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PAPERS DUE JANUARY 12: 46th Annual Collaborative EW Symposium, April 25-27, Pt. Mugu, CA

"Collaborative Electronic Warfare: Enabling Collaborative EW Through Innovation and Invention"

As EW warfighting requirements continue to evolve in their complexity and interdependency, it is clear that future EW systems must work collaboratively with other Air, Ground, Surface Space and Cyberspace systems. The 46th Annual Point Mugu Electronic Warfare Symposium will facilitate the exchange of enabling concepts and provide a venue to disseminate current research in the fields of Collaborative Electronic Warfare. Prominent leaders, contributors and representatives from the United States and Australian military, government, academia, and industry will come together to address current Electronic Warfare gaps and emerging technologies in Collaborative Electronic Warfare required to address these gaps.

This call for presentations or demonstrations challenges presenters to explore the way forward in enabling collaborative EW through innovation and invention. Presentations or demonstrations from all United States and Australian Services, DoD, Industry, and Academia are requested that identify technical paths, options, and potential opportunities for EW collaboration. Submitted abstracts are specifically requested to address one or more of the symposium sessions: threat trends, collaborative EW science and technology perspectives, cognitive and adaptive EW technologies, coordinated/distributed networked enabled systems, and warfighter perspectives. Amplifying information on these supporting topics and draft agenda are referenced below. Abstracts for presentations are required in unclassified textual format. Please forward abstracts to Ms. Shelley Frost at frost@crows.org. The deadline is January 12, 2017. We request that abstracts be limited to one page of text or 400 words. All sessions will be classified SECRET releasable Australia.

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CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: 2017 AOC International Elections

The AOC is accepting nominations for the 2017 elections to the Board of Directors and for president-elect of the Association. You all are in a great position to help to shape and decide the future of the Association of Old Crows! Nominations will be accepted beginning now through March 1st, 2017. Elections begin on September 1st, 2017 and will end on September 30th, 2017.

In addition to selecting our next President (vice president in 2018 followed by their two-year presidential term), this year's elections include two At Large Director positions, each for a three-year term. Also, three Regional Directors will be elected for their three (3)-year terms as well — one each from the Mountain-Western Region, the Northeastern Region, and the Southern Region. These five new directors and the president-elect will be installed at the 2017 Symposium & Convention in Washington DC.

Click HERE to access the Nomination Form. Nomination information must be received at AOC HQ by close-of-business on March 1st. Nomination forms are available at crows.org, or by contacting Glorianne O'Neilin.

Please direct all questions to the N&E committee:

Dave Hime – davehat1407@gmail.com
Glorianne O'Neilin – oneilin@crows.org

Forms can be submitted:
Via fax: (703) 549-2589
Via email: oneilin@crows.org


IN TWO WEEKS: Don't Miss AOC Electronic Warfare Singapore, January 17-18

We live in a time of increasing uncertainty on many fronts. Threats, challenges and opportunities are rising. Technology is accelerating. The world is undoubtedly changing and in unforeseen ways. In terms of future warfare, national forces are being re-shaped and re-equipped to face an operational maneuver space that will be complex and connected, but constrained. It may well be chaotic unless the right, informed choices are made now. The Asia-Pacific region is one of the most vital areas in the world and the focus of much change, but also of uncertainty. In terms of EW and electromagnetic operations, how can we make sense of all of these things?

AOC EW Singapore will consider the future of EW and EM Operations in the changing light of current and emerging threats, including Hybrid Warfare and Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) where potential opponents are out-performing the West. It will consider the possible responses, how thinking and attitudes must change, and examine the new capabilities that will be required across all lines of development, by all services, in all countries in the free world. The Conference will consist of plenary sessions focusing on operations, defence capability development, and industry inventiveness. AOC EW Singapore 2017 will bring together the communities of EW, SIGINT, C4ISR, Cyber EM Activities (CEMA) and more. Speakers will include leaders and operators from the military, government, academia, S&T and international R&D communities and, crucially industry. This is an unclassified English language Asia-Pacific focused EW networking, exhibition, workshop and conference and is not to be missed.

