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The History of Crows will take you on a journey throughout time and around the world to meet the inventors, the battles, and the technology that has not only shaped military operations - how we fight - but also how we live. The History of Crows will cover some of the most important discoveries, battles, and events that shaped what we know today as electromagnetic spectrum operations.

Last week AOC held its first in-person conference in over a year, and it was a great success! We were thrilled to see everyone in person again; there was a palpable energy in the air, and we are even more excited for the good times ahead. Thank you to our sponsors and attendees for making this such a success!

A special episode of the podcast, From the Crows' Nest, was recorded during the event. Start listening now!



The latest edition of the AOC Advocacy Newsletter is now available. In this edition, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach wraps up his term as Chair of NATO’s Military Committee, Ms. Christine Wormuth is confirmed as the new Secretary of the Army, and AOC’s podcast From the Crows’ Nest begins a series on Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2). As always we welcome your feedback to Ken Miller, Director of Advocacy and Outreach at

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The next AOC Virtual Series webinar is tomorrow. There's still time and space to register:

Introduction to Direct Energy Weapons
Thursday, June 3, 2021 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM EDT

Presented by Kyle Davidson, PhD, CD

Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) cover a range of systems and applications critical to success in military operations. The goal of this webinar is to help the audience understand DEW systems, the principles of operation, and how they create effects on their targets. Three classes of DEW will be explored: lasers, high power microwaves, and particle beams, which range in maturity from operational systems to almost science fiction. With an understanding of the basics, the system architecture of a DEW will be examined, including generating the source, tracking of targets, atmospheric propagation, and how the resulting wave or particles interact with the target system. Lastly, the presentation will provide an overview of contemporary military applications of DEWs, and where they will evolve in the near term.

Register now.

Be sure to check out the full 2021 schedule to sign up for more webinars.


C4ISR Requirements, Principles, and Systems
When: June 7 - 30, 2021 | Mondays, & Wednesdays | 1:00-4:00 PM EDT

This 24-hour web-based course delivers a thorough overview promoting an understanding and building a successful Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C4ISR) architecture. Through technological innovation, modern warfare is conducted at longer ranges and with greater precision than ever before. Overall mission effectiveness increasingly depends upon systems and services external to a weapon system. Those systems and services fall in the domain of “C4ISR.” This course presents a comprehensive view of C4ISR systems from Global Hawk to JSTARS and the associated architectures. It begins with fundamental scientific principles, shows how those principles are exploited in various technologies, describes current systems that take the technology into the theater of war, and concludes with a look at the vision of the future “network-centric” battlespace. Register now.

We are currently accepting nominations for the 2021 AOC Awards Program! A central tenant of the AOC's mission is recognizing individuals, groups, and military units for their outstanding performance in furthering the aims of the AOC and the Electromagnetic Warfare enterprise. AOC has a number of awards that are available each year, with two categories - Competitive and Non-Competitive.

Find out more at Deadline to submit is June 21!

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The AOC International Symposium & Convention, the industry’s leading, three-day event, brings together nearly 2000 professionals from 30+ countries spanning industry, military, and government sectors.

Reserve your booth today!
Learn more about exhibitor benefits, rates, and how to reserve your booth at You can also contact Sean Fitzgerald at or (703) 549-1600 x222, for more information.

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A New Epoch
Electromagnetic energy is a fundamental part of our universe. Humans discovered ways to use this energy for many purposes. From radio to TV, smartphones to Wifi. But electromagnetic energy also influenced another major sector: military operations. Along came the Crows, people who learned electromagnetic energy, applied it to military combat operations, and forever impacted modern warfare. Today, we begin the story of how the greatest scientific minds came to understand this natural phenomenon, how it changed the way we think, live and communicate, and how now electromagnetic spectrum operations, or EMSO, have influenced every major military campaign over the past 100 years. This episode takes you to the scientific roots of EMSO. We hear insights from Mr. Charles “Chuck” Quintero from the Johns Hopkins University of Applied Physics Laboratory, who discusses the evolution of natural philosophy from Sir Isaac Newton to James Clerk Maxwell to Heinrich Hertz. He tells the stories behind the great minds of scientists, physicists, and mathematicians and how they contributed to Maxwell’s theories on electromagnetism and the impact it later had on the world of EMSO.

To learn more about today’s topics or to stay updated on EMSO and EW developments, visit our website.

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Special Episode: From CEMA 2021

In this special episode, we take you inside AOC’s Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) Conference that took place in-person, May 25-26, 2021. The theme of the conference was a “Focus on the Future – Multi-Domain Operations 2035 and Beyond,” and featured senior leaders throughout the Army discussing how to fight and win decisively against any adversary in a joint, multi-domain, high-intensity conflict through employment of CEMA capabilities.

Host Ken Miller sits down with several keynote speakers and industry partners in attendance at this two-day event, including the following:

To learn more about today’s topics or to stay updated on EMSO and EW developments, visit our website.

Start listening now!

Thank you to our episode sponsor.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics
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The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center - the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT, & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Featured Jobs:

Senior Software Engineer – Leonardo DRS –  Germantown, MD, United States
- FPGA Electrical Engineer (Senior) – Intelligent Automation, Inc. –  Rockville, MD, United States
- Software Engineer - Embedded Systems – Intelligent Automation, Inc. –  Rockville, MD, United States

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Navy League of the United States
Industry News

Top Pentagon officials, eager to improve threat analysis and operational testing, have ordered the creation of a database of jammers that can be used for testing and training. (Breaking Defense)


The Army will nearly triple the number of electronic warfare personnel in the next two years to begin staffing specialized units and staff sections at every echelon from brigade up. (Defense News)


The Marine Corps is modernizing and reshaping its force for the future naval expeditionary fight. Future naval warfare, specifically in the Indo-Pacific region, will require increased mobility and active communication to circumvent difficult situations. (DVIDS)


In late 2024, the Army’s experimental Multi-Domain Task Force will get the ability to spy on enemy networks in peacetime and to take them down in war. (Breaking Defense)


The Army eliminated its plan to buy a top electronic warfare system for Fiscal 2022, cutting about $12 million in spending on the drone-mounted jamming pod under development, budget documents Friday showed. (C4ISRNET)

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