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VOTE NOW: AOC Elections Open Through August 22
Elections for your 2015 AOC Board of Directors are now open. Learn about the AOC presidential, at-large director and regional director candidates in the July JED and in this year’s election guide. There is also a AOC Board-approved constitution change that requires approval from the general membership. Your vote helps determine the course of the AOC. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!  Elections are open through August 22.



REGISTER NOW: AOC Virtual Series – AOC Advocacy Training, Part 2
July 9, 2014 | 2 p.m-2:45 p.m. EDT (1800-1845 GMT)

This webinar builds on the themes from the May 14, 2014 advocacy training. It will take the topics and methods discussed into more detail for those who would like to aggressively focus on EW advocacy in their home districts and on Capitol Hill. The May 14 training session is a recommended (not required) prerequisite.

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AOC VIRTUAL SERIES: Unlocking the Mysteries of Radar
Tuesday, July 22, 4 p.m.-5 p.m. EDT (2000-2100 GMT)

RAdio Detection And Ranging (RADAR) has become such a ubiquitous part of today’s society, both commercially and in defense, that the acronym "RADAR" has largely been replaced with the word "radar." In spite of its pervasive use, many people don’t understand the basics of this critical technology.

This interactive journey, from the humble electron all the way up to the self-driving car, explores sound and light, size, wavelength and frequency. Attendees will get an overview of the history and evolution of radar. From the origins of radar prior to WWII, through Pulse Doppler radars, Continuous Wave radars, Monopulse radars, and to modern Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA), the attendee will understand the fundamentals of how radars work.

The 30-minute presentation will be followed by a 10-15 minute Q&A period where you can bring your questions to the presenter. This webinar, aimed at everyone from layperson to expert, carefully builds in easily understood concepts, combining them in a way that reveals radar as one of technology's greatest achievements.

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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN: 51st Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention
October 6-9, 2014 | Washington, D.C.

For 50 consecutive years, the AOC International Symposium and Convention has been the leading annual event for EW, IO and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations professionals from around the world. This legacy is self-evident as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the AOC.

The theme for this year's event is "Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations in Contested and Permissive Environments." The strength, passion and vision of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Warfare community is strong today, and swiftly propelling the AOC into its next 50 years.

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NEW HOTLINE: AOC Introduces Audit & Inspection Committee Hotline
If you know of fraud, waste, abuse or mismanagement in the Association of Old Crows' (AOC) programs and operations, report it to the Audit & Inspection Committee via the AOC Hotline. This includes alleged/suspected wrongdoing by AOC employees, Board of Directors, Chapters, contractors, grantees and others involved in the AOC's programs and operations. The Audit & Inspection Committee is committed to addressing your concerns.

AOC HOTLINE: (571) 249-4658


EDUCATION YOU NEED: Don't Miss July's Live Online Course

July 29
LIVE ONLINE WEBCAST: Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Instructor: Dr. Pat Ford
Online Webcast

October 4
PRI Analysis and Deinterleaving Course
Instructor: Dr. Richard Wiley
Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, D.C.

October 5
Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) Radar and What to Do About It
Instructor: Dr. Richard Wiley
Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, D.C.

October 5-6
Survey of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Design, Operations, Capabilities, and EW Potential
Instructor: Dr. Pat Ford
Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, D.C.

October 5-6 & 10-11
Electronic Warfare Overview & Update – 2-Part Course
Instructor: Dave Adamy
Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, D.C.

October 10-11
Survey of Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM) Concepts
Instructor: Robert Samuels
Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, D.C.

November 18-21
ELINT and Modern Signals Course
Instructor: Dr. Richard Wiley
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA


REGISTER NOW: Modern Threats: Surface-to-Air Missile Systems Conference
September 3-5, 2014 | MSIC Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL

Provide the latest findings from ongoing, all-source analysis of high interest threat air defense systems to include:
    - Threat System Capabilities and Vulnerabilities
    - Status of New Development Programs
    - Current and Projected Proliferation

Attendance at this conference is appropriate for those involved in the design, development, testing, evaluation and employment of electronic warfare systems, techniques and tactics for protection of U.S. and allied aircraft.

All attendees must be registered and cleared U.S. SECRET in order to attend the first two days.
All attendees must be registered and cleared for U.S. TS/SCI in order to participate on the third day.

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REGISTER NOW: 3rd Annual Information Operations in the Pacific Conference
October 21-23, 2014 | Honolulu, HI

The purpose of this symposium is to examine humanitarian assistance/disaster relief operations in the Pacific Region and the role of multinational information operations. The symposium will provide a venue for increased awareness of Asia-Pacific issues and an opportunity for networking, a multinational exchange of ideas and partnership building within the region.

USARPAC is committed to supporting the conference.

Additional guidance is provided to assist in travel justification via Memorandum from the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology and Logistics, Mr. Frank Kendall on participation in technical and industry conferences. Click here to download.


