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The goal of this conference is to provide an overview on the latest trends regarding adversary threat system electronic protection features as well as a forum for discussing electronic attack test, evaluation, and analysis activities. Attendance at this conference is appropriate for those involved in the design, development, testing, evaluation and employment of electronic warfare systems, techniques and tactics for protection of U.S. and allied aircraft.

Keynote and High Ranking Speakers:

Dr William (Bill) Conley, Director, Electronic Warfare OUSD(A&S)/A/Platform & Weapon Portfolio Management (P&WPM), US

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The AOC Modern SAM 2019 conference committee is soliciting original papers from the United States Government, Academia, Industry, Operators, and Subject Matter Experts to discuss current and emerging trends in electro-optical (EO), infrared (IR), and radio-frequency (RF) surface-to-air missile system electronic warfare. While Secret US Only presentations are required,  the committee will accept presentations that are FVEY topic related, NO/FORN and classified up to TS/SCI US Only.     Note however,  no foreign nationals may participate in the conference.  

The theme for this year’s conference is “Modern SAMs: Electronic Warfare Analysis, Test, and Evaluation."

Abstracts for presentations are required in unclassified textual format. Please forward abstracts to Ms. Christine Armstrong at The deadline to submit is November 9, 2018.


The Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention is the leading event for electronic warfare, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber-electromagnetic activities, and information operations experts from around the world. This event brings together nearly 2,000 professionals from 25 countries spanning industry, military, and government sectors to gather for educational sessions, networking, and of course, exposure to a show floor brimming with cutting edge technologies and services.



The Honorable Ellen M. Lord Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition and Sustainment

Mr. Dana Deasy - Chief Information Office, U.S. Department of Defense

The Honorable Don Bacon
U.S. House of Representatives, NE-02

Lt Gen Chris Bogdan, USAF (Ret’d) - Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Registration and Housing Open! Choose your pass, and register here! It's not too late to be involved! Learn about Exhibition & Sponsorship opportunities for the 55th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention here

Register for Professional Development Courses! Check out the professional development courses we'll be offering during the convention! 
These include:

Space EW with Dave Adamy: We will cover spherical trigonometry, orbit mechanics  and radio propagation (on the Earth and in space). These subjects will be handled gently, without any mind numbing math – just enough to support the second day’s material. We will then apply these disciplines to practical space EW problems dealing with intercept and jamming of hostile radar and communication systems. 

Electronic Countermeasures - Theory and Design: The goal of this course is to educate participants in the the field of Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and Electronic Attacks (EA). This includes the complete countermeasures development cycle from analysing threat systems, to developing jammer techniques, and finally confirming their effectiveness. EA in communications, radar, and infrared systems will be explored in detail.


Join us for the Small Business Showcase, powered by AOC and the National Spectrum Consortium. Enjoy networking among 2000 professionals from 25 countries, including representatives from over 65 AOC chapters from around the world. The Small Business Showcase will provide access to leaders from the government, military and the industry overall.

The cost to participate in the Small Business Showcase is just $3,000, but this is not your typical 10’x10’ booth, but premium shared space located right on the show floor. To see if you qualify, visit Small Business Showcase


Russian EW ops have “relocated” over 600 vessels from their coastal waters to airports. Gamers have convinced Pokémon Go that they are thousands of miles away in remote locations to collect virtual prizes. - Once the province of highly skilled technologists, GPS signal spoofing is now available to every nation and every consumer. Recent work has shown that it is even relatively simple to spoof multiple GNSS constellations at the same time. This Webinar will explore the development of spoofing technology, provide examples of documented spoofing incidents, and discuss countermeasures that can be taken to help avoid being spoofed.

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The 3rd edition of AOC EW Asia will examine technological and conceptual means of ensuring success for regional nations and allies across the spectrum of operational activity. The future of EW and EM Operations in the changing light of current and emerging threats will be explored, including Hybrid Warfare, Information Operations, Cyber and Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD), where some potential opponents are excelling. The conference will bring together the EW, Cyber EM Activities (CEMA), SIGINT, C4ISR communities and more to consider the possible responses, how thinking and attitudes must change, and examine the new capabilities that will be required across all lines of development, by all services, across the Asia-Pacific region.

In a break with tradition, the previous webinar on this topic dealt with the mathematical origins of the range equations. But rest assured, normal service will now be resumed with this webinar focusing on the real-world implications of these results.

The range equations are at the heart of a wide range of important EW topics such as the need for coherent jammers (e.g. DRFMs), why RWRs can be effective with surprisingly poor sensitivity, the meaning of burn-through range, some of the reasons stealth is so expensive, how LPI/LPD operation is achieved, and why radars tend to have more powerful transmitters than jammers. Each of these topics will be explored to demonstrate the significance and practical value of the range equations.
It will be assumed that attendees are familiar with the range equations and their origin, so attendees are advised to watch the first webinar in this series before this webinar.


Thank you to everyone who voted!!

