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VOTE NOW: AOC Elections Continue Through September 30
The 2016 AOC International Elections run through September 30 this year. The election guide is available now for you to begin learning about the candidates for whom you will cast your vote. This year members will elect two At Large board members, and one board member each from International Region I and International Region II. Vote on-line now!

Read the Election Guide (June JED)
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DON'T MISS TOMORROW'S WEBINAR: Sampling Theory & its Effects on System Performance, Rescheduled to September 22

Thursday, September 22, 2016 18:00 until 19:00 UTC

The universe is fundamentally analogue, but almost all modern technologies are based on digital systems on some level. In fact, many aspects of why digital systems work the way they do can be traced back to the conversion between analogue and digital signals – a process known as sampling. An understanding of sampling theory is thus crucial to understanding how modern systems work.

However, sampling is traditionally explained by resorting to complex mathematics, which tends to obscure the relatively simple underlying concepts. This presentation will draw back the mathematical veil obscuring these fundamental concepts by using simple arguments and graphics to explain how and why sampling works the way it does. As part of this process, issues such as aliasing, the Shannon-Nyquist criterion, bandpass sampling, I-Q sampling, interleaved samplers and others will be explored. It is thus hoped that attendees will gain greater insight into many aspects of sampling and how these issues affect the operation of modern systems.

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REGISTER NOW! CEMA 2016 - Achieving Overmatch through the Convergence of Cyber, Signal, Electronic Warfare, Intelligence, and Space Capabilities, October 18-20

This upcoming October will mark 15 years of persistent conflict where the Army has enjoyed a distinct technological advantage in its fight against terrorism and in the conduct of counter-insurgency operations. Today we are on the brink of a new era of great power competition conflict. With a resurgent Russia and an escalating China, a civil war in Syria with international implications and Iran and North Korea steadily flexing their military presence, there are forces to be reckoned with. All are employing advanced electronic warfare and cyber capabilities at a rapid rate. Given these recent developments from prospective near-peer adversaries, the Army cannot afford to "wait until the wolf is at the door" and must prioritize maintaining overmatch; easier said than done. Limited resources dictate an innovative approach to the problem. The answer lies in the effective enterprise capability convergence of cyber, signal, electronic warfare, intelligence, information operations and space capabilities to ensure cyberspace dominance while simultaneously denying the same advantage to adversaries. The idea of capability convergence as a combat multiplier is the basis for this year’s conference theme.


MG Bruce Crawford, USA
Commanding General CECOM & APG
MG Kirk F. Vollmecke
Program Executive Officer, PEO IEW&S

MG Paul Nakasone 
Commander Cyber National Mission 

BG (P) Patricia A. Frost, USA

Director of Cyber, HQDA G-3/5/7
Mr. Kevin M. Coggins, SES

Direct Reporting Program Manager,
Positioning, Navigation & Timing

CSM Dave Redmon
Senior Enlisted Advisor

Mr. Henry Muller
CERDEC Director

Mr. Dave Hime
AOC President

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NEXT WEEK: Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare (EMW) Systems Engineering and Acquisition Conference, September 20-22

Our adversaries are using ubiquitous and cheap technology to further develop cyber warfare as well as advance and proliferate electromagnetic spectrum capabilities. EMW is an operational approach to seizing the initiative across the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). The goal is to combine EMW capabilities in the sea, air and land domains to generate enhanced combat effects. EMW, in essence, means leveraging the cyberspace domain and the full electromagnetic spectrum for both offensive and defensive effects.
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The Honorable Rob Wittman
US House of Representatives (VA-1)

Dr. John D Burrow
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation

RDML Lorin Selby, USN
Commander, USN Naval Surface Warfare Center

Mr. Jay R. Kistler, Jr
Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research & Engineering), Dir EW & CM Office

Mr. Bryan Clark
Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA)

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NEXT WEEK: Register Now for Electronic Warfare Asia, September 20-21 in Kuala Lumpur

EW Asia returns to Kuala Lumpur to debate the ever-evolving challenges of this complex subject. Bringing together senior delegations from regional and international militaries, defence intelligence communities and scientific and research agencies EW Asia will showcase focused discussions and ‘thought leader’ presentations.