Speakers include:
Professor David Stupples, Professor of Electronic & Radio Systems, Director EW Systems Research, City University London, UK
Daniela Pistoia, Corporate Chief Scientist, Elettronica SpA, Italy
Colonel Stephen Miller USAF (Ret.), Senior Research Engineer, Strategic Program Development Lead, GTRI, US
Rear Admiral Simon Williams, Chairman, Clarion Events, UK
Dr Sue Robertson
, AOC International Region 1 Director, UK

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REGISTER NOW: AOC EW Europe - Advancing EW and Electromagnetic Operations Together, June 6-8

AOC EW Europe will be held in perhaps the world’s most iconic city – London. It will consider the future of EW and EM Operations in the changing light of current and emerging threats, including Hybrid Warfare and Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) where potential opponents are out-performing the West. It will consider the possible responses and how thinking and attitudes must change and examine the new capabilities that will be required across all lines of development, by all services, in all countries in the free world.

The conference will include plenary sessions and twin-tracks focusing respectively on operations, capability and defence lines of development, and industry developments and inventiveness. AOC EW Europe 2017 will bring together the communities involved in EW, SIGINT, C4ISR, Cyber EM Activities (CEMA) and more. Speakers will include leaders and operators from the military, government, academia, S&T and R&D communities and, crucially industry. This is an unclassified truly-global EW networking, exhibition, workshop and conference and not to be missed.

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JUST ANNOUNCED: International & Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Electronic Warfare Symposium, May 15-19

U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) of sensitive military technologies, like Electronic Warfare, can be difficult to understand and navigate for International Partners and U.S. Defense Industry. U.S. Export laws, such as the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), requirements for Export Licenses, and in some cases Congressional approval can be confusing and complicate the sale of EW systems and associated technical support. This conference provides an educational opportunity and forum for US Government, U.S. Defense Industry, Academia. and International partners to share information and provide updates on FMS and DCS program policy, processes, and improvements.

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DIXIE CROW SYMPOSIUM 42: Join us in Warner Robins March 19-23

Our Symposium Committee, Dixie Crow Chapter President, and Chapter Directors cordially invite you to join us for all the exciting events at the Dixie Crow 42nd EW/IO Technical Symposium, March 19-23 in Warner Robins, GA. The Dixie Crow EW/IO Technical Symposium is pending approval by SAF/AA. AFLCMC/WNY is co-hosting the Symposium’s AF Technical Program and Short Courses with the Dixie Crow Chapter of the AOC.

Stay tuned for more information.

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Secure Your 2017 AOC Sponsorships
How do you reach more customers in the Electromagnetic Warfare community? The AOC! To maximize your impact in 2017, begin securing your sponsorship positions today. When you strategically plan out your year with the AOC, you can realize significant savings.

Check out our updated sponsorship catalog below.  

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Employers can post on the Job Vacancies page for free. Follow the guide located HERE to provide information on posting a job listing. Submitted listings will remain live for 30 days. The AOC will not format or edit submitted postings, and will not respond to any questions from candidates concerning postings. We are hoping that members and sponsors will take advantage of this free AOC service. Complete the guide linked above and submit to Tim Hutchison at hutchison@crows.org.

