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There are Only a Few Hours Left to Register for the AOC's First Advocacy Training Session 

Today | 2 p.m-2:45 p.m. EDT (1800-1845 GMT)

What is advocacy? Why is advocacy necessary to advance the EW discipline? How can you become an effective advocate to government from where you live and work? The Advocacy Training Webinar will provide participants with a better understanding about advocacy and its role in policy development and the cultivation of leadership. You'll learn best practices and tips for applying advocacy principles for both individual and organizational advocacy.

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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Register for Great AOC Courses This Spring!

June 17-20
Advanced EW
Instructor: Dave Adamy
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA

July 15-16
Survey of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Design, Operations, Capabilities, and EW Potential
Instructor: Dr. Pat Ford 
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA 


REGISTER NOW: 5th Annual Electronic Warfare/Cyber Convergence Conference, June 3-5 in Charleston, SC

As wired and wireless digital communications continue to converge, EW and cyber technical capabilities are becoming more technically similar. However, the communities that practice these disciplines remain largely separated by their operating authorities (Title 10 v. Title 50) and vary widely across the military services in terms of their organization and operating methodologies. This initiative seeks to combine EW capabilities with cyber warfare tactics and enable more rapid deployment of new and improved capabilities. Technologies that utilize the EMS are traditionally categorized as EW, are increasingly overlapping with technologies, such as exploiting vulnerabilities, which have previously been classified as cyber. We aim to identify ways to develop advanced technologies and systems to address the changing battlefield dynamics of the digital age.


Robert Giesler
Special Advisor, Irregular Warfare at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Rosemary Wenchel
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Strategy & Policy/Cybersecurity Coordination at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Col. Robert A. Morris, USAF (Ret.)
Former Chief of Staff, AFCYBER

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare Systems Engineering and Acquisition Conference | July 15-17, 2014 | Dahlgren, VA

Call for Papers: We encourage you to participate in this conference and receive several perspectives on EMW, it’s convergence with cyber warfare, as well as obtain insight into defense acquisition and DoD systems engineering. We need these perspectives to not only survive in a challenging fiscal environment, but also to help EW missions contribute more to our critical overall national defense mission. Papers are due by May 30

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Conference Objectives: Our adversaries are using ubiquitous and cheap technology to further develop cyber warfare, as well as advance and proliferate electromagnetic spectrum capabilities. EMW is an operational approach to seizing the initiative across the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). The goal is to combine EMW capabilities in the sea, air and land domains to generate enhanced combat effects. EMW, in essence, means leveraging the cyberspace domain and the full electromagnetic spectrum for both offensive and defensive effects. EMW is not a program, system or even a refined concept of operations. It is an emerging operational art, one we must master to fully understand the battlespace. We must then use that awareness to better employ our own forces while altering the enemy’s perception of the battlespace and minimizing his freedom to maneuver within it.

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Fellow Crows,

During the past six years, the global economy has been challenged in ways not seen since the Great Depression. These challenges have manifested in the form of tremendous fiscal constraint and uncertainty that has rippled through our defense services and industries alike. Your AOC has worked hard to keep its leadership role intact and to advance advocacy for Electromagnetic Warfare in the face of these challenges. We have done that job better with each passing day, but there remains room for improvement. 

How we move forward and where we place our emphasis is up to you. It is the Board of Directors’ responsibility to shape our message and actions, but it us your responsibility to shape the Board of Directors.  

Our elections will run from July 1 through August 22 this year. Step up and be heard. Vote for the candidates you feel can help us continue on an upward vector. If you are concerned you may not have electronic access, reach out to the AOC headquarters, and we can help facilitate a paper ballot.

Here is the list of candidates you will be voting for:  

Dave Hime
Douglas "Chopper" Lamb

Southern Region Director
Lisa Fruge-Cirili
Dave Walman

Northeast Region Director
Antonino Amoroso

Mountain-Western Region Director
Samuel Roberts
Stan L.  VanderWerf

At-Large Directors
Tom "TCL" Curby-Lucier
Edward Fisher
Col. Craig Harm, USAF (Ret.)
Brian Hinkley
Amanda Kammier
Dave Krauthiemer
Geoff Leighton
Steve Tourangeau, USAF (Ret.)

