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DON'T MISS TOMORROW'S FREE AOC WEBINAR: Man-Made Disasters: The Impacts and Implications of Sequestration, Next Thursday, February 21 at 2 p.m. EST
The launch of the AOC Virtual Series will be moderated by AOC President, Lt. Gen. Robert Elder Jr., USAF (Ret.), with a brief introduction addressing AOC advocacy efforts and the new initiative to bring these important topics to you, virtually.

This 40-minute presentation by Dr. Daniel Goure from the Lexington Institute will cover:
  • What is Sequestration, the Continuing Resolution and what do they mean for the FY2013 defense budget and EW?
  • What are the near-term impacts on defense programs under the Continuing Resolution?
  • What are the ripple effects of deep budget cuts on defense programs FY2014 and beyond?
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Click HERE to Immediately Contact the White House and Your Elected Officials in the Senate and House

Unless Congress acts before March 1, 2013, $500 billion in new defense cuts will hit our military. Secretary Panetta says this "sequestration" budget would "hollow out" our armed forces. The "across-the-board" nature of the cuts in sequestration, means that the DoD will not be able to effectively choose how and where its available funds should be diverted. Rather than giving the DoD commanders the ability to allocate their budgets to properly maximize operational efficiency, sequestration will leave vital programs underfunded, and leave less essential programs floundering.

Contact your elected officials today and urge them to provide DoD commanders the flexibility to tailor their budgets as necessary without being forced upon them through sequestration. Across the services, we need to ensure balanced EW capability in support of our warfighters and their Combatant Commanders in all future combat scenarios.

The AOC has partnered with the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) to take action to stop sequestration. Follow the link below to contact your elected officials and urge them to ...


TIME IS RUNNING OUT: Just Two Weeks Left to Nominate Candidates for the 2013 AOC Board of Directors
Each year, AOC's membership determines the future of the association by electing representatives to its Board of Directors. Nominations for the 2013 election are being accepted now. The deadline is March 1.

The election will begin on July 1, 2013 and will end on July 31, 2013.

The 2013 election slate will include the position of President-Elect, who will serve as Vice President in 2014 and as President in 2015. The AOC President appoints the Association’s Secretary and Treasurer, presides over the Board of Directors and Executive Committee and appoints committee chairs. The President is also the AOC’s primary spokesperson, visiting AOC chapters across the world and meeting with leaders in the Electronic Warfare community. This is a significant but rewarding commitment.

The 2013 election slate will also include three At Large Director positions. At Large directors serve a three-year term. In addition, Regional Directors will be elected for three-year terms from the International I, International II and Information Operations Regions. If you want to nominate for than one person, please duplicate the form.

Nomination packets must be received at AOC headquarters by close-of-business on March 1, 2013. Nomination Forms are also available on the AOC website at www.crows.org or by contacting Glenda Reyes-Montanez at reyes-montanez@crows.org.

Download a Nomination Form



Don't miss this chance to recognize individuals and units for their achievements. Nominations for the 2013 AOC awards, including the AOC Gold Medal, the Stanley Hall Business Development Award, Communications Award, Outstanding Unit Awards and more than 20 others are being accepted now through May 1.

Please submit forms to oneilin@crows.org. Contact Glorianne O'Neilin at (703) 549-1600 with any questions.
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REGISTER NOW: EW Europe 2013, May 28-30, Cologne, Germany – Advancing Electronic Warfare and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

Electronic Warfare Europe, May 28-30 in Cologne, Germany, is an unrivaled forum discussing the latest in EW across land, maritime, air/space and EM environments. With the widest ranging attendance of any EW gathering in the world and an exhibition showcasing the latest technology, tools and equipment all under one roof, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Come and meet the leaders and operators across government, defense and industry that are shaping the future of EW.

Electronic Warfare Europe provides attendees with unparalleled opportunities to learn from operational feedback, network with key decision-makers and understand the shape of future requirements in the EW arena.

Register early for major savings!
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SECURE YOUR EXHIBIT SPACE at the AOC 50th Annual International Symposium and Convention

The Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention is the leading trade event of the global Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence market. This year we return to Washington, D.C., October 27-31, 2013, to celebrate our 50th event in the AOC & Spectrum Warfare Communities.

Across the globe, governments spend more than $7 billion per year on EW and SIGINT equipment and services. How do companies (from systems manufacturers to subsystem and component suppliers) reach their customers in this unique market? They exhibit at the AOC Convention.

For 50 years, the AOC Convention has served as the meeting place for the military customers who buy EW and SIGINT systems and the companies who develop and manufacture them. Don't miss your opportunity to showcase your company's products and services at the most important annual trade event in the global EW and SIGINT market.

Contact Stew Taylor, Exhibits Manager, taylor@crows.org or (540) 891-9956.
Exhibit Information

The AOC is soliciting original, unclassified, technical papers for the Symposium, following this year's theme: "Proud Legacy – Strong Future"

The submission deadline is May 15, 2013.