Southeast Asian countries need to be alert to the challenges involved in maintaining surveillance and intelligence superiority across the information domain space, thus ensuring the national security of their borders. Recent experiences of electronic warfare (EW) actions applied by Russia in Ukraine and Syria have demonstrated how crucial this domain is, particularly as such up-to-date and effective EW operations have not been experienced internationally for many years.

China’s investment and gathering momentum in the expansion of its own military cyber and electronic warfare technologies presents serious challenges for Asian security services who believed that, until recently, they retained EM spectrum superiority.

An improved understanding of the complexity of these challenges being faced needs to be followed by the development of skill sets for defensive and, if necessary, offensive countermeasures.

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AOC VIRTUAL SERIES: Register for the Next Free Webinar, Digital Video Transmission: Threats Hiding in Plain Sight, September 29

Thursday, September 29, 2016  |14:00-15:00 EST (18:00 until 19:00 UTC)

The transmission of video related content encompasses many layers. There are many methods to be considered for fingerprinting digital video. From the physical layer to the application layer there are many places for information to be hidden or altered. Adversaries could use video distribution systems with the intent to disrupt, harm, injure, or kill. They could provide inaccurate information to influence inaccurate decision making or camouflage messages within systems to disseminate hostile information.

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NEW SPEAKERS ANNOUNCED: Don't Miss the 5th Annual AOC Pacific Conference,  November 8-9 in Honolulu

Challenges and Opportunities for IO/EW/Cyber in A2/AD Environments

The purpose of the symposium is to bring together government, military, industry, academia, small business and other stakeholders for discussions on the operational challenges facing the practitioners of these IRCs, and to explore possible technological and tactics/procedural solutions. To stimulate wider interest and inquiry into these issues, the symposium and related activities and events will be open to registration by government, industry and academia representatives without regard to their AOC membership status (both AOC members and non-members may register) except that access of foreign and any other persons may be restricted as necessary in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Attend and consider SPONSORING this renowned, ground-breaking and strategically important Symposium. Read the report from the 4th Annual Pacific Conference from JED.


GEN Robert B. Brown
Commanding General
U.S. Army Pacific (USARPAC)

MGEN John B. Morrison, Jr.
Commanding General
U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence

Dr. William G. Conley, SES
Deputy Director, Electronic Warfare,
Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
(Acquisition, Technology and Logistics)

BG Richard K. Sele
Deputy Commanding General, U.S.
Army Civil Affairs and Psychological
Operations Command     

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OCTOBER AOC WEBINAR: Connecting the Dots: A Review of EW and EMSO-Related Accomplishments in the 114th Congress, October 13

Thursday, October 13, 2016  |14:00-15:00 EST (18:00 until 19:00 UTC)

Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) received significant attention on Capitol Hill during 2016. More so than in years past, the AOC had the opportunity follow, inform and influence key legislative and policy initiatives that together show a dramatic change in how our leaders think about the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). This webinar takes a look at the status and accomplishments of several initiatives including the EW Capabilities Enhancement Act, Acquisition Reform, the MOBILE NOW Act and the FY 2017 Defense Budget. We will also discuss what to expect over the next few months as Congress adjourns and a new Congress and Administration arrive in January 2017.

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CALL FOR POSTERS: AOC International Symposium and Convention

The AOC Poster Session will provide an excellent forum for authors, educators, students and young engineers to present their work in an informal and interactive setting. Posters are ideal for presenting speculative, late-breaking results, or for giving an introduction to interesting, innovative work. Posters are intended to provide authors and participants with the ability to connect with each other and to engage in discussions about the work.

The poster session provides information about the applications, architecture, implementation, performance and security of electronic warfare and information operations. Posters that present work-in-progress and draw important conclusions from practical experience are especially encouraged to submit.

E-mail the following information to Shelley Frost at frost@crows.org:
• Title of proposed paper
• Name of presenter and organization represented
• One or two short paragraphs describing the scope of the paper

Early November, each selected poster presenter will be mailed a Poster Session Guide from AOC National Headquarters. It will contain detailed information on your poster session.

For more information, contact Shelley Frost at frost@crows.org

Submission Deadline is October 21, 2016.

