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September 29, 09:00 – 17:00 EDT (13:00 – 21:00 UTC)

Conference Theme: Cutting Edge CEMA capabilities to Counter Near Peer Competition in the Information Environment

Don’t miss this 1-day virtual summit that will focus on Emerging CEMA Technologies, Innovation and Critical Capabilities, Joint and Army views on the EMS, updates from the field and panel discussions on Terrestrial Layer System and Cyber at the Tactical Edge.

Complimentary Registration for Government, Military and AOC Members!

Featured Speakers include:

LTG Stephen G. Fogarty, Commanding General, U.S. Army Cyber Command
MG Peter A. Gallagher, Director, Network Cross-Functional Team
BG Michael E. Sloane, Program Executive Officer, Intelligence Electronic Warfare & Sensors (IEW&S)
BG Martin Klein, Director, Department of the Army’s Management Office-Strategic Operations (DAMO- SO)
Brig Gen Darrin Leleux, Deputy Director, Secretary of Defense’s Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Cross Functional Team
COL Jennifer McAfee, ACM Terrestrial Layer & Identity
COL Kevin Finch, Project Manager, Electronic Warfare & Cyber (EW&C)
COL Daniel Holland, ACM Electronic Warfare
COL Clint Tracy, III Corps CEMA Chief, Deputy G3, G35
COL John Transue, Director of the Army Capability Manager – Cyber (ACM Cyber) for TRADOC
Mr. Stan Darbro, Deputy Director, Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office
Mr. Mark A. “Al” Mollenkopf, SES, Science Advisor, Acting Chief Technology Officer, Army Cyber Command
Dr. Alexander Kott, Chief Scientist, ST, CCDC Army Research Laboratory
Dr. Jeff Boksiner, Senior Research Scientist (ST) for Electronic Warfare, C5ISR Center
Dr. Paul Zablocky, Strategic Technology Office (STO) Program Manager, DARPA

Click here to view the agenda

Session 1: Emerging Technologies & Trends
Session 2: Innovation and Critical Capabilities
Session 3: EMS Enterprise
Session 4: Operational Perspective
Session 5: Acquisition and Programs

Lunch & Learn: Real-time Spectrum Awareness for the Battlefield by Perspecta
Ms. Jennifer Napper, (ret.) Major General, VP Army Segment
Mr. Andrew Portune, Senior Research Scientist

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Machine Learning for EW
Kyle Davidson | 9/14/2020 – 9/28/2020 | Web Course
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of machine learning and its application to modern Electronic Warfare (EW) and cyber solutions. 

Is your team able to maximize their time while working remotely? Perhaps some professional development can help your team advance their skills right now! The AOC recognizes that there is increased demand for virtual learning during these days of quarantine and social distancing. We want to provide the opportunity for your team to expand their professional knowledge while working remotely - which is why we're offering the following discount structure for teams that would like to purchase AOC web courses in bulk:

Bulk Course Discounts for Teams:

- 2 – 9 attendees: 7% off course price ($84 - $150 savings per attendee depending on course selection)
- 10 – 19 attendees: 12.5% off course price ($150 - $269 savings per attendee depending on course selection)
- 20+ attendees: 19% off course price ($228 - $408 savings per attendee depending on course selection)

Contact Caleb Herr at to take advantage of these discounts for your team.

On-Demand Web Course Library

Upcoming Live Web Course Schedule

Electro-Optical/Infrared Sensor Engineering
Dr. Phillip E. Pace | 10/5/2020 – 10/28/2020 | Web Course
This course presents the fundamentals of electro-optical (EO) & infrared (IR) sensor technology, its analysis and its application to military search, track and imaging systems. Electronic warfare (electronic attack and electronic protection) are emphasized. 

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September 24, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)

This webinar will discuss the two primary methods of direction finding: time difference of arrival (TDOA) and angle of arrival (AOA). An overview the requirements and benefits/limitations of each will be presented. The architecture of hybrid geolocation techniques will also be discussed in operational environments.


Help shape the future of the AOC by choosing the next AOC Headquarters Board of Directors. Learn about the open positions and each candidate’s biography now to be an informed voter. Elections open October 1, 2020.


On July 23, the Senate passed S. 4049, its version of the FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). AOC Advocacy took a closer look at the entire bill in our August 24 newsletter, here. However, there is one particular provision that warrants greater attention and analysis. S. 4049 includes Section 173, which transfers responsibilities and functions of electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) from US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) as a Chairman’s Controlled Activity (CCA).

