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Association News

2022 AOC Board of Directors Election

The 2022 AOC Board of Directors Election is open. Each year, AOC members are given the opportunity to elect new individuals to open positions on the Board of Directors.

Voting deadline: Sept. 30

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AOC 2022
Theme: The EMSO Playbook: Maneuvering to Win in a New Era

Join us at the industry's leading, three-day event, alongside nearly 2,000 professionals from 30+ countries spanning industry, military and government sectors.

"The AOC International Symposium & Convention is invaluable to the government and to industry. As the Army's Capability Manager for Electronic Warfare, AOC International was critical to my understanding of the state of industry; now, as a member of industry, the event provides outstanding networking and showcasing opportunities. To my knowledge, there is no greater aggregation of EW professionals at one time than this event." — COL (Ret.) Mark Dotson, Director, Army Accounts, AnaVation, LLC

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FLOOR PLAN IS SOLD OUT! Some sponsorship spots remain.
AOC provides numerous sponsorship opportunities allowing you to introduce your product or company to our audience. Contact Sean Fitzgerald, AOC Sales & Client Operations Manager, at 703-549-1600 x222 or

2023 AOC Sponsorship Catalog
AOC connects electromagnetic warfare practitioners, industry partners, policymakers, and procurement decision-makers.

For over 55 years, electronic warfare (EW), electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO), cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA) and information operations (IO) professionals from military, government, industry and academia have looked to AOC to provide access to emerging technologies and the latest developments to protect the warfighter.

Plan to partner with AOC in 2023! AOC sponsorships are a great way to increase your reach and to be part of what's happening right now EMSO industry. Start planning for

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Development Platform for SOSA 1.0 & CMOSS
Elma’s new feature-rich E-Frame Development Platform provides all the slot profiles called out in the latest SOSA Technical Reference Standard 1.0 and CMOSS for accelerated test & development of plug-in cards (PICs). The 12-slot backplane supports 100 GbE, high-speed RF and optical I/O, PNT, chassis management and many more features.
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Wireless Telecom Group
Mercury Systems

Across the Spectrum Pond: How the US Military Can Procure Tested Solutions From Europe
Sept. 22 | 2-3 p.m. ET

In this discussion, Zac George, an American working for the UK firm CRFS Ltd will: 1. Explain the European commercial spectrum environment and what clients require. 2. Show how European companies take commercial lessons and input them into defense products daily. 3. Highlight Trade Act Agreement (TAA) clauses inside the Federal Procurement Regulations and explain how to take advantage of them. 4. Show why investing and including European Spectrum Monitoring companies and their US subsidiaries can help the US defense establishment gain a competitive edge.

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Learn Anytime, Anywhere
On-Demand Professional Development Courses From Leading Experts in the EW Field

Achieve your professional development goals and learn at your own pace with AOC’s growing library of 20+ on-demand online courses on EW topics including:

  • Modeling & simulation
  • Communications
  • Radar systems
  • Direct energy weapons
  • Space
  • Machine learning
  • Electro-optical/infrared sensor engineering
  • Small unmanned aircraft system (sUAI)

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The Optimal Coaxial Feeder Cable-Connector Combination
The Times family of TCOM? cables are the most versatile line of low loss coaxial cables on the market. They exhibit all of the qualities of our popular LMR? cable family such as low loss, flexibility and ease of termination and then take it up a couple of notches. TCOM? is extremely rugged and is often the first choice for field deployable applications in both the military and commercial markets.
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What It Will Take for Ukraine to Achieve EMS Superiority

With recent arms transfers and sales to Ukraine, how close is Ukraine to reaching EMS superiority in the war with Russia? Host Ken Miller talks with Jeff Fischer, retired US Air Force Colonel, about how Ukraine can achieve EMS superiority and how the allies are playing a role in it. They also dive into the implications for nations supporting Ukraine and explore what methods Russia might use to force Ukraine’s allies to stop their support as winter approaches, the significance of Russia’s recent troop movement and the challenges the US faces in supporting Ukraine that lie far beyond Congress’ decisions.

Jeff Fischer is a retired US Air Force Colonel, longtime aviator and EW officer. He is also a military fiction author and is working on the release of his fourth novel. You can find his books here.

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Ultra Electronics Limited – EWST
Microwave Products Group

The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center – the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Featured Jobs:

•  Systems Engineer — Babcock — Inskip, United Kingdom

• Artificial Intelligence Systems Research Engineer — Oak Ridge National Laboratory — Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States

SpectraScopeRT Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Software
SpectraScopeRT - Windows based spectrum analyzer application requiring no programming and allows for integrated operational control of both the downconverter receiver and the digitizer for signal capture, analysis, recordings. Analysis displays include IQ Time Domain, Frequency Domain, I Spectrum, IQ Power Spectrum, Constellation Plot, Spectrogram Plot, Persistence Plot, and Histogram Plot. Multiple windows can be shown simultaneously with auto tile and cascade options or manually sized and placed as desired.
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AMETEK Abaco Systems
W. L. Gore & Associates
Chapter News

Senior Airman Caedyn Robinson was presented the Dixie Crow Chapter Education Foundation Military Scholarship by Adam Delestowicz, Chapter President, and Rodney Brooks, Chapter Vice President.

Industry News

Ukrainian forces have been capturing significant amounts of Russian materiel of various kinds as they keep pushing eastward and southward as part of their ongoing counteroffensives. These spoils of war now reportedly include a relatively intact example of an RTU 518-PSM self-protection jamming pod. (MSN)


The US is approaching a “critical moment” in the global technology race, and the price of losing could be a world beholden to China, according to a report by defense and technology experts. (Defense News)


Oleksandr Shapoval volunteered to fight after Russia invaded Ukraine. His unit was recently sent to one of "the hottest zones" in the country, according to The National Opera of Ukraine. (NPR)