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INDUSTRY NEWS: "Ameri-Straya": The Story of the People Behind the U.S.-Australian Partnership In Electronic Warfare
Delivering the EA-18G to the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) will be a highly celebrated event, and rightfully so. This December, RAAF Six Squadron began their transition from the F/A-18F to the EA-18G. In January of 2017, the RAAF will take custody of their EA-18Gs and begin flight operations at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. In February of 2017, the RAAF EA-18Gs will fly-in to the Avalon Air Show, Melbourne Australia – a capstone event for the U.S.-Australian team orchestrating the foreign military sale (FMS). (US Naval Institute)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Army’s RCO Approves Strategy to Prototype Electronic Warfare Capability
The Army’s newest outfit — set up to quickly fill land forces capability gaps — will make major headway in 2017, particularly in the realm of electronic warfare, an area where adversaries, such as Russia, have shown startling prowess in recent years. The Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) — officially formed in August — is designed to zero in on the Army’s biggest requirements with the intent to deliver capabilities within a one- to five-year horizon. It’s part of the service’s aggressive overhaul to its troubled procurement system and pushes even beyond acquisition reform outlined in the 2016 defense policy. (Defense News)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Grounding of Super Hornets, Growlers Caused by Exploding Jet Canopy
A Growler's canopy exploded off the jet earlier this month, which led the Navy to temporarily ground Super Hornet and Growler squadrons, according to a Naval Safety Center summary of the incident. The Growler's pilot and electronic warfare officer were injured Dec. 16 at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Washington state as it prepared for a training flight. The Navy said at the time it was an "on-deck emergency" that involved the aircraft's canopy but did not elaborate. (Military.com)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Air Force Upgrade to F-15 Designed to Help Fighter Stay in Front of Chinese J-10
The US Air Force is vigorously upgrading the 1980s-era F-15 fighter by giving new weapons and sensors in the hope of maintaining air-to-air superiority over the Chinese J-10 equivalent. The Air Force is reving up electronic warfare upgrades for its F-15 fighter as a way to better protect against enemy fire and electronic attacks, service officials said. (Scout Warrior)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office Moves Forward With EW Tech Prototype Devt Plans
The U.S. Army‘s Rapid Capabilities Office has obtained approval from the service branch to develop a prototype of an electronic warfare in a "phased" manner, Defense News reported Friday. Jen Judson writes Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt, director of operations at the Army RCO, said the office aims to prototype existing technology that can be put through operational assessment and help the organization develop a long-term rapid prototyping program. (Executive Gov)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: The U.S. Navy’s Next Hawkeye Plane Can Detect Stealth Fighters
Earlier this month, the first Northrop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft equipped with aerial refueling capability made its first flight. The ability to receive fuel addresses one of the few shortcomings of the new airborne surveillance plane, which acts as the airborne eyes and ears of a U.S. Navy carrier strike group. Indeed, the E-2D is the centerpiece of the Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air — or NIFC-CA — battle network, which will eventually allow every platform in the strike group to seamlessly act as either a sensor or shooter. (War is Boring)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Navy, Air Force Are Exploring Concepts for a Next-Generation 6th Generation Fighter to Come After the F-35
The Pentagon's 6th Generation Fighter may be stealthy and will likely have next-generation computers, electronic warfare technology, speed, weapons and sensors. Fighter jets in 20-years may likely contain the next-generation of stealth technology, electronic warfare, sophisticated computer processing and algorithms, increased autonomy, hypersonic weapons and so-called "smart-skins" where sensors are built into the side of the aircraft itself. (Scout Warrior)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Army Improves Software against Electronic Warfare Threats
In today's complex operational environment where America's adversaries are constantly expanding their use of technology, commanders require timely software solutions that ensure the highest levels of unit readiness. The U.S. Army's Communications and Electronics Command's (CECOM) Army Reprogramming Analysis Team (ARAT), is at the center of the Army's Rapid Software Reprogramming Strategy providing critical sustainment upgrades to Army aviation and ground platform Electronic Warfare (EW) system software. This important software counters threats dependent on the electromagnetic spectrum for functions such as target acquisition, tracking and engagement. (Army.mil)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Opinion: Improve Land-based Electronic Warfare Aircraft Readiness
President-Elect Donald Trump has called for hard-hitting initiatives to be included in a first-100-day thrust to make America strong again. Hoping to be included in that effort are some common-sense, low-cost changes to our land-based expeditionary electronic warfare (EW) force posture that would immediately improve operational readiness and have a positive economic effect to boot. These changes would delay, if not cancel, the ill-timed phase-out of Marine Corps EW aircraft; retaining the highly-trained aircrews; and a geographic realignment of the Navy’s expeditionary squadrons. (USNI News)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: No, Mr. Trump, You Can’t Replace F-35 With A ‘Comparable’ F-18