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JUST ANNOUNCED: AOC Electronic Warfare Singapore, January 17-18

We live in a time of increasing uncertainty on many fronts. Threats, challenges and opportunities are rising. Technology is accelerating. The world is undoubtedly changing and in unforeseen ways. In terms of future warfare, national forces are being re-shaped and re-equipped to face an operational maneuver space that will be complex and connected, but constrained. It may well be chaotic unless the right, informed choices are made now. The Asia-Pacific region is one of the most vital areas in the world and the focus of much change, but also of uncertainty. In terms of EW and electromagnetic operations, how can we make sense of all of these things?

AOC EW Singapore will consider the future of EW and EM Operations in the changing light of current and emerging threats, including Hybrid Warfare and Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) where potential opponents are out-performing the West. It will consider the possible responses, how thinking and attitudes must change, and examine the new capabilities that will be required across all lines of development, by all services, in all countries in the free world. The Conference will consist of plenary sessions focusing on operations, defence capability development, and industry inventiveness. AOC EW Singapore 2017 will bring together the communities of EW, SIGINT, C4ISR, Cyber EM Activities (CEMA) and more. Speakers will include leaders and operators from the military, government, academia, S&T and international R&D communities and, crucially industry. This is an unclassified English language Asia-Pacific focused EW networking, exhibition, workshop and conference and is not to be missed.

The AOC is soliciting original unclassified English language papers for the Singapore conference from international leaders, military personnel, subject matter experts and leading thinkers from the government, military, academia and industry. 

Full Call for Papers Details

Conference Details


REGISTER NOW: AOC 53rd International Symposium and Convention, November 29-December 1 in Washington, D.C.

This year’s 53rd Annual International Symposium and Convention is AOC’s premier event to enhance your personal and professional network, while engaging in discussions regarding Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations with military leaders, policy makers and electronic warfare practitioners from an international perspective. Technical papers will be presented to disseminate research findings and increase awareness of emerging technologies or concepts in the areas of electronic support, electronic attack, electronic protection, spectrum awareness and spectrum deconfliction.

Speakers representing the combatant commanders and our international community will address their regional perspectives on Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations providing an overview of their operational environments and addressing capabilities and challenges regarding EMSO policy, doctrine, procurement, training and joint or coalition operations. International regions that will be represented include Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Connect with thousands of colleagues and over 1,600 military and industry leaders and experts from all career levels, sectors, and EMSO focused businesses for three days of practical insight and networking with our U.S. and International members.

This is THE event dedicated to the professionals shaping the future of the electromagnetic operational domain. It will be the best professional investment that you can make all year!  Register today and book your hotel room at the same time.  
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NEW COURSES ANNOUNCED: Live or On-Demand, AOC Courses Provide the Competitive Edge You Need

DON'T MISS: AOC Convention Courses

Electronic Countermeasures - Theory and Design
December 2-3
Washington, DC
Instructor: Kyle Davidson

EW Against New Generation Threats - UPDATE COURSE
December 2-3
Washington, DC
Instructor: Dave Adamy

The Association of Old Crows is excited to increase the convenience of your learning opportunities through our brand new on-demand professional development library! The AOC is making some of our most popular courses available anytime and anywhere you're connected to the internet! On-demand course offerings currently include Dave Adamy's Fundamentals and Advanced Principles of EW, Kyle Davidson's ELINT - Principles and Practice and Warren du Plessis’ Introduction to RF & Microwave Front Ends.


TOMORROW! Asymmetric Threat Symposium IX, sponsored by the Association of Old Crows, CACI and Secure Freedom (Center for Security Policy)

Guests are invited to assemble with the common purpose of developing new thinking on achieving an overarching national strategy that will effectively counter the threats to national security.

When and Where
Thursday, September 22, 2016
8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Gannett Conference Center
7950 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102

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NEXT WEEK: Maple Leaf Chapter First Annual Gala, September 28
We are pleased to invite you to attend the Association of Old Crows, Maple Leaf Chapter, First Annual Gala. This event will be a rare opportunity to meet Mr. John Knowles, Chief Editor of the Journal of Electronic Defense (JED) and keynote speaker. This gala sponsored by D-TA Systems Inc. will be held at the prestigious Royal Ottawa Golf Club. Please register quickly as spaces are limited!