Quartz® RFSoC PCIe Board Ideal for Wireless
The Model 7050 is an eight-channel A/D and D/A converter PCIe board based on the Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+ RFSoC with a full suite of IP functions.
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A Comprehensive Review of Iranian Surface-to-Air Missile Developments

This conference aims to provide a comprehensive review of the latest developments regarding Iranian surface-to-air missile threat systems, including capabilities, concepts of operation and events. Attendance at this conference is appropriate for those involved in the design, development, testing, evaluation and employment of electronic warfare systems, techniques and tactics for protection of U.S. and allied fixed and rotary wing aircraft against air defense threats.

For more information on the conference and sponsorship opportunities, visit:


 Complex Electromagnetic Warfare and the Multi Domain Battle

**AOC EW Europe, originally scheduled to take place on 16-18 June, will now be held at Exhibition Centre Liverpool on 16-18 November 2020. This decision has been made following consultation with key stakeholders, with the agreement that a new dateline would be beneficial to all participants.

View the full statement here.

The 25th AOC EW Europe event in Liverpool will bring together world-leading experts from the military, government, academia and industry. Delegates will progress their understanding of the issues, technology and capabilities that underpin their national Electronic Warfare abilities and allow them to enhance their capabilities both nationally and in international collaborative defence. 

The Multi Domain Battlefield (MDB) includes the Electro-magnetic and Information Domains (including cyber operations), as well as the Land, Maritime, Air and Space Domains. The MDB underpins and enables every decision, communication and navigation system as well as defensive and offensive actions. Spectrum management capabilities are vital to all of warfare and especially manoeuvre warfare – we all know that without spectrum dominance the war is lost before it is begun.  New and current threat systems and strategies for defeating them will be considered alongside the technological developments most likely to influence the complex electromagnetic warfare of the future.

Alongside two technical conference streams, the event features an exhibition area for specialist suppliers to showcase their technologies, products and services.

Don't miss this on-site Professional Development Course! 

Intermediate Electronic Warfare
November 19 - 20 | Thursday & Friday | 09:00-17:00 BST

The intended audience for this course includes Electronic Warfare (EW) professionals, including engineers, business development staff, and managers, looking to expand their general knowledge of the field. No prior experience in EW is required, but some background in EW will be helpful.

Register for the course here!


Complex Electromagnetic Warfare and the Multi-Domain Battle webinar is now available on demand. Listen in as our experts discussed the advances, improvements and interactions needed for the transition from traditional war-fighting domains to the multi-domain battlefield.

BAE Systems
Mercury Systems
BAE Systems continues mission-critical F-35 EW system production
BAE Systems has been awarded a contract from Lockheed Martin for the production and delivery of additional electronic warfare (EW) systems for Lot 15, Lot 16 long lead, sustainment spares and retro fit kits for the 5th Generation F-35 Lightning II.
Learn more about how our EW technology provides unparalleled safety and mission success here.
Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Analog Devices Inc

The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center - the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT, & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

NEW Internship Opportunities!

- Internship Seekers: Search available internships to gain the experience you desire

- FREE Internship Postings: The AOC is committed to supporting the growth of the EW talent pool by offering FREE Internship Postings for AOC Industry Members

Featured Jobs:

- Software Test and Verification Engineering – Boeing –  Tukwila, WA, United States
- Experienced Systems Software Engineer (Phantom Works) – Boeing – Tukwila, WA, United States
- Lead Guidance Navigation and Control Engineer – Boeing – Kent, WA, United States

Discover New Insights with Commercial RF
HawkEye 360 is a RF data analytics company. We operate a commercial satellite constellation to identify, process, and geolocate RF signals. We extract value from this unique data through proprietary algorithms, fusing it with other sources to create powerful analytical products that solve hard challenges for our global customers. More information about HawkEye 360 can be found at
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Chapter News

The theme for the 2020 IO/EW Symposium, “All Domain Operations from Competition into Conflict,” will focus on how IO and EW contribute to all-domain warfighting challenges, as well as their contributions to achieving a Free and Open Indo-Pacific during competition. This year’s theme builds on the work of the 6th Annual Symposium in 2017, which focused on the Army’s Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) Concept. The Army’s now well-established MDO Concept focuses on optimizing the land force contribution to a Joint fight in multiple domains, and provides a strong foundation for the development of a Joint All-Domain Operations Concept, both of which are intended to be employed across the spectrum of operations from competition to conflict. The 2020 theme also benefits from the presentations and work accomplished at the 7th Annual Symposium in 2018, focused on the roles of IO and EW in overcoming A2/AD challenges, which are a driver for the development of an All-Domain Operations (ADO) concept.


