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Association News

As we announced a few weeks ago, our beloved Past President Muddy Watters passed away. We can now share that a celebration of life will be streamed live from Christian Faith Fellowship in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday, May 21 in the afternoon followed by a virtual interactive reception. Visit his memorial page for more information.

Support Muddy's Vision — AOC STEM Outreach Program

Muddy was instrumental in standing up the AOC’s STEM outreach program. He had a passion for educating young people about the critical importance of how the electromagnetic spectrum can be utilized to protect warfighters through the use of Electromagnetic Warfare (EW). Muddy would be so pleased to know your donations are supporting the education of the next generation of EW warriors. For more information.

Cyber Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA) 2022 Conference
May 3-4 | Belcamp, Maryland

Learn and discuss ways to achieve information dominance to seize and maintain the strategic initiative during any conflict phase alongside key Army leaders, decision-makers and industry partners. Space is limited for this event, so don't wait — Register now!


Visit for more information on the event.

Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Get more information online or contact Mr. Sean Fitzgerald,, 703-549-1600 ext 222.

2022 AOC Awards

Help recognize the outstanding efforts of industry peers. A central tenet of AOC's mission is recognizing individuals, groups and military units for their outstanding performance in furthering the aims of the AOC and the Electromagnetic Warfare enterprise. The AOC has a number of awards that are available each year, with three categories – Prestige, Community and Chapter Flow Up.

Nomination deadline: April 15.

For information on AOC's Awards Program or to submit a nomination, go to

We have transitioned this guide from its annual publication in the print edition of the Journal of Electromagnetic Dominance (JED) to our online site in order to provide you with a better experience and regularly updated information about the AOC’s member organizations.

If your company is an AOC member and you have not recently updated your listing, please send your new information to If your organization would like to join AOC, please contact Glorianne Oneilin, AOC Membership Director, at

View the Industry Member Guide

Electronic Warfare Capability Gaps and Enabling Technologies 2022 Conference
May 10-11 | Crane, Indiana

Connect with Your Target Audience and Expand Your Reach
When you sponsor an AOC event, you engage directly with attendees while strengthening your brand's presence.  Registration is included for all sponsorship opportunities. Secret clearance is required.

Find more information online or contact Mr. Sean Fitzgerald,, 703-549-1600 ext 222.

Registration is VERY limited! 


2022 AOC Board of Directors Election

Help shape the future of AOC. Nominate yourself for one of the open positions below and join in the future of AOC. As part of the nomination process, you are asked to have a sponsor or nominator that supports your wish to run for election.

Positions that are eligible for election this year are:

  • At-Large Director (2 available)
  • Pacific Region Director
  • Northwestern Region Director
  • International Region I Director

Submit your nomination by April 20.

Learn more

AOC Europe 2022
May 10-12 | Montpellier, France

Registration for AOC Europe 2022 is open. Register today and reunite with the international EW community and your industry peers in France for the conference and free-to-attend exhibition. 


Visit for more information about the event.

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Overcome challenges in designing for the electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) environment and get your radar system designs on track from simulation to test. Our comprehensive radar / EMSO design guide delivers expert insights and the best practices you need to design more easily and efficiently to shorten timelines.
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Electronic Warfare and the Moscow Criteria
April 7 | 2-3 p.m. EDT

The Royal Air Force’s Bomber Command had finished the Second World War in proud possession of 100 Group. This was the world’s first dedicated, holistic offensive counter-air unit. 100 Group was tasked with attriting the radars, radio communications and radio navigation systems used by the Luftwaffe’s Integrated Air Defence System (IADS). No sooner had the war finished, the 100 Group disbanded. As the Cold War chilled, Bomber Command faced a new threat. No longer were bombers to be sent over enemy territory night after night to wear down the enemy. Strategic air power had not disappeared but had changed in character. Bomber Command’s emerging strategic bomber V-Force was tasked with what would be one-way missions. They would run the gauntlet of Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact IADS. If they got to their targets, they would deliver an atomic weapon. Repeated strikes would be unlikely. Thus, the late 1950s and early 1960s witnessed a profound shift in RAF electronic warfare. No longer was EW to be used to help roll back a hostile IADS. Instead, electronic warfare adopted a more tactical orientation: Simply provide enough protection to get the bombers to their targets.