We will provide you their pictures, perspectives and concerns in the July issue of JED to help you help us continue moving the AOC forward.

The AOC needs you. The AOC needs you to vote. The AOC needs you to remind your fellow Crows to vote.

Spread the word.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Modern Threats: Surface-to-Air Missile Systems Conference
September 3-5, 2014 | MSIC Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL

Provide the latest findings from ongoing, all-source analysis of high interest threat air defense systems to include:
    - Threat System Capabilities and Vulnerabilities
    - Status of New Development Programs
    - Current and Projected Proliferation

Attendance at this conference is appropriate for those involved in the design, development, testing, evaluation and employment of electronic warfare systems, techniques and tactics for protection of U.S. and allied aircraft.

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR: 3rd Annual Information Operations in the Pacific Conference
October 21-23, 2014 | Honolulu, HI

The purpose of this symposium is to examine humanitarian assistance/disaster relief operations in the Pacific Region and the role of multinational information operations. The symposium will provide a venue for increased awareness of Asia-Pacific issues and an opportunity for networking, a multinational exchange of ideas and partnership building within the region.

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NEW DATES ANNOUNCED: 6th Annual EW Capability Gaps & Enabling Technologies Operational & Technical Information Exchange
November 18-21, 2014  |  Crane, IN

The overall goal of the event is to provide a forum for EW professionals from the military, government, industry and academic fields to discuss issues related to the requirements of EW programs, platforms and operations. This capstone event will focus on the identified gaps and technologies the services require to ensure EW maintains freedom of maneuver through the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) in support of achieving commanders' objectives. Speakers and presenters will look back at the previous few years and identify progress made to ensure the success of the warfighter in tomorrow's battlespace.

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October 6-9, 2014 | Washington, D.C.

The Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention is the leading trade event of the global Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence market. Across the globe, governments spend more than $7 billion per year on EW and SIGINT equipment and services. How do companies (from systems manufacturers to subsystem and component suppliers) reach their customers in this unique market? They exhibit at the AOC Convention.

Booth space is filling quickly. Don't miss out!

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ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? Get Rewarded for Recruiting Friends and Colleagues Into the AOC!

For each new member you recruit, not only are you expanding the size of your local Chapter and furthering the mission of the AOC, but you are introducing someone to a subscription to JED, giving them a professional organization to advocate and defend their career path, as well as opportunities to increase their professional network, learn more about EW, IO and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations, and to experience many of the other benefits of being a Crow.
By obtaining a special $25 Membership Application (with your Chapter Name already on it!), you're ready for the competition!

The Chapter Membership Recruitment contest ends June 30.
The top two recruiting Chapters have the opportunity to win: 
1st Place wins a tablet
2nd Place wins a camera
Top individual recruiters have the opportunity to win:
AOC LEGACY 50th Anniversary Book
AOC Men's Dress Shirt from JoS A. Banks
AOC Women's Cardigan from Lands' End (your choice of color) 

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CALL FOR PAPERS: AOC Australasia 2014, Convergence and Synergies 
August 18-19, 2014 | Adelaide, South Australia

The Australian Chapter of the Association of Old Crows will hold its biennial Electronic Warfare, Information Operations and Cyber Convention on August 18-19, 2014. As Allied Forces shift focus from a decade-long counter-insurgency operation to emerging complex conflicts in the midst of resource constraints, please join us as we examine Electronic Warfare’s ever-increasing significance in the 21st century battlefield.

Conference Themes
The Evolving EM Threat Environment and Corresponding EW Technology Advances
Increased Coalition Operations and Dependence Upon Third-Country Partnerships
The Move from Federated EW Systems to Integrated, Network-Centric Solutions
Strategies for Increased Efficiencies and Effectiveness in EW Solutions
Changing Relationships and New Players (Cyber/IO/Comms/ISR/EA)
Emerging Cyber NCW and Software-Defined Radio Security and Protection Issues
Procurement Strategies to Meet Technology Refresh Rates
New Manned and Unmanned Maritime Patrol Capability

Call For Papers
Each convention includes a significant technical program looking at new and innovative solutions and research and development. Of particular interest, this convention we will look at the convergence of EW, IO and Cyber especially as it applies to the concept of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (EMS) as a war fighting domain. Technical papers are now invited for the convention. Potential speakers are requested to submit a short abstract of no more than one page as soon as possible, but no later than June 2. Please send abstracts to techpapers@oldcrows.org.au. Papers must be UNCLASSIFIED for the main convention technical program.

