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The Virtual EMS Summit is less than 2 weeks away and will have sessions that focus on Collaborative EW, EW Capability Gaps & Enabling Technologies, and other EW related topics.

Special Announcement from AOC President Muddy Watters

Register Now! Registration will close May 18 at 5pm EST

All material for the digital conference will be Unclassified Distro A.

View the incredible lineup of speakers HERE!!

Interested in sponsoring? There will be 1,000+ registrants, and there are only 4 remaining openings for industry sponsorships and product demonstrations! Don't miss this chance to get your company in front of this highly targeted audience!

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May 7, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)

Modern Electronic Warfare as is commonly defined is made up of 3 key components: Electronic Attack (EA), Electronic Support (ES), and Electronic Protection (EP). However, Electronic Warfare heavily relies on Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and the data it provides including radar operating parameters, waveform details, geo-location, and other pertinent information.

This session in the AOC EW series covers the importance and function of ELINT, its similarity and differences with Electronic Support and Radar Warning Receiver functions. Concepts of Operational ELINT and Technical ELINT and the ELINT enterprise will be discussed.


Is your team able to maximize their time while working remotely? Perhaps some professional development can help your team advance their skills right now! The AOC recognizes that there is increased demand for virtual learning during these days of quarantine and social distancing. We want to provide the opportunity for your team to expand their professional knowledge while working remotely - which is why we're offering the following discount structure for teams that would like to purchase AOC web courses in bulk:

Bulk Course Discounts for Teams:

- 2 – 9 attendees: 7% off course price ($84 - $150 savings per attendee depending on course selection)
- 10 – 19 attendees: 12.5% off course price ($150 - $269 savings per attendee depending on course selection)
- 20+ attendees: 19% off course price ($228 - $408 savings per attendee depending on course selection)

Contact Caleb Herr at to take advantage of these discounts for your team.

On-Demand Web Course Library

Upcoming Live Web Course Schedule

EW Modeling and Simulation
Dave Adamy | 6/1/2020 – 6/17/2020 | Web Course
This is a practical course in which the basic concepts and techniques of Electronic Warfare modeling and simulation concept evaluation, training, and Test and Evaluation are presented and the students learn how to apply them to practical problems.

Missile Design, Development, and System Engineering
Eugene Fleeman | 7/13/2020 – 7/31/2020 | Web Course
Technologies for missiles are rapidly emerging, resulting in the frequent introduction of new missile systems. The capability to meet the requirements for performance, cost, risk, and launch platform integration of missile systems is driven by missile design, development, and system engineering.

Machine Learning for EW
Kyle Davidson | 9/14/2020 – 9/28/2020 | Web Course
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of machine learning and its application to modern Electronic Warfare (EW) and cyber solutions. 

Electro-Optical/Infrared Sensor Engineering
Dr. Phillip E. Pace | 10/5/2020 – 10/282020 | Web Course
This course presents the fundamentals of electro-optical (EO) & infrared (IR) sensor technology, its analysis and its application to military search, track and imaging systems. Electronic warfare (electronic attack and electronic protection) are emphasized. 

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May 21, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)

In this webinar, we examine an emerging subset of EW activity: the ability to mimic, or “spoof,” legitimate Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals in order to manipulate Positioning, Navigation, and Timing data. To date, methods for detecting GNSS spoofing and other interference have been reserved for organizations with the ability to leverage advanced means for signals collection. As a result, the full scope of this activity has rarely been discussed in the public domain. However, with the democratization of technological capabilities and access to data, these advanced means are now available to a wider audience.

New SoM Speeds Custom RFSoC Deployment
Measuring only 2.5 by 4 inches, the new QuartzXM SoM speeds custom deployment of RFSoC in SWaP critical environments.
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June 4, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)

In the last few years machine learning has been transformed by the advent of Deep Learning, particularly in the area of classification. While these new deeply layered neural networks have revolutionized the commercial market, their application in Electronic Warfare (EW) has been limited. The goal of this webinar is to educate the audience in the field of deep learning, and show how the technology can be applied to the problem of waveform classification in EW. Included will be an exploration of how classification has been approached in the past, and how deep learning to offer a step change in performance for waveform classification.


A Comprehensive Review of Iranian Surface-to-Air Missile Developments

This conference aims to provide a comprehensive review of the latest developments regarding Iranian surface-to-air missile threat systems, including capabilities, concepts of operation and events. Attendance at this conference is appropriate for those involved in the design, development, testing, evaluation and employment of electronic warfare systems, techniques and tactics for protection of U.S. and allied fixed and rotary wing aircraft against air defense threats.


