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EW Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Direct Contract Sales (DCS) Reform, Nov. 14-15 in Alexandria, Va.

Other nations are eager to buy U.S. exports such as fighter jets, attack helicopters, and unmanned aircraft. Expanding exports through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) offers substantial opportunities for U.S. industries.
Take advantage of this strategic event in the D.C. area and gain valuable insights into the technologies emerging on the worldwide stage and learn how best to position your business to take advantage of opportunities available through the FMS process.
Along with International, DoD and Industry perspective panels, topics include:
•    Technology Security and Foreign Disclosure
•    ITAR: Understanding and Working within Regulation
•    Maintaining and Building Trust with Existing and New Partners for Global Security
•    Academia Advances and Programs
•    A DoD Perspective on the Future of EW
•    Steps for Working Together Better
•    Is There EW FMS Reform?
•    Accessing the Current Environment: Approaches by the Obama Administration and Congress to Export Controls and Enforcement
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AOC COURSES ARE NEAR YOU! Take Advantage of Convenient Fall Education Options
Get on track for fall education with convenient courses form the AOC, many located in the D.C. area or with AOC Conferences.

Nov. 6-9: System Architecture and Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE)
Alexandria, Va.
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Nov. 26: Survey of EM Battle Management Applications Course
Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
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Dec. 4-7: Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare Course
Alexandria, Va.
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EDUCATING THE SPECTRUM WARRIOR: Attend the Harnessing STEM & Spectrum Management Conference this November in Florida!
Workforce projections for 2014 by the U.S. Department of Labor show that 15 of the 20 fastest growing occupations require significant science or mathematics training to successfully compete for a job, while surveys find that fewer students are choosing to pursue advanced study in these areas.
This sobering statistic is forcing us to realize that we are going to have to do something to recruit and retain new spectrum warriors with these specialized skill sets.
STEM education is essential for the U.S. to remain the economic and technological leader of the 21st century global marketplace. The DoD has a long history of supporting STEM initiatives at local, regional and national levels, but we need your expertise to educate and participate in discussions addressing these relevant concerns.
Join us as we exchange information on the technical and operational aspects EW/EMSO, and ensure your future labor force is prepared via Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. We aim to get government and military operations in Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) involved and talking with local and national businesses with a common passion for STEM programs and with an emphasis on supporting the warfighter.

NEXT MONTH IN KUALA LUMPUR: The Future of Electronic Warfare in the ASEAN and Pacific Regions
Join the AOC and representatives from the ASEAN and Pacific regions, responsible for operations, specification and procurement, to discuss the latest developments in EW and related EM capabilities such as ISTAR, communications and SIGINT across all warfighting domains.
An exciting lineup of international experts will be sharing their knowledge and experience ...
Welcome Address
Deputy Defense Minister Y.B. Datuk Dr. Abd. Latiff Ahmad
Keynote Address
Deputy Chief Royal Malaysian Air Force Lt. Gen. Datuk Roslan Saad
Opening Address
Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy GCB CBE DSO RAF (Ret.)
Congested Contested EM Spectrum & EW
Wing Commander John Clifford OBE (Ret.), UK
Emerging Threat Considerations
Wayne Shaw III, USAF (Ret.)
Air Platform Protection & Survivability
Mr. Anton Kieck, SAAB, South Africa
Operational Test & Evaluation of Counter RF-IED Jammers
Dr. Tom Millhouse, Nova Defense, RAAF Base Edinburgh, South Australia
Optimization & Evaluation of Receiver Search Strategies for Electronic Support
Flight Lt. Charles Winsor, RAAF
Surveillance Network Integrated Fitted for Radio (SNIFR) Development
Squadron Leader Fernando Gonzalez, RAAF
Capt. Michael Williams, USMC, USA
Role of Modeling & Simulation
Col. Chris Glaze USAF (Ret.), Third Wave Strategies, USA
Advances in Digital Receiver for Radar EW
Mr. Jaques Saget, Thales, France

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SHAPE THE BATTLEFIELD: Attend the AOC Land EW Conference, Dec. 11-13 in Quantico, Va.
Within many military circles, it is becoming more and more evident that the electromagnetic spectrum and its manipulation, with a variety of tool sets, will dictate the actions of commanders in the 21st century. Whether monitoring a ground radar or leading from an operations center, the increased attention revolving around cyberspace and activities associated with the information environment are warranted given their ability to manipulate a commander’s perception of the battlefield. From an EMS perspective, the challenge is twofold: identifying the right technologies and then institutionalizing their use. Effective manipulation of the EMS requires that members clearly understand their roles and responsibilities so as to ensure spectrum activities support a commander’s intent.

The AOC Land EW Conference provides focus on technological and organizational efforts, from land component perspective toward meeting these ends. Sessions and demonstrations provide evidence of how the U.S. and Allied services are implementing technology and changing organizational paradigms in order to manipulate the EMS environment.
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43rd Annual Collaborative EW Symposium: Enabling Collaborative Electronic Warfare through Innovation and Invention, Jan. 29-31 at Pt. Mugu

The 43rd Annual Point Mugu Electronic Warfare Symposium will facilitate the exchange of enabling concepts and provide a venue to disseminate current research in the fields of Collaborative Electronic Warfare (EW). 

Prominent leaders, contributors and representatives from the military, government, academia, and industry will come together to address current Electronic Warfare gaps and emerging technologies in Collaborative Electronic Warfare required to address these gaps.
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Document from the Joint Chiefs of Staff detailing some ideas for new concepts of operation to assist the U.S. Armed Forces in meeting changing security threats.
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WHAT IS A CROW? Watch the Convention Opening Video Online!
And don't forget to visit the Convention COI at crows.org to continue the discussion and to access presentations (full Conference registrants). Look for Convention session video coming soon to the AOC Live Learning Center.

The scientific community often relies on conferences to share new scientific ideas. Many are worried that recent cuts could limit innovation. New Obama administration guidelines and legislation pending in Congress that would cut federal agency spending on meetings aren’t winning many fans in the scientific community. (Associations Now)
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U.S. military roadside bomb-eradication experts are reaching out to industries to find companies capable of building soldier-worn buried bomb detectors that weigh less than 20 pounds to replace larger systems deployed today in Afghanistan and other hot spots in the Middle East. (Military & Aerospace Electronics)
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Researchers have uncovered new nation-state espionage malware that has ties to two previous espionage tools known as Flame and Gauss and that appears to be a "high-precision, surgical attack tool" targeting victims in Lebanon, Iran and elsewhere.(Wired)
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Middle Eastern oil and gas companies have been targeted in massive attacks on their computer networks in an increasingly open cyber war where a new virus was discovered just this past week. (Phys.org)
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The U.S. Navy is asking the Boeing Co. in Seattle to upgrade electronic warfare (EW) subsystems in the P-8A Poseidon Multi-Mission Maritime aircraft to overcome obsolescence issues – even before the new maritime patrol jet is deployed to active-duty Navy flight squadrons.(Military & Aerospace Electronics)
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