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FROM THE AOC JOB VACANCIES PAGE: 2017 Congressional Innovation Fellowship
TechCongress is building 21st century government with technology talent through our Congressional Innovation Fellowship.  We are bridging the divide between Congress and the technology sector by placing tech savvy individuals like you to work with Members of Congress and Congressional Committees in order to build capacity in Congress, train cross-sector leaders — who can understand the challenges of government and in the technology community — and keep Congress up to date about the latest challenges and opportunities relating to technology.

View Full Job Opportunity

Employers can post on the Job Vacancies page for free. Follow the guide located HERE to provide information on posting a job listing. Submitted listings will remain live for 30 days. The AOC will not format or edit submitted postings, and will not respond to any questions from candidates concerning postings. We are hoping that members and sponsors will take advantage of this free AOC service. Complete the guide linked above and submit to Tim Hutchison at hutchison@crows.org.

Job Vacancies Page

INDUSTRY NEWS: Why DARPA Needs AI to Defeat Enemy Radar
Electronic warfare ain't what it used to be. Modern radar and communications systems can subtly and quickly change their character, making them harder for U.S. aircraft and other platforms to jam or spoof. That reality is prompting DARPA to lead industry teams to apply artificial intelligence to electronic warfare. It's called "cognitive EW." (Popular Mechanics)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Why is Australia Investing in Electronic Warfare?
The news that Australia is investing heavily in electronic warfare bears looking at. This comes after the announcement of a A$50 billion spend on 12 submarines to be built by France, and a new defence White Paper released earlier in the year. The plan for defence spending is to increase it to 2.5 percent of GDP and this new upgrade is apparently a part of that. (The Diplomat)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Four Service Chiefs Say They Can’t Defend US Under Sequestration
Today, we got a very clear look at the biggest problem with sequestration for the military. If the Budget Control Act goes into full effect, the heads of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines told the Senate Armed Services Committee today, they will not be able to protect the United States as they are charged to do. Sequestration was meant to be the poison pill no one would swallow so Republicans and Democrats would be forced to negotiate a way out of America’s debt and funding problems. (Breaking Defense)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Russian Electronic War Inspires Army Office
Russian electronic warfare tactics and technological advances, such successful moves to "jam" drone signals during ongoing aggressions in Ukraine, are a key inspiration for the creation of the recently announced Army Rapid Capabilities Office, senior Army officials acknowledged. Responding to Russia’s rising battlefield capabilities and other emerging threats, the U.S. Army is now adjusting portions of its acquisitions process to boost the service’s ability to develop and deploy disruptive technologies, Pentagon officials said. (Scout)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Army Wants Cyber Capability Everywhere
The Army's new cyber director said the service is still struggling to make cyber, electronic warfare and information operations tangible to warfighters. Speaking at West Point's annual Mad Scientist Conference, Brig. Gen. Patricia Frost said the Army's "cyber mission force is on track," but the service lacks a coherent electronic warfare strategy. (FCW)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Navy Awards Deal for Installation of New EW Tools
The Navy, continuing to build up its electronic warfare arsenal, has awarded $49 million worth of contracts to three small businesses to install surface electronic warfare systems on multiple ship hulls while removing some existing systems. The work under the contract will include ship and ordnance alterations, industrial services such as platform prefabrication/fabrication, system/equipment, shipboard installations, material support and quality assurance inspection. (Defense Systems)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: DoD’s Technological Superiority Depends on Out-Innovating Adversaries
Future Defense Department technological superiority hinges on the department’s ability to out-innovate its adversaries, rethink how it sources technology and perhaps rethink its models for product delivery, the assistant secretary of defense for research and engineering said yesterday. Stephen P. Welby addressed an audience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, discussing research and development across the defense enterprise. (US Department of Defense)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: NATO’s Baltic Deterrent Force to Be in Place by May 2017
The new allied deterrent force for the Baltic region will be in place by May 2017, with some units arriving earlier, the head of the Western alliance’s military committee said Sunday. Military leaders from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, gathering in Split, Croatia, this weekend, discussed the deployment of the force of up to 4,000 personnel, its rules of engagement and its command and control. (The Wall Street Journal)
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