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AOC is seeking thought leaders and industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise at upcoming 2023 AOC events. Submit an abstract for the following events today!

Theme: Spectrum Dominance — Maneuvering as an “Inside” Force
Classification: US Secret Only and TS/SCI Sessions
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Theme: Force Level Electromagnetic Warfare
Classification: US Secret Only with third-day session held at TS/SCI US Only level
Submission deadline: March 3
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Theme: Challenges and Benefits of Integrating Into JADC2
Classification: TS/SCI
Submission deadline: March 29
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Collaborative EW Symposium 2023
March 14-16 | Pt. Mugu, CA

Evaluating Current EW Innovation in Context of Current Real World Conflicts

The war in Ukraine has identified the relevance of collaborative EW in support of rapid unfolding operations, with rapid adaptation and innovation contributing to the fight. What does this conflict teach us about what to do and what not to do in the spectrum? Who else will learn these lessons and to what result?”

The 50th year of the Collaborative EW Symposium at Pt. Mugu will provide a venue to disseminate current research in the fields of collaborative EW with an emphasis on innovation in collaborative EW. Prominent leaders, contributors and representatives from the United States and Australian military, government, academia and industry will come together to address emerging technologies required to address current dynamic operations.

Join industry and military professionals at one of the largest EW events of the year. REGISTER TODAY

Limited spots available! Reach your audience at Collaborative EW Symposium 2023. When you partner with AOC, you come face-to-face with professionals directly involved in the EW/EMSO industry. Browse sponsorship opportunities for Collaborative EW Symposium 2023.

Craig Lewis Johnson, aged 92, passed away on Jan. 9. Craig was born on Aug. 2, 1930 to Ludwig and Marguerite (Cuny) Johnson in San Antonio, Texas. He was a beloved son, brother, husband to Betty, father to four daughters, grandfather to 11 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. He shared his gifts and talents with many, notably with Grace Lutheran Church, where he wore many hats, including president and council member of the church council, Habitat for Humanity coordinator, church bus driver, adult Sunday school teacher and unofficial historian. Craig was a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and was a proud Longhorn. In his professional capacity, Craig worked for 39 years in the US Air Force Security Service, holding various positions involved in signals intelligence, retiring as Technical Director of Electronic Warfare Directorate at the Air Force Communications Center in 1991. One of his favorite assignments was a tour in Zweibrücken, Germany from 1959-62. After his retirement, he gave many years of service to the Association of Old Crows, serving as president in the ’90s.

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Development Platform for SOSA 1.0 & CMOSS
Elma’s new feature-rich E-Frame Development Platform provides all the slot profiles called out in the latest SOSA Technical Reference Standard 1.0 and CMOSS for accelerated test & development of plug-in cards (PICs). The 12-slot backplane supports 100 GbE, high-speed RF and optical I/O, PNT, chassis management and many more features.
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AOC Europe 2023
May 15-17 | Bonn, Germany

Speaker applications for AOC Europe 2023 will be closing in three weeks. Have you submitted your paper yet? To share your knowledge on the conference theme ‘Achieving Multi-Domain Integration’ send us your speaker application before Jan. 31.

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2023 AOC Sponsorship Catalog
AOC connects electromagnetic warfare practitioners, industry partners, policymakers and procurement decision-makers.

For more than 55 years, electronic warfare (EW), electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO), cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA) and information operations (IO) professionals from military, government, industry and academia have looked to AOC to provide access to emerging technologies and the latest developments to protect the warfighter.

Plan to partner with AOC in 2023! AOC sponsorships are a great way to increase your reach and to be part of what's happening right now EMSO industry.

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Mercury Systems

2023 GPS Spoofing – History and Prevention
Jan. 19 | 2-3 p.m. ET
Low signal strength, open specifications, and advances in software defined radios have made imitating GPS and other satnav systems within the grasp of relatively unsophisticated bad actors. Mr. Goward will discuss the rapid development of GPS signal deception over the last ten years and what receiver manufacturers and the US government are doing about it.

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Learn Anytime, Anywhere
On-Demand Professional Development Courses From Leading Experts in the EW Field

Achieve your professional development goals and learn at your own pace with AOC’s growing library of 20+ on-demand online courses on EW topics including:

  • Modeling & simulation
  • Communications
  • Radar systems
  • Direct energy weapons
  • Space
  • Machine learning
  • Electro-optical/infrared sensor engineering
  • Small unmanned aircraft system (sUAI)

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The National Security Risk of Microelectronics

Microelectronics is one of the United States’ biggest security risks, and the supply chain remains vulnerable. In this episode, Ken Miller continues the microelectronics discussion to understand how the United States should invest in its industry partners to maintain its competitive edge in the global market and maintain national security. To find this out, Ken sits down with Jennifer Santos and her team from Draper, an independent nonprofit engineering innovation company. They dive into the microelectronics supply chain, tech challenges, and opportunities; this episode is Part One of the conversation.

Jennifer Santos, David Hagerstrom, and Geremy Freifeld consider domestic sourcing and manufacturing of semiconductors a national security matter. They discuss how the US competitiveness in microelectronics has evolved and the purpose the CHIPS Act serves. They also compare how the US dissects its industrial base to how China and other competitors examine theirs.

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Ultra Electronics Limited – EWST

The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center – the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Featured Jobs:

•  Lead Data Engineer — Novo Nordisk — Lexington, Massachusetts, United States 

• Electrical Test Engineer — W. L. Gore & Associates — Elkton, Maryland, United States

Wireless Telecom Group
W. L. Gore & Associates
Industry News

The death toll from the weekend Russian missile strike in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro has risen to at least 35, an official said Monday, as rescuers continue searching for more victims. (NPR)


The world's No.2 economy grew by 3% in 2022, less than half of the previous year's rate, official data showed Tuesday as China faced pressure from anti-virus controls and a real estate slump. (NPR)


January Issue Highlights

Cover Story:
• High-Power Microwave Systems – Getting (Much, Much) Closer to Operational Status

• AFRL Awards Contract for Solid-State HPM Technology
• Poland Orders New SIGINT Ships
• ANG Recommends BriteCloud 218 Decoy for Fielding
• Leidos Tapped by AFRL for Integrated Threat Warning Research
• Smart D2 on Contract for US Navy AN/ALE-47 Common Carriage Program

Parker Meggitt Baltimore
Elettronica SpA