The AOC is soliciting original unclassified English language papers for the Hawaii conference from international leaders, military personnel, subject matter experts and leading thinkers from the military, academia, and industry. Please contact the conference director, John Clifford (clifford@crows.org) if you are interested in speaking or want more information and provide the title of the proposed paper, a brief synopsis and information on the speaker. Company or product briefs will not be accepted. The deadline for submitting is Friday, August 15, 2014, but the earlier the better.

Classification: Unclassified

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REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: 6th Annual EW Capability Gaps & Enabling Technologies Operational & Technical Information Exchange
November 18-21, 2014  |  Crane, IN

The overall goal of the event is to provide a forum for EW professionals from the military, government, industry and academic fields to discuss issues related to the requirements of EW programs, platforms and operations. This capstone event will focus on the identified gaps and technologies the services require to ensure EW maintains freedom of maneuver through the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) in support of achieving commanders' objectives. Speakers and presenters will look back at the previous few years and identify progress made to ensure the success of the warfighter in tomorrow's battlespace.

All sessions will be held at the Crane Lakeview Event Center at the U.S. SECRET and U.S. TS/SCI levels.

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THIS AUGUST: AOC AUSTRALIA 2014 – Convergence and Synergies 
August 18-19, 2014 | Adelaide, South Australia

The Australian Chapter of the Association of Old Crows will hold its biennial Electronic Warfare, Information Operations and Cyber Convention on August 18-19, 2014. As Allied Forces shift focus from a decade-long counter-insurgency operation to emerging complex conflicts in the midst of resource constraints, please join us as we examine Electronic Warfare’s ever-increasing significance in the 21st century battlefield.

Conference Themes
The Evolving EM Threat Environment and Corresponding EW Technology Advances
Increased Coalition Operations and Dependence Upon Third-Country Partnerships
The Move from Federated EW Systems to Integrated, Network-Centric Solutions
Strategies for Increased Efficiencies and Effectiveness in EW Solutions
Changing Relationships and New Players (Cyber/IO/Comms/ISR/EA)
Emerging Cyber NCW and Software-Defined Radio Security and Protection Issues
Procurement Strategies to Meet Technology Refresh Rates
New Manned and Unmanned Maritime Patrol Capability

II Brazilian Navy EW Conference
August 19-21 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Brazilian Navy will organize the II CGEM (II Braz Navy EW Conference) from August 19-21, 2014, at their premises in Mocangue Island, in the middle of Guanabara Bay, just beside the bridge and half way from Rio and the neighbor city of Niteroi. 

The conference theme this year will be COMINT in ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Tactical Acquisition and Reconnaissance) activities. The event is free of charge. Last year’s conference was supported by some of the world’s top-level companies. There is still possibility to book your participation and make contacts with the Brazilian Navy that is implementing several important programs concerning EW such as the SisGAAz (Sea Surveillance Systems for the Brazilian EEZ) and the new Corvettes and with local enterprises that can be used in joint ventures that are required by Brazilian MOD determination. 

Moreover, the election of the new president of the Wild Parrots Chapter may be held during that conference.

Any further information can be obtained with Cmrd. Mario Roberto de Souza Lima or with Lt. Eclenice at these emails:

For over a century the military has used radio frequencies for communications, command and control, navigation and radar detection. As the RF spectrum gets more crowded, and as the Defense Department's reliance on it increases, the military has to deal with two problems: malicious jamming and signal fratricide. (Defense Systems)
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Royal Marines are hosting the largest ever joint Electronic Warfare exercise to date in Europe. The month-long exercise on Dartmoor sees UK, US, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian military, known as the "5-Eyes," taking part in a joint training environment. (The Herald)
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Back in the 1990s, the U.S. Air Force planned to have a new generation of fighters (the F-22 and F-35) in service by now, replacing the 1970s era F-15s and F-16s. The new fighters would have new communications systems that were more difficult to detect and were high-capacity digital. These plans have not worked out as hoped. The F-22 and F-35 did become reality, along with their new comm systems. But the F-22 was too expensive for mass production (less than 200 were built) and the F-35 was delayed and was also too expensive to quickly replace the F-16s. (Strategy Page)
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In an exercise that showed another, physical element of the emerging domain of electronic warfare, the Navy this week tested carbon-fiber clouds that can soak up radar signals and prevent an incoming missile from finding its target. (Defense Systems)
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Lockheed Martin's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is finally poised to make its international debut, with an F-35B scheduled to fly in July at the Royal International Air Tattoo and the Farnborough International Airshow in the UK. But while the events mark a milestone in the 13 years since Lockheed won the F-35 contract, the aircraft is still at least one year away from being ready for war. (Flightglobal)
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Boeing is formulating a concept for a hybrid variant of the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet equipped with the electronic signal detection capabilities of the EA-18G Growler as it seeks to attract orders for new aircraft and upgrades to older models. The resulting aircraft would resemble an E/A-18G that lacks ALQ-99 jamming pods for electronic attack, preserves the ALQ-218 electronic receiver and adds weapons now only carried by the F/A-18E/F, says Boeing vice-president Mike Gibbons. (Flightglobal)
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IMT - Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC
Wide Band Systems, Inc.

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