This event will be delivered online and via secure video teleconference in response to the current restrictions on travel to Hawaii following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The symposium will now start on Monday, October 19 with three days of UNCLASSIFIED presentations, panels, and speakers delivered via the Federal Business Council (FBC) Online Events platform. Classified presentations follow on October 22 and 23 and will be delivered via DOD secure Video-Teleconference. Detailed instructions for DOD and invited Ally and partner militaries for SECRET REL discussions will be published via official message from HQ U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Director of Operations, J3.

Individual registration is required to participate in any of the online presentations of the Symposium. Registered participants can then choose the plenary sessions and separate presentations they wish to attend. Registered symposium participants will need to register for each of the three plenary sessions, and for individual presentations and panels conducted outside of the plenary sessions that will run from 1100-1400 Hawaii Standard Time. For the classified sessions, participating military commands, DOD PME institutions, academia, Industry, and Allies and partners will coordinate with the symposium chair for instructions on how to be connected to the Towers Conference Room for October 22 and 23 over DOD networks.

Please contact the Symposium Chair, Dr. Arthur Tulak, COL USA, Ret, at for more information.

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Due to COVID-19, Singapore went into a lockdown phase from April 7 – June 1. The lock down was then partially released, and the likelihood to have large-group meetings was impossible, which would affect the regular AOC Singapore meetups. To engage the AOC Singapore members during the lockdown period, AOC Singapore worked with a local professional technical training service to offer a distance learning course, “FMCW Radar Design Using SystemVue,” which was offered to the public for a fee and fully sponsored for AOC Singapore Chapter members.


“The Calipers” with Gene “Joker” McFalls on Guitar/Vocals, Caleb Ringley on Guitar, Jeff Sawyer on Bass and Vic Dunston on Drums gathered for a live YouTube event on Saturday, 22 Aug 2020. Gray Beard Productions did an excellent job connecting “The Calipers” and live audience with the world! View the performance here!

Norden Millimeter, Inc.
Industry News

China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has already surpassed the U.S. in missile development and its number of warships and air defense systems under the Chinese Communist Party's plan to achieve dominance by 2049, the Defense Department said in a sobering report Tuesday. (

Army Cyber Command’s new headquarters will allow the organization to take a sharper focus on its offensive and influence mission, its commander said Sept. 3. The command officially commemorated its move from Fort Belvoir, Virginia, to Fort Gordon, Georgia, in a Sept. 3 ceremony, a move that has long been in the works. (C4ISRNET)

Britain’s Royal Air Force is on course to get its own multi-functional active electronically scanned array radar by the middle of the decade to equip Typhoon combat jets as a result of a £317 million (U.S. $420 million) deal between the Ministry of Defence and industry announced Sept 3. (Defense News)


The Canadian Forces Land Electronic Warfare Modernisation (CFLEWM) project kicked off in January 2019. It will modernise the Canadian Army’s Electronic Warfare (EW) systems and electronic support measures. These capabilities will support land forces at brigade and below levels. (Armada International)


The UK Royal Air Force’s (RAF) ORCUS counter unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) capability has achieved initial operating capability (IOC) following a series of successful tests. Orcus’ IOC was announced yesterday by defence minister Jeremy Quinn at the Defence Procurement, Research, Technology & Exportability (DPRTE) 2020 event. (Airforce Technology)

Signal Hound
Sep 2020
September 14 - 28 (7 sessions), 13:00-16:00 PM EDT (17:00 - 20:00 UTC)
Sep 2020
September 24, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)
Sep 2020
September 29, 09:00 - 17:00 EDT (13:00 - 21:00 UTC)
Oct 2020
October 5 - 23 (8 sessions) 09:00 - 12:00 EDT (13:00 – 16:00 UTC)
Oct 2020
October 8, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)
Oct 2020
October 19 - 21
Oct 2020
October 22, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)
Nov 2020
November 5, 14:00 - 15:00 EST (19:00 - 20:00 UTC)
Nov 2020
November 16-18, Liverpool, UK