The symposium is an annual gathering for representatives from the defense industry, academia and government. It serves as a platform for technical exchange and fundraising. The funds support the Dixie Crow Scholarship Education Foundation, local schools and charitable organizations.

Since 1979, the chapter has awarded $1,365,671.03 in scholarships to individuals pursuing degrees in engineering/hard sciences related to Electronic Warfare and the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Additionally, the chapter contributes over $225,000 to the Museum of Aviation Foundation and the National STEM Academy to support the Robins Air Force Base Museum of Aviation EW Exhibit and STEM activities.

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Industry News

Russia's defence ministry said on Wednesday that its forces had destroyed what it described as Ukraine's "last warship" two days ago in the port of Odesa in a missile strike. (Reuters)


In the early months of the Russia-Ukraine war, Turkey's Bayraktar TB2 drones were hailed as Ukraine's savior and the future of warfare. Their popularity even inspired a viral folk song. However, a little over a year later, the once-prized drones have almost entirely been shot down, and those that remain reduced to reconnaissance duties, according to an expert. (Yahoo)


It's been five years since the US pulled out of the nuclear deal. What followed: the US re-imposed crushing sanctions, over time, Iran stopped adhering to the limits the deal had set and day-by-day its nuclear program crept forward. (NPR)

Parker Meggitt Baltimore
Elettronica SpA