This webinar will show how Bomber Command reoriented its EW posture in the wake of the Second World War. It will detail electronic warfare system implementation across the V-Force. The webinar will explain the roles EW was expected to play and how the Command’s Cold War EW posture took the RAF out of the operational level EW business for many years, until now!

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AOC continues to connect Electromagnetic Warfare practitioners, industry partners, policymakers and procurement decision-makers.

The year 2020 was a massive interruption to life and business, changing how we work, how we connect and forced us into a new way of doing things. We have created new ways to connect and share with our members through these changing times. We have taken events to a virtual space and created new and exciting opportunities for our members to continue looking to AOC as industry leaders.

Now more than ever it's important to keep in touch and AOC sponsorships are a great way to be part of what's happening right now in the electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) industry.

Partner with AOC to increase your reach!
By partnering with AOC, Industry Partners have a variety of ways to connect with members throughout the year. Stay relevant to your customer base, participate in high-level discussions and, most importantly, nurture relationships with key contacts.

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Elma Electronic Inc.
Mercury Systems
The Optimal Coaxial Feeder Cable-Connector Combination
The Times family of TCOM® cables are the most versatile line of low loss coaxial cables on the market. They exhibit all of the qualities of our popular LMR® cable family such as low loss, flexibility and ease of termination and then take it up a couple of notches. TCOM® is extremely rugged and is often the first choice for field deployable applications in both the military and commercial markets.
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Honoring Women in EW

In celebration of women’s history month, this episode honors the contributions of three women whose discoveries, inventions, and insights made a lasting impact on electromagnetic spectrum operations and, in some cases, helped turn the tides of war: Florence Violet McKenzie, Joan Curran, and Hedy LaMarr. To help us tell these stories, we turn to Author David Duffy and Author Kimberly Moravec. The guest narrator is Ms. Shelley Frost, the first woman Executive Director of the Association of Old Crows. While we celebrate these and other women's achievements during Women’s History Month, we must also acknowledge that women in Electronic Warfare have faced significant barriers in their careers, even barriers to simply be considered equal members of society. This episode is dedicated to all women of Electronic Warfare – past, present, and future.

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The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center – the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Featured Jobs:

• Principal RF/Microwave Engineer/Specialist — W. L. Gore & Associates — Elkton, Maryland

Business Development Associate — Aeronix Inc. — Remote Work Possible, United States

Young Crow Spotlight

Each year, the AOC STEM Program invites students in grades 9 through 12 to submit a 1 to 5-minute video to win $2,000 for their group and gain access to member benefits to enhance their future career goals. The contest aims to encourage and support student STEM groups to consider the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) in their studies.

View the Winning Submissions

The AOC STEM Student of the Year Scholarship

AOC provides scholarships to students currently in their sophomore or junior year of college. Each year, one male and one female student studying engineering or engineering technology and interested in working in the aerospace and defense industry is awarded a scholarship of $12,500 each. These scholarships are funded by a generous donation from Raytheon Intelligence & Space funds these scholarships. Learn more.

Industry News

US intelligence officials have determined that Russian President Vladimir Putin is being misinformed by his advisers about Russian forces’ performance in Ukraine, according to a US official. (AP)


The Pentagon wants $11.2 billion for various cyber efforts, with plans to harden networks, shield critical infrastructure and expand forces under U.S. Cyber Command’s authority. The Biden administration’s fiscal year 2023 budget request, released March 28, is an increase of $800 million, or nearly 8%, over the administration’s fiscal year 2022 cyber ask, and $1.4 billion more than the plan for the fiscal year before that. (C4ISRNet)


Russia’s continued belligerence in Eastern Europe has so far not translated into cyberattacks that damage U.S. public and private sectors, a leading lawmaker said March 29, amid heightened worries of a wartime domino effect in the cyber domain. (Defense News)

Navy League of the United States
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