President-Elect Trump’s recent announcement that he is considering acquiring the F/A-18 Super Hornet in place of the F-35 Lightning II does not add up for a leader who seeks "to make America great again." Too much is at stake for the United States to rely on a fighter aircraft design whose roots extend back to the Nixon Administration. While the President-Elect’s concerns regarding the cost of weapons procurement is wholly valid, such decisions must be weighed in the context of current security demands. (Breaking Defense)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: What is ISR in Non-Physical domains?
Ask commanders what they want more of, and one of the top responses is more intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. ISR has become a critical asset in planning operations and understanding trends within a commander’s battlespace. Non-physical domains and maneuver spaces are becoming more prominent in emerging and future conflicts. But how will commanders be able to "see" in cyberspace or the electromagnetic spectrum? (C4ISRNet)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: New in 2017: Marines Likely to Expand Cyber Warfare Units
The size of the Marine Corps may grow in the coming years by as much as 12,000 Marines, as President-elect Donald Trump has called for, but that won’t necessarily translate to more grunts. Instead, the Corps' cyber warrior force and other high-tech fields may expand rapidly as the force prepares for future battlefields where information dominance will be as critical – if not more so – than spent rounds. (Marine Times)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: New in 2017: President Trump Wants a Bigger Marine Corps
President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to add nearly 12,000 Marines as part of his plan to expand the size of the U.S. military. In September, Trump publicly embraced the recommendations from the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank about increasing the size of the military, including adding 12 active-duty Marine infantry battalions and one active-duty tank battalion. Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller has said that the Heritage Foundation recommendations are "doable," but he cautioned that the Corps should not expand too quickly. (Marine Times)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: China's Air Force Is Becoming Very Powerful (But Suffers from One Super Fatal Flaw)
Will the Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E be the last jet fighter that China imports? The Chinese government’s official media certainly seems to believe so. "With the commissioning of the J-20, the Su-35 will soon lose its value in the Chinese market," the People’s Daily states. It is certainly possible that the advanced Russian-made jet will be the last fighter aircraft that Beijing imports, however, China will likely be dependent on Russia for subsystems such as engines for some time to come. (The National Interest)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Optimism in Australia's Defense Industry
In February, Australia committed to spending A$195 billion on defense over the next ten years and in mid-December announced the new Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC). The February Defense White Paper and the CDIC both make it clear that industry is integral to defense and that opportunities are on the rise across the board. This is a new move as private industry has not played a big role in defense before and historically many Australian shipbuilders preferred lucrative commercial projects. (The Diplomat)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Air Force Fighter Jets Will Control Drones
Drones could help fighter jets with reconnaissance, weapons transport, electronic warfare and targeting. The Air Force Chief Scientist said F-35 pilots will be able to control a small group of drones flying nearby from the aircraft cockpit in the air, performing sensing, reconnaissance and targeting functions. At the moment, the flight path, sensor payload and weapons disposal of airborne drones such as Air Force Predators and Reapers are coordinated from ground control stations. (Scout Warrior)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Pharewell to the Phantom
The U.S. Air Force has retired the F-4 Phantom after 53 years of service. The last flight of a pair of aircraft took place with due ceremony at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, on December 21. The aircraft were QF-4 full-scale aerial targets (FSAT) assigned to the 82nd squadron of the 53rd wing. The FSAT mission provides aerial targets for all weapons systems in the U.S. Defense Department. The QF-4s were converted to unmanned configuration by BAE Systems; they are being replaced with QF-16s converted by Boeing. (AIN Online)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: U.S. Air Force Launches $7 Billion Jstars Competition
The U.S. Air Force has launched another multi-billion dollar aircraft competition, this time to replace its fleet of second-hand Boeing 707-300-based Northrop Grumman E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (J-Stars) tank hunters that first deployed as part of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. (Subscription) (Aviation Week)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Mid-Thrust Engines Could Power B-52 Bomber Beyond 2060
Momentum is building for a propulsion upgrade of the 1960s-vintage, nuclear-armed Boeing B-52H Stratofortress, with the company proposing an eight-for-eight swap for engines in the 17,000-19,000-lb.-thrust range that were designed to power regional jets. In the mid-2000s, the U.S. Air Force was tinkering with four-engine options to replace the strategic bomber’s old and wheezy Pratt & Whitney TF33s using the Boeing 757-class Rolls-Royce RB211, Pratt PW2040 or General Electric CF6. (Subscription) (Aviation Week)
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