II Brazilian Navy EW Conference
August 19-21 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Brazilian Navy will organize the II CGEM (II Braz Navy EW Conference) from August 19-21, 2014, at their premises in Mocangue Island, in the middle of Guanabara Bay, just beside the bridge and half way from Rio and the neighbor city of Niteroi. 

The conference theme this year will be COMINT in ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Tactical Acquisition and Reconnaissance) activities. The event is free of charge. Last year’s conference was supported by some of the world’s top-level companies. There is still possibility to book your participation and make contacts with the Brazilian Navy that is implementing several important programs concerning EW such as the SisGAAz (Sea Surveillance Systems for the Brazilian EEZ) and the new Corvettes and with local enterprises that can be used in joint ventures that are required by Brazilian MoD determination. 

Moreover, the election of the new President of the Wild Parrots Chapter may be held during that Conference.

Any further information can be obtained with Commander Mario Roberto de Souza Lima or with Lieutenant Eclenice at these emails:

The House Armed Services Committee (HASC) early Thursday unanimously approved a measure that would authorize just over $600 billion in 2015 U.S. defense spending and block plans to retire the A-10 attack plane. After a marathon markup session, the committee easily approved its version of the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act that includes a $495.8 billion base Pentagon budget level and $79.4 billion more for an overseas contingency operations (OCO) budget. (Navy Times)
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Scientists from South Africa and Malaysia will collaborate on the research and development (R&D) of advanced radar and sensor technologies, and electronic and network-centric warfare systems, over 10 years starting in 2016. The agreement was struck during the Defence Services Asia show in Kuala Lumpur last month. The South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM) signed a memorandum of agreement that paves the way for the establishment in Malaysia of a joint Centre of Excellence for Advanced Defence Technologies, specializing in radar and sensor technologies. (Defense News)
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The cockpit of an Air Force weapons system can be a noisy, busy place. Discerning the various audio that comes across that space occurs within an important technology being tested for use on the service's A-10 aircraft. A piece of that work happens here at Robins in the 579th Software Maintenance Squadron. Known as the ALQ-213, this electronic warfare management system consolidates cockpit controls, and displays and connects independent systems, allowing them to all work together to interface with an aircraft's pilot. (Robins AFB Public Affairs)
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Electronic warfare and cyberspace operations are without a doubt inextricably linked to one another, but not one in the same according to Army Electronic Warfare Division Chief, Col. Jim Ekvall. 

On Monday May 5, Ekvall participated in "The Cyber Kill Chain" panel at the 13th Annual C4ISR & Networks Conference in Arlington, VA. The theme this year was Warfighting at the Enterprise Level: Developing a Leaner, More Capable Intelligence-Age Military. Ekvall was invited to discuss the relationship between electronic warfare and cyberspace operations. (www.army.mil)
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The Australian Defence Force has embraced cyber warfare, deception and disinformation through the internet as key elements of future military operations. However newly declassified ADF papers provide no guidance on how efforts to influence and deceive adversaries will not also mislead the Australian public and media. While the Australian government has in recent years highlighted the need to defend Australia from cyber threats, including hacking and foreign spying, Australia’s preparedness and capabilities to undertake offensive cyber operations have remained a closely guarded secret. (Sydney Morning Herald)
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With the cost of Northrop Grumman’s RQ-4 Global Hawk having declined in recent years, the U.S. Air Force has reversed course and says it is now ready to retire its manned Lockheed U-2s in fiscal year 2016. The move, which would shift the USAF’s high-altitude intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) mission entirely on to the wings of the Global Hawk, still needs Congress’ blessing. (Flight Global)
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