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TOMORROW: Register Now for the the AOC's Next Free Virtual Series Webinar on Cross-Eye Jamming

October 30, 2014 | 1400-1500 EDT (1800-1900 GMT)
Cross-eye jamming is an old idea with two U.S. patents being submitted in 1958, and the underlying concepts being described in essentially all introductory EW textbooks. However, it was not until 2000 that the existence of cross-eye jammers suitable for operational use was publicly announced. Perhaps more surprisingly, a number of academic papers by authors from around the world have recently been published on the topic of cross-eye jamming – a highly unusual situation for any EW technique, let alone one as old as cross-eye jamming.

But what is cross-eye jamming, and how does it work? More importantly, what is so special about cross-eye jamming that it still attracts significant interest almost 60 years after it was initially proposed? And why was there such a long delay between the formulation of the underlying concepts and their practical implementation? This webinar will seek to answer these and other questions about cross-eye jamming.

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REGISTER NOW: 6th Annual EW Capability Gaps & Enabling Technologies Operational & Technical Information Exchange
November 18-21, 2014 | Crane, IN

The overall goal of the event is to provide a forum for EW professionals from the military, government, industry and academic fields to discuss issues related to the requirements of EW programs, platforms and operations. This capstone event will focus on the identified gaps and technologies the services require to ensure EW maintains freedom of maneuver through the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) in support of achieving commanders' objectives. Speakers and presenters will look back at the previous few years and identify progress made to ensure the success of the warfighter in tomorrow's battlespace.

All sessions will be held at the Crane Lakeview Event Center at the U.S. SECRET and U.S. TS/SCI levels.

Agenda Now Available: View the Agenda

Keynote Speakers

RADM Mike Shoemaker

Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic

Mr. Alan Shaffer
Principal Deputy, ASD R&E

Ms. Margie Palmieri
Director, Integrated Fires OPNAV

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November 18-21 – Confirmed!
ELINT and Modern Signals Course
Instructor: Dr. Richard Wiley
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA

December 2-5
Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare Course
Instructor: Mr. Robert Samuel
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA


NEXT AOC VIRTUAL SERIES: Enabling Adaptive Electronic Countermeasures, November 20
Thursday, November 20, 2014 | 1400-1500 EST (1900-2000 GMT)

Survivability against future advanced threats is achievable through the effective use of new digital RF technology, modular architecture, and reprogrammability. Advancements in radar technology will result in radars which are able to perform real-time modifications to transmissions enabling adaptable waveforms. Traditionally employed electronic countermeasure systems leveraging a priori information will be obsolete as they will no longer be effective due to the threat's ability to employ rapid upgrades or adaptive waveforms in real-time. The next generation of electronic countermeasure systems will be required to find, identify, and appropriately respond to signals in the environment in real-time. The key to increasing the warfighter's survivability against hostile adaptive radars is the ability to adapt quickly through advanced algorithms on software intensive electronic countermeasure systems. This presentation focuses on an approach that leverages existing technology to enable adaptive electronic countermeasures.

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November 13-14, 2014
MITRE Corporation and Hilton Doubletree Hotel
Bedford, MA

Cyber Challenges and Solutions: Today and Tomorrow
This summit focuses on cyber challenges facing the U.S. and its Allies by increasing the synergy across local, state and federal government agencies, industry and academia. Technology applications, system options and best practices from various organizations will be examined. Exploring techniques for "whole of government" and complementary relationships that optimize a cross-flow of technologies and systems to enhance operational capabilities. Learn more at www.patriotsroostaoc.org.
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Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Training Squadron 1 was recently named the recipient of the 2014 Association of Old Crows Marine Corps outstanding unit award. The squadron celebrated by making Marine Corps aviation history by conducting a single squadron seven-aircraft fly-by at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., Oct. 16. (Marines.mil)
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The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson has relieved USS George H. W. Bush in the Persian Gulf and assumed combat aerial operations against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), introducing the EA-18G Growler electronic attack aircraft to Operation Inherent Resolve. (SEAPOWER Magazine)
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Soldiers from across the 25th Infantry Division attended the Information Operations in the Pacific Symposium from Oct. 21-23 at the Hale Koa Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii, to discuss and examine the role of information operations in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. (Army.mil)
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Britain is reviving plans to update battlefield signals intelligence capabilities, the first of its kind since a Lockheed Martin contract to re-equip land forces was axed in 2009. (C4ISR & Networks)
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The U.S. Navy has undertaken land-based flight tests of the Northrop Grumman MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in preparation of seat-trials later in the year, the company disclosed on 23 October. The tests, which took place at Naval Base Ventura County in California on 27 August, saw the unmanned helicopter perform a series of take-offs and precision landings on sloped surfaces to simulate a ship at sea. (IHS Jane's 360)
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A carrier with EA-18G Growlers from Whidbey Island Naval Air Station is en route to assist with air strikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. The USS Carl Vinson strike group, which includes Electronic Attack Squadron 139, replaces the USS George H.W. Bush carrier strike group, deployed since Feb. 15, according to the Navy. (Whidbey News-Times)
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Three years after introducing the latest version of the American anti-radiation missile, the AGM-88E HARM (High speed Anti-Radiation Missile), a new version (88F) is completing its performance tests. The AGM-88F has a GPS guidance added (with less accurate but jam-proof INS as a backup) added. The older AGM-88D also used GPS so that the missile, which normally homes in on radar transmissions, could be used to attack targets by location alone. (Strategy Page)
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Defense and security company Saab has signed a contract with the Brazilian Federal Government (Ministry of Defense through the Aeronautics Command, COMAER) covering the development and production of 36 Gripen NG fighter aircraft for the Brazilian Air Force. The total order value is approximately SEK 39.3 billion. Saab and COMAER have also signed an Industrial Co-operation contract to deliver substantial technology transfer from Saab to Brazilian industry. (Business Wire)
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Russia has announced the start of work on the creation of a sixth-generation fighter jet. The body is to be made of composite materials and it should attain high speeds and have the latest electronic warfare equipment, avionics, and a propulsion system. However, the kind of combat missions the new vehicle will be expected to fulfill are unclear. (Russia Beyond the Headlines)
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Japan's new Izumo-class helicopter carrier currently undergoing sea trials is expected to be commissioned in 2015. The new carrier will dramatically increase Japan's force projection in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, raising concern in China. (Defense Update)
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