 Complex Electromagnetic Warfare and the Multi Domain Battle

**AOC EW Europe, originally scheduled to take place on 16-18 June, will now be held at Exhibition Centre Liverpool on 16-18 November 2020. This decision has been made following consultation with key stakeholders, with the agreement that a new dateline would be beneficial to all participants.

View the full statement here.

The 25th AOC EW Europe event in Liverpool will bring together world-leading experts from the military, government, academia and industry. Delegates will progress their understanding of the issues, technology and capabilities that underpin their national Electronic Warfare abilities and allow them to enhance their capabilities both nationally and in international collaborative defence. 

The Multi Domain Battlefield (MDB) includes the Electro-magnetic and Information Domains (including cyber operations), as well as the Land, Maritime, Air and Space Domains. The MDB underpins and enables every decision, communication and navigation system as well as defensive and offensive actions. Spectrum management capabilities are vital to all of warfare and especially manoeuvre warfare – we all know that without spectrum dominance the war is lost before it is begun.  New and current threat systems and strategies for defeating them will be considered alongside the technological developments most likely to influence the complex electromagnetic warfare of the future.

Alongside two technical conference streams, the event features an exhibition area for specialist suppliers to showcase their technologies, products and services.

Don't miss this on-site Professional Development Course! 

Intermediate Electronic Warfare
November 19 - 20 | Thursday & Friday | 09:00-17:00 BST

The intended audience for this course includes Electronic Warfare (EW) professionals, including engineers, business development staff, and managers, looking to expand their general knowledge of the field. No prior experience in EW is required, but some background in EW will be helpful.

Register for the course here !

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The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center - the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT, & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

NEW Internship Opportunities!

- Internship Seekers: Search available internships to gain the experience you desire

- FREE Internship Postings: The AOC is committed to supporting the growth of the EW talent pool by offering FREE Internship Postings for AOC Industry Members

Featured Jobs:

- Electrical Engineer - Multiple Levels – Textron Systems –  Hunt Valley, MD, United States
- Radio Frequency Engineer – Vectrus –  Fort Meade, MD, United States
- Spectrum Manger – Vectrus – Fort Meade, MD, United States

White paper: Simulation of angle of arrival (AoA)
Engineers often need to test the direction finding capabilities of radar warning receivers in the lab. A perfect solution is to use multiple coupled R&S®SMW200A vector signal generators that are phase-coherent and time-synchronized. This setup enables simulation of the angle of arrival (AoA) of radar signals in the lab..
Read the whitepaper
Chapter News

The Dixie Crow Chapter was delighted to have the opportunity to provide our 2020 Crow’s N.E.S.T. (Novel Experiments with Science & Technology) t-shirts to the children picking up lunches at Tucker Elementary School in Perry, Georgia, on Friday, 24 April 2020.

We truly appreciate all of our Crow’s N.E.S.T. sponsors and know that presenting these t-shirts helped to put smiles on the kid’s faces.  We know they will be worn proudly!  Thank you Robert Usher for coordinating this opportunity.

Meggitt Baltimore, Inc
Industry News

While the world is worried about pandemics, trade, and migration, U.S. defense leaders remain laser focused on treating China as the new pacing threat. Each service has marched in step to the 2018 National Defense Strategy and linked their force modernization to great power competition. (War on the Rocks)


The U.S. Air Force is seeking information from industry about hypersonic cruise missile technology, with the hopes of starting up a new prototyping program in the near future. The service issued a sources sought notification on April 27 asking companies to submit information about air-breathing conventional hypersonic cruise missiles that could be launched from fighter jets and bombers. (Defense News)

The Navy will award the first contract for an ambitious new class of frigates in the coming days, several sources with knowledge of the plan said, speeding up a program that wasn’t slated to get underway until later this year. (Breaking Defense)


The Navy is moving quickly to integrate a new family of tailored radar systems across the fleet as part of a coordinated effort to stop dangerous attacks from farther distances and stop multiple attacks at the same time. (The National Interest)

After successful flight tests of Lockheed Martin’s Silent Crow prototype last year, the Army took a big step to rebuilding its electronic warfare capabilities, awarding the company $74.85 million to develop, build, and test operational EW pods. (Breaking Defense)

Applied Systems Engineering Inc
May 2020
May 7, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)
May 2020
May 19 - 20, 09:00-17:00 EDT (13:00 - 21:00 UTC)
May 2020
May 21, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)
Jun 2020
June 1 - 17 (8 sessions), 13:00 - 16:00 PM EDT (17:00 - 20:00 UTC)
Jun 2020
June 4, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)
Jun 2020
June 18, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)
Jul 2020
July 9, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)
Jul 2020
July 13 - 31 (9 sessions), 13:00-16:00 PM EDT (17:00 – 20:00 UTC)
Jul 2020
July 23, 14:00 - 15:00 EDT (18:00 - 19:00 UTC)