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Association News

AOC 2021, the Association of Old Crow’s International Symposium & Convention, is less than three weeks away. There is still time to get registered for the much-anticipated return to an in-person event taking place at the D.C. Convention Center from Nov. 30 – Dec. 2.

Adding to our high caliber of speakers, Opening Keynote Speaker Gen. Stephen W. “Seve” Wilson (Ret), Former Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force and Closing Spotlight Speaker Mr. Terry Mitchell, Principal Cyber Advisor, Office of the Under Secretary of the Army.

Join us at AOC 2021 and reconnect with old friends, make new friends, network, and most importantly, enjoy yourself.


STEM Competition Ends Soon

The AOC STEM Program invites students in grades 9-12 to submit a one- to five-minute video for the chance to win $2,000 for their group and gain access to member benefits to enhance their future career goals. AOC recognizes the importance of educating and guiding the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians using an interdisciplinary and applied approach. 

Competition Opens: Oct. 1.
Competition Closes: Nov. 30.

This contest aims to encourage and support student STEM groups to consider the electromagnetic spectrum in their studies. The competition is a chance for your school or STEM team to work on a fun project with an AOC Mentor, learn about the electromagnetic spectrum and how it applies to everyday life and a future career. In addition, this competition is an opportunity to win a significant financial award for your school/group and a chance to be informative, inventive, artistic, scientific, technical and creative in a short video.

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The following information contains the Nominations & Election (N&E) Committee’s tabulated results of the 2021 Election held during October 2021. The results have been validated and presented to the Association of Old Crows Board of Directors.

Thank you to all those who ran for an office this year, the quality of the volunteers and their dedication to the organization really shows how fortunate we are to have such leadership available to us.

Also, thank you to everyone that voted!

Total number of eligible voters – 12,256
Total members voted – 1,207
Percentage of Voters – 9.85%

Brian Hinkley – 68.27%

At-Large Director – Three Candidates
Only two could be selected (% based on 200% )
Steve Oatman – 74.73%
Nino Amoroso – 70.51%

Central Region - Two Candidates
James Utt – 64.18%

Mid-Atlantic Region - Two Candidates
Dennis Monahan – 68.04%

Mountain Western Region - Unopposed
Wayne Shaw

SOSA Aligned Development Platform that Speeds Integration Tasks
The Model 8256 is a 3U VPX development platform aligned to the SOSA Technical Standard that facilitates interoperability and includes IPMI and connectivity for RF and optical interfaces.
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Introduction to Satellite Communications (Satcom)
Dec. 6-10 | Monday, Wednesday & Friday | 1-5 p.m. EST

Whether at home making an overseas call, receiving the latest digital weather report on your personal boat or aircraft, tracking a FedEx package delivery time, watching a live sports broadcast from across the globe, or in enemy territory receiving tactical EW data in support of a mission, Satcom plays a critical role in the daily events of our lives. This course will cover the core material required for participants to understand and discuss basic Satcom theory and operations. Specifically:

  • Historical Perspectives/Background
  • Satellite Types and Configurations
  • Orbits and Associated Communications Impacts
  • Launch Vehicles
  • Space, Ground, and User Segments
  • Satellite Links/Link Equation
  • Frequencies and Propagation Impacts
  • Survey of Recent Satcom Launches

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Elma Electronic Inc.
Mercury Systems

AOC continues to connect Electromagnetic Warfare practitioners, industry partners, policymakers and procurement decision-makers.

The year 2020 was a massive interruption to life and business, changing how we work, how we connect and forced us into a new way of doing things. We have created new ways to connect and share with our members through these changing times. We have taken events to a virtual space and created new and exciting opportunities for our members to continue looking to AOC as industry leaders.

Now more than ever it's important to keep in touch and AOC sponsorships are a great way to be part of what's happening right now in the electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) industry.

Partner with AOC to increase your reach!
By partnering with AOC, Industry Partners have a variety of ways to connect with members throughout the year. Stay relevant to your customer base, participate in high-level discussions and, most importantly, nurture relationships with key contacts.

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Implementing EMSO for the Future Fight
The Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) Cross-Functional Team (CFT) established by Congress a few years ago has been focusing on developing a new EMS Superiority Strategy and a comprehensive implementation plan that is now going into effect across the Department of Defense (DOD). Podcast host Ken Miller sits with Brig. Gen. Darrin Leleux, Deputy Director of the EMSO CFT and Deputy Director for Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations and Space Requirements, Joint Staff (J8). Ken and Brig. Gen. Leleux address gaps in electromagnetic warfare and EMSO capabilities and where we are in the implementation of the strategy. They also share how the entire EMSO community across DOD, the military services, Congress, industry, and academia must work together to ensure the necessary oversight and progress by 2030 to achieve and sustain a military advantage in the EMS.

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Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Wireless Telecom Group

The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center – the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Featured Jobs:

Operations Research Systems Analyst – Variant — Honolulu, Hawaii
• COMM Engineer — KBR — Chantilly, Virginia

SpectraScopeRT Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer Software
SpectraScopeRT - Windows based spectrum analyzer application requiring no programming and allows for integrated operational control of both the downconverter receiver and the digitizer for signal capture, analysis, recordings. Analysis displays include IQ Time Domain, Frequency Domain, I Spectrum, IQ Power Spectrum, Constellation Plot, Spectrogram Plot, Persistence Plot, and Histogram Plot. Multiple windows can be shown simultaneously with auto tile and cascade options or manually sized and placed as desired.
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Meggitt Baltimore, Inc
Industry News

The Army is working with industry to help shape how it will use and buy satellite communications for forces to talk beyond line of sight. The distributed nature of operations forces will likely be engaged in in the future requires flexible, resilient and robust communications where units will be disaggregated and need to talk over greater distances. (Defense News)


China is bolstering its intelligence gathering capabilities and is broadening their use against Taiwan, according to the island nation’s newly released defense report. Such actions include the use of intelligence gathering ships in the Taiwan Strait, per Taiwan’s National Defense Report for 2021, which was simultaneously released on Nov. 9 in Chinese and English. This is the first time the biennial report was released in both languages at the same time — a departure from the previous practice of the English report coming out months after the Chinese version. (Defense News)


Quantum science — one of the Pentagon’s top research priorities — may be about to deliver on its longtime promise of an alternative to GPS. A team of scientists from Sandia National Laboratory has developed a quantum sensor that doesn’t need the power or massive support machinery of previous prototypes, and which has overcome durability concerns by running for a year and a half in the lab. That could enable a wide range of civil and military applications, including drones that don’t need weak and spoofable satellite signals to navigate in the air, underwater, and even underground. (Defense One)

Saab AB
Acromag, Inc.