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Association News

The latest edition of the AOC Advocacy Newsletter is now available. In this edition we look at early FY 2022 defense budget activity on Capitol Hill. We also wrap up the AOC Discussions | EMSO Leadership series and introduce two new AOC podcasts. As always we welcome your feedback to Ken Miller, Director of Advocacy and Outreach at

The next AOC Virtual Series webinar is this Thursday. There's still time and space to register:

Thursday, March 11, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET
Cyber Electromagnetic Activities and Signals Intelligence: A Command and Control Framework
Presented by: Claudio Santo Malavenda

The presentation will address a possible implementation of a support system that, after the COA development phase of a “Cyber Electromagnetic Activity & Signal Intelligence” (CEMAS), gives support to its Wargaming. The wargaming has a focus on integration of systems, integration of platforms and their kinematic model in real world. Focus is on equipment’s interaction with the spectrum during the operation, using sensors (ESM, ECM CESM, CECM) during missions or intelligence (ELINT, COMINT) and in cyberspace (cyber-attacks simulators and network anomalies revealers in the blue team). In addition, a similar wargaming must necessarily provide people in the loop, so that they can conduct the COA using instances of real command and control and management systems onboard the platforms listed in COA/ECOA.

In the presentation, we will see that such an environment, it becomes itself a System of Systems, with people conducting some features incorporated within the same environment. Learn more.

Be sure to check out the full 2021 schedule to sign up for more webinars.


Check out the agenda and get registered online. Join us on April 13 for AOC’s EMS Virtual Summit.

This one-day Virtual EMS Summit will have sessions and discussions that focus on Collaborative Electromagnetic Warfare and Force Level Electromagnetic Warfare.

Get registered now!

Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Get more information online or contact Mr. Sean Fitzgerald,, 703-549-1600 ext 222. 

MIL & SWaP-C ATR & SFF Platforms
Choose cooling by conduction, convection, or liquid flow-through, Elma Electronic builds thousands of highly rugged ATR and SFF enclosures for use in all kinds of harsh environmental conditions. Our in-house testing ensures the best quality, we test our products in-house for thermal, shock and vibration. Available for OpenVPX, SOSA, VME, CPCI & COMe, and custom form factors.
Find out more
Elma Electronic Inc.
Mercury Systems

We know it's hard to stay up-to-date with advancements in the electromagnetic spectrum operations industry. That's why we created the Product Showcase, a monthly email to all of AOC's subscribers with the latest product updates and announcements from our industry partners. Looking for a product? You can view our recent issues online anytime.

Have one to promote? If you are interested in getting your product in our next issue, contact Sean Fitzgerald at

Thank you to everyone who joined in our first AOC Discussions! If you missed this series, you can still register and gain access to the recordings, discussion group and post-event reports.

RF Theory for ES Operations
March 22-26, 2021
Monday, Wednesday & Friday | 1-4 PM EDT
Course Length: 9 hours total - delivered across 3 sessions of 3-hours each.

After a thorough overview of key electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) concepts, with an emphasis on the RF spectrum and commensurate propagation mechanisms and environmental impacts, the instructor will present several ES placement scenarios (air, sea and land) to address the advantages, disadvantages, and challenges associated with various RF wavelengths. This will include a one-hour 'hands-on' ES practical exercise for participants, with the instructor reviewing/highlighting possible approaches to the problem set upon completion. The course will also provide a survey of propagation modeling techniques and insight into modern RF operating trends.

Register now.


AOC Raytheon STEM Student of the Year Scholarship

A fundamental part of the AOC's mission is investing in the next generation of Crows. One of the most significant ways we do this is by providing the AOC/Raytheon Scholarship to sophomore and junior year college students. We provide two scholarships annually, each in the amount of $12,500.

Do you have a child, sibling, cousin, neighbor, or friend studying in the fields of engineering or engineering technology? Encourage them to apply!

Applicants must be Sophomores or Juniors in the 2021-2022 school year and must apply by April 31, 2021.

Find out more and apply!


US Army Cyber Corps Warrant Officer Scholarship Program

The Cyber Corps Warrant Officers Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to US Army Cyber Corps (i.e., 170A, 170B, and 170D) warrant officers. Awards range from $1,500 to $3,000. To qualify, applicants must be a CW3 or under, demonstrate excellent promotion potential, be in the Cyber Warfare or Electronic Warfare (EW) workforce, have a minimum of two years left on active duty, and be eligible and accepted to attend a Masters or PhD program. Applications are due by March 31, 2021.

Find out more and apply!


The Dixie Crow Symposium Committee, Dixie Crow Chapter President Adam Delestowicz, and the Chapter Directors cordially invite you to join us for all the exciting events Dixie Crow Symposium 45 has to offer. Thank you in advance for your support of this important Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations trade show.

L3Harris Technologies

The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center - the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT, & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

Find Your Summer Intern!

If you're looking for talented and hungry young candidates for internships, post your open positions today! As part of our commitment to the growth of the EW talent pool, we're offering free internship postings for AOC Industry Members.

Featured Jobs:

- Senior EW Subject Matter Expert – Booz Allen Hamilton – Crane, IN, United States
- Senior EW/Communications Analysis Engineer – L3Harris –  Salt Lake CIty, UT, United States
- Senior EW Systems Engineer – L3Harris – Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Modular SDR Solution for Mission Critical Systems
Per Vices’ Cyan is a solution that easily integrates into new/legacy systems. Up to 16 independent radio chains, each with 1GHz of RF bandwidth and operation from DC to 18GHz, up to 3000 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, 400 Gbps of digital backhaul bandwidth, and a converter resolution of 16 bits.
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Chapter News

The 2021 Dixie Crow Chapter’s Crow’s N.E.S.T. (Novel Experiments with Science & Technology) STEM Event focused on providing monetary donations to surrounding schools to supplement teachers’ STEM classroom planning. The chapter also provided all participating students with t-shirts displaying industry logos and names of our Dixie Crow Chapter Education Foundation Donors! We greatly appreciate your support educating our “Leaders of Tomorrow!"

Robert Usher and Adam Delestowicz delivered the t-shirts, receiving many thank you notes:
“Thank you so much for the STEM grant. The generous donation will enable the AP Physics class to purchase additional lab equipment.”

“We look forward to being able to attend the symposium in person next year. It is such a valuable experience for our students to speak with professionals who utilize STEM in their careers. We appreciate your continued support of STEM in our schools.”

ATDI- Advanced Topographic Devel. Imagess
Naylor Association Solutions
Industry News

The House Armed Services Committee chairman railed at the expensive F-35 Joint Strike Fighter on Friday, saying he wants to “stop throwing money down that particular rathole,” ― just days after the Air Force said it too is looking at other options. (Defense News)


All four drones at a Future Tactical UAS rodeo made a powerful impression on attending Army officers and troops, even when rain swept in that would’ve grounded the current RQ-7 Shadow drone. (Breaking Defense)


Despite previously reported delays from the Government Accountability Office and the Missile Defense Agency, a key U.S. Air Force radar designed to detect ballistic missile threats appears to be on track to reach initial operational capability in fiscal 2021, according to an MDA announcement. (Defense News)


Two specially instrumented US F-35Bs from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 23 (VX-23) at Naval Air Station Patuxent River (NAS Pax River), Maryland, landed aboard Italian aircraft carrier ITS Cavour, off the US East Coast, on March 1, 2021. (Business Insider)

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