For more information, view the full call for papers details at crows.org or contact the AOC Convention Abstracts Review Committee at callforpapers@crows.org.

Full Call for Papers Details
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COMING NEXT MONTH: Dixie Crow Symposium 38 – Maximizing EW/ISR Capabilities in an Austere Budget Environment
The Dixie Crow Chapter of the AOC will host its 38th Annual Regional Technical Symposium on March 24-28, 2013. This year’s theme, "Maximizing EW/ISR Capabilities in an Austere Budget Environment," illustrates collaboration within the Information Operations (IO) environment. It prepares the battlefield before combat operations, serves as a force multiplier during battle and defends our forces throughout. IO is the key to America’s protection at home and force projection abroad.

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SPRING COURSES: Get the Skills You Need Through AOC Professional Development
Last chance for education this year, plus new courses announced for 2013! Don't miss these great courses form the AOC, all conveniently located at AOC Headquarters in Alexandria, VA.

March 12-15: Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare Course
Course Details

April 9-12: Fundamental Principles of EW Course
Course Details

TWO WEEKS LEFT: Apply by March 1 for the Capitol Club's Joseph R. Pitts NCO EW Scholarship Program
Last month, the Association of Old Crows (AOC) Capitol Club announced the Joseph R. Pitts Electronic Warfare (EW) Scholarship Program, a scholarship opportunity designed to help non-commissioned officers serving in the U.S. armed forces pursue post-secondary education degrees to advance their military and career direction in fields related to electronic warfare.

The application deadline for the 2013 award is March 1, 2013. The awardee will be announced in April 2013, and the scholarship will be awarded through the selected student's educational institution.
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WASHINGTON: For all the budget hawks and foreign policy doves out there who think that the automatic cuts called sequestration might actually be a good way to reduce our military spending, Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno has a message: We already gave at the office. (AOL Defense)
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As the government hurtles towards the latest fiscal cliff, March 1, the Marine Corps' deputy commandant for resources outlined a host of painful potential consequences, from reduced rifle training to cancelled deployments to grounded fighter squadrons. Lt. Gen. John Wissler appealed to Congress for so-called reprogramming authority that would at least let the Marines move around the money they do have to mitigate the worst effects. (AOL Defense)
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The service's B-2 stealth aircraft will be in the inventory until 2058, if current projections play out. The nation's only long-range bomber designed to penetrate robust air defenses turns 24 years old this July, and has at least another 45 years of service life remaining, said Dave Mazur, vice president and B-2 program manager at Northrop Grumman. (National Defense)
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Raytheon and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems have joined forces to integrate the Miniature Air Launched Decoy (MALD) onto the MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aircraft. The companies say that ground verification tests were completed in November 2012 at General Atomics' Gray Butte flight operations facility in Palmdale, Calif. (Flightglobal)
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France is deepening its interest in acquiring the Reaper UAV from the U.S., a move that would stir political sensitivities over purchasing a weapons-firing UAV, while Paris readies to cut its defense budget, government and industry sources said. (Defense News)
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Italian business aircraft manufacturer Piaggio and Selex Electronic Systems are working together to produce an unmanned variant of the P-180 Avanti executive turboprop aircraft. Named P.1HH Hammerhead, the new variant of the Avanti has been extensively modified for its UAS role. According to Piaggio the new version will be capable of 16 hours of operation carrying a range of payloads, including SIGINT and ELINT packages, as well as being able to conduct border and maritime surveillance and electronic warfare. (Flightglobal)
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The U.S. government is developing new computer weapons and driving a black market in "zero-day" bugs. The result could be a more dangerous Web for everyone. (MIT Technology Review)
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Despite much-vaunted U.S. intelligence technology, North Korea managed to almost completely conceal preparations for its missile launch last December. On Dec. 12, North Korea fired a long-range ballistic missile from its Tongchang-ri base in North Phyongan province. (The Asahi Shimbum)
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Encryption, the transformation of data into a form that prevents anyone unauthorized from understanding that data, is a fundamental technology that enables online commerce, secure communication, and the protection of confidential information. (Ars Technica)
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Israel has completed the sale of electronic warfare systems to the Turkish air force, despite ongoing strained relations between the two countries. The original deal, worth $200 million, involved Israel's ELTA Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries, delivering electronic systems for four Turkish Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWAC) aircraft. (Jerusalem Post)
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Some of the most worrying risks facing companies today come from cyberspace. Effective senior managers will manage these risks just as they manage others, such as financial and legal ones. But how? "Our members are increasingly looking at managing cyber-risks," says Carolyn Williams, head of thought leadership at the Institute of Risk Management, who lists electronic warfare, such as denial-of-service attacks, and privacy breaches among the many potential cyber-risks to organizations. (The Guardian)
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