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REGISTER TODAY: 6th Annual EW Capability Gaps & Enabling Technologies Operational & Technical Information Exchange
November 18-21, 2014 | Crane, IN

The overall goal of the event is to provide a forum for EW professionals from the military, government, industry and academic fields to discuss issues related to the requirements of EW programs, platforms and operations. This capstone event will focus on the identified gaps and technologies the services require to ensure EW maintains freedom of maneuver through the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) in support of achieving commanders' objectives. Speakers and presenters will look back at the previous few years and identify progress made to ensure the success of the warfighter in tomorrow's battlespace.

All sessions will be held at the Crane Lakeview Event Center at the U.S. SECRET and U.S. TS/SCI levels.

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Keynote Speakers

Mr. Alan Shaffer
Principal Deputy, ASD R&E

Ms. Margie Palmieri
Director, Integrated Fires OPNAV

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NEXT AOC VIRTUAL SERIES: Enabling Adaptive Electronic Countermeasures, November 20
Thursday, November 20, 2014 | 1400-1500 EST (1900-2000 GMT)

Survivability against future advanced threats is achievable through the effective use of new digital RF technology, modular architecture and reprogrammability. Advancements in radar technology will result in radars that are able to perform real-time modifications to transmissions enabling adaptable waveforms. Traditionally employed electronic countermeasure systems leveraging a priori information will be obsolete as they will no longer be effective due to the threat's ability to employ rapid upgrades or adaptive waveforms in real-time. The next generation of electronic countermeasure systems will be required to find, identify and appropriately respond to signals in the environment in real-time. The key to increasing the warfighter's survivability against hostile adaptive radars is the ability to adapt quickly through advanced algorithms on software intensive electronic countermeasure systems. This presentation focuses on an approach that leverages existing technology to enable adaptive electronic countermeasures.

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November 18-21 – Confirmed!
ELINT and Modern Signals Course
Instructor: Dr. Richard Wiley
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA

December 2-5
Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare Course
Instructor: Mr. Robert Samuel
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA


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There are many exciting business development opportunities that exist within the AOC Calendar for 2015. The sponsorship catalog presents opportunities for you to gain maximum exposure within the Electromagnetic Warfare community. Sponsorship at AOC webinars, conferences and the Annual Symposium allows your company to be seen as a support for the warfighter and increases your visibility in this highly targeted marketplace. Sponsorship of the AOC also helps bring valuable advocacy messages to the U.S. Capitol Hill, and it supports delivering those same efforts through the local chapters to EW centers of gravity around the world.

Please take a moment to look through the updated AOC sponsorship catalog, and let us know which opportunities you would like to take advantage of for 2014. If you have any questions, or need a sponsorship package customized for you, please don’t hesitate to contact the AOC staff at www.crows.org.

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REGISTER FOR THE NEXT AOC WEBINAR: Enhancing Network Security, December 11
Thursday, December 11 | 1400-1500 EST (1900-2000 GMT)

Wireless Access Points (WAP) remain one of the top 10 network security threats. Research has focused on developing a physical (PHY) layer aware Radio Frequency (RF) air monitoring system with multi-factor authentication to provide a first-line of defense for network security – stopping attackers before they can gain access to critical infrastructure networks through vulnerable WAPs.  This webinar will present early results on the identification of OFDM-based 802.11a WiFi devices using RF Distinct Native Attribute (RF-DNA) fingerprints produced by the Fractional Fourier Transform (FRFT). These fingerprints are input to a "Learning from Signals" (LFS) classifier which uses hybrid Differential Evolution/Conjugate Gradient (DECG) optimization to determine the optimal features for a low-rank model to be used for authentication. Results are presented for devices under the most challenging conditions of intra-manufacturer classification, i.e., same-manufacturer, same-model, differing only in serial number. The results of Fractional Fourier Domain (FRFD) RF-DNA fingerprints demonstrate significant improvement over results based on Time Domain (TD), Spectral Domain (SD) and even Wavelet Domain (WD) fingerprints.