Total number of eligible voters - 11,484
Total members voted – 1,201
Percentage of Voters – 10.46%

At-Large Director – 10 Candidates – Only two could be selected (Percentage is based on 200%)
Dr. Richard Wittstruck – 24.90%
Dr. Robert Andrews –  23.81 %
3rd Place – 23.48% 
4th Place –  22.56%
5th Place –   20.40%

Central Region (2 candidates. Handful of ballots received made no selection.)
Keith Everly – 49.42 %

Northwestern Region (2 candidates. Handful of ballots received made no selection.)
Mark Schallheim – 48.08%

Mid-Atlantic Region (1 candidate)
Jim Pryor


1.  Shall the amendment to the AOC Articles of Incorporation proposed by its Board of Directors be adopted?  Passed – 81%

2.  Shall the amendment rescinding the AOC Constitution proposed by its Board of Directors be adopted? Passed – 77%

3.  Shall the revision of the AOC Bylaws proposed by its Board of Directors be adopted? Passed – 79% 

4.  Shall the amendment to the AOC Foundation Articles of Incorporation proposed by its Board of Governors be adopted?  76% of those voting indeed approved the amendment.  According to Virginia legal statutes however, we did not meet the minimum votes required to enact the change.  The AOC is therefore going to hold an AOC members meeting at our annual Symposium in DC.  If you did not cast your ballot during the previous election cycle, you will be given another chance to vote on this single issue on-site while attending the Convention. 

Please visit our website or click on the link below for more information on the Amendment to the AOC Foundation Articles.

The Association of Old Crows is pleased to provide its online Career Center - the premier resource to connect career opportunities with highly qualified EW, EMSO, CEMA, SIGINT, ELINT, & IO talent. You can access the AOC Career Center at

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- Air Force Test Evaluation/EW Analyst, Scientific Research Corporation – Alexandria, VA, United States
- Suppression of Enemy Defense Liaison, BAE Systems – Bossier City, LA, United States
- Electronic Warfare (EW) Engineer - Senior, SRC, Inc., Suitland, MD, United States
- Electronic Warfare (EW) Engineer - Junior, SRC, Inc., Charlottesville, VA, United States

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We hope this new career center will make a significant difference for our members as they navigate their career paths. Thank you for your ongoing support!

Mercury Systems
New GaN FEM for X-Band Radar Applications
Qorvo’s QPM2637 provides 4 functions in a single compact package: T/R switch, PA, LNA and limiter. The Rx path offers 21 dB gain with low noise figure of 2.7 dB. The Tx path offers a small signal gain of 23 dB, it can deliver 4 W of saturated power with a PAE of 38%, designed for high temperature environments and use in next-generation AESA radar.
Learn More
D-TA Systems Inc.
Invisible Interdiction, Inc.
Chapter News

AOC’s Singapore Chapter conducted its Inspire Me, Start Early STEM Program for the second time with Henry Park Primary School in October. Twenty-five students participated in the second iteration of the program, which first launched in May with a class of 30 students. The program was supported by the Association of Old Crows and endorsed by IEEE.


On 4 October 2018, the Granite State Roost held a technical discussion and tour of the EW components manufacturing facilities at Mercury Systems in Hudson, NH. The event was co-hosted with the local IEEE-Microwave Theory and Techniques Society / Antennas and Propagation Society (MTT-S /AP-S). Col (ret) Earl “Skip” Stolz, VP of the Granite State Roost, presented an overview of the South China Sea and Mario LaMarche, Product Marketing Manager at Mercury Systems, presented application of GaN technology in active microwave components.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
W. L. Gore & Associates
Industry News

The Army has published its formal electronic warfare strategy document in response to broader strategy shifts in the Department of Defense. The Pentagon released the National Defense Strategy in January 2018 to focus more on the so-called great power competition and countries such as China and Russia and focus less on the counterterrorism mission. (C4ISR Net)


The U.S. Army’s ability to employ high-frequency radio systems has atrophied significantly since the Cold War as the United States transitioned to counterinsurgency operations. Alarmingly, as hostile near-peer adversaries reemerge, it is necessary to re-establish HF alternatives should very-high frequency, ultra-high frequency or SATCOM come under attack. (C4ISR Net)


The last of the Marine Corps' remaining EA-6B Prowlers have wrapped up their final mission in the Middle East, where they supported troops taking on the Islamic State group. Now, the electronic-warfare aircraft will soon be headed to the boneyard. More than 250 members of Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 2 are returning to North Carolina after spending seven months operating out of Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. (


The pace of technical change and the rapid introduction of threatening new areas of warfare such as cyber and electronic warfare, are part of what is driving the Army to seek fast-emerging new intel database systems. As part of this push, the Army is integrating cyber and EW units together and doubling its force of electromagnetic warfare specialists. (National Interest Blog)


Data from mobile device signals such as GSM may be an untapped resource for signals intelligence on the battlefield. Although the payload of a communication system is encoded, information about the nature of the communication that is included in the GSM signal is not and should not be overlooked. This information, known as metadata, could prove to be an important tool for warfighters, experts say. (SIGNAL)

Nov 2018
November 8, 14:00 - 15:00 EST
Dec 2018
December 13, 14:00 - 15:00 EST