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November 13-14, 2014
MITRE Corporation and Hilton Doubletree Hotel
Bedford, MA

Cyber Challenges and Solutions: Today and Tomorrow
This summit focuses on cyber challenges facing the U.S. and its Allies by increasing the synergy across local, state and federal government agencies, industry and academia. Technology applications, system options and best practices from various organizations will be examined. Exploring techniques for "whole of government" and complementary relationships that optimize a cross-flow of technologies and systems to enhance operational capabilities. Learn more at www.patriotsroostaoc.org.
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The AOC India Chapter has announced its third National EW Workshop India (EWWI 2015) next February at the National Science Seminar Complex (NSSC) Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India. EWWI 2015 is the third event in the EWWI series of National Level Workshops, the only national level event in India in the field of Electronic Warfare, the niche and crucial part of the Modern Warfare. The Workshop is being organized by the organizers of prestigious EWCI series of International EW Conferences in India, the Association of Old Crows (AOC) India Chapter, Bangalore, India. The three-day workshop is designed to impart in-depth professional knowledge covering highly advanced and emerging topics in the field of EW.
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The last time I was in the United States, I had the honor of receiving the only gold medal I’m likely to get my hands on these days. It came from the Association of Old Crows, an electronic warfare and information operations advocacy group founded in the U.S. in 1964. As the first British recipient, the medal was both a recognition of the United Kingdom’s role in electronic warfare and a symbol of the deep cooperation between American and British personnel in a field most may not think of: science. (Defense One)
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A big question on the minds of Pentagon officials and defense industry CEOs is whether the new balance of power in Washington will mark a turning point after four years of fiscal turbulence fueled by partisan warfare. Analysts have predicted that a Republican majority will tip the scales in favor of larger military budgets and possible relief from the 2011 law that set strict spending caps. (National Defense)
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For the U.S. national security sector, Tuesday mostly was a status-quo election – but with one glaring exception: Say hello to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain. The Republican tidal wave means defense and national security committees in the Senate will have new chairmen – but all are familiar faces to the Pentagon and arms manufacturers. Voters also sent most sitting members of national security committees back to the Capitol. (Navy Times)
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Work on things like systems to enable the F-35 fighter to wage electronic war on America’s enemies is on hold until Congress passes a real defense-spending bill. "Where we have a problem is if we have something new that we are doing, and we didn’t have any budget for it last year, we cannot start it," Air Force Lt. Gen. Chris Bogdan, the F-35 program’s executive officer, told reporters Thursday. "There are a couple of those. Follow-on development." (Defense News)
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The Pentagon’s chief financial officer admitted on Wednesday that he is "not super optimistic" about Congress reaching a budget deal once the current continuing resolution temporarily funding the federal government expires on Dec. 11. (Air Force Times)
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The Navy is upgrading its suite of electronic warfare technology currently on surface ships across the fleet in order to keep pace with emerging threats, service officials said. The Navy has configured an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, the USS Bainbridge, with what’s called Block 2 of its SLQ-32 Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program, or SEWIP – a suite of upgraded electronic warfare sensors able to detect a wider range of threat signals than the existing system. (DOD Buzz)
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There is growing concern in the Pentagon that the U.S. military is in a technology rut. Even though American technology has been the gold standard for decades, countries like China intend to challenge that lead. How the nation’s military will keep that edge in a rapidly changing and dangerous world is the proverbial 64-million-dollar question. The national security challenges are multiplying: From the crisis in Ukraine, unprecedented turmoil in the Middle East, uncertainty in Pakistan, the drawdown in Afghanistan, unnerving tensions in the South China Sea. (National Defense Magazine)
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The big issues of the day facing the Pentagon and its defense industrial base go far deeper than developing the next generation fighter or aircraft carrier, top industry analysts warn. With commercial companies outpacing the defense industry’s ability to develop and field cyber, satellite and communications capabilities – and with those companies competing hard for the top engineering and software development talent – the Pentagon and its industry partners will need to chart a new path forward. (Defense News)
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In the ever-evolving saga of defense budget cuts and sequestration, the cruise missile threats to our surface fleet are not standing still. As we have seen in instances ranging from the Israeli patrol boat INS Hanit attacked off of Lebanon in 2006 to the cat and mouse games that are played during each any every Strait of Hormuz transit of U.S. Navy forces, the anti-ship cruise missile threat is growing and we cannot afford to lose our advantage to counter these multi-dimensional threats. (USNI News)
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The Navy's F-35C Joint Strike Fighter carrier variant conducted its first arrested landing Nov. 3 aboard the USS Nimitz off the coast of San Diego, California, service officials said. The arrested landing on board the Nimitz aircraft carrier is part of initial at-sea developmental testing for the F-35C – testing which is expected to last two weeks, Navy leaders said. (Military.com)
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China’s biennial aviation gathering in Zhuhai is among the most exciting shows on the global circuit. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s (PLAAF) August 1 display team has no qualms about roaring above the crowd with their Chengdu J-10A fighters, ejecting flares with every pass. Invariably the Chengdu JF-17, still in search of a buyer beyond Pakistan, will make an appearance, and the Russian Knights will likely be in the air with their Sukhoi Su-27s. With luck, the show, which runs on 11-16 November, will not be afflicted by smog, which restricted the flying displays in 2010, or strong winds, which restricted displays in 2012. (Flightglobal)
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