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LAST CHANCE: Submit papers for the 49th Annual AOC International Symposium - "Arming the Spectrum Warrior"
The spectrum is critical for operations in all domains, all phases of conflict and successful day-to-day functions across many facets of daily life. Your input as Electronic Warfare practitioners has never been more critical. The AOC seeks those innovative ideas for presentation and discussion at the 49th Annual International Symposium & Convention, September 23-26 in Phoenix, AZ. 

Specifically, the AOC seeks original papers that discuss advancements in EMS-enabled technologies and strategies from their conceptual phase, through development and testing, and into the user's hands. Abstracts are due by May 15.
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PAPERS DUE JUNE 4: Defense Budget Cuts Require Innovative Management of Aging Electronic Warfare Systems
AOC will host the EMS Combat Systems Life Cycle Management Conference in Dahlgren, VA, July 17-19, 2012. In the wake of constrained Department of Defense (DoD) budgets, Electronic Warfare (EW) combat systems must develop strategies of integration and cost-effective methods for sustainment to remain in operational use by the warfighter. Submitted papers should address these areas:

1. Combat Systems Integration and Life Cycle Cost and Performance Improvements
2. Combat System Component Integration

Deadline for abstracts is June 4.
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SPECTRUM CHALLENGES for Air, Sea Battlespace Operations Addressed, June 5-6 in Charleston, S.C.
This annual event has shifted to June to better integrate with the fiscal calendar and also to enable attendees to really enjoy the best of Charleston in late spring. We have rebuilt this conference series with a truly interactive symposium format, and a Benefit Reception aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown. It also coincides with the Charleston Spoleto festival - a huge treat to area visitors that same week. More importantly, it takes the convergence discussion right down to the operational level focusing on how we need to prepare for future combined arms conflicts in the South China Sea environment.

The conference includes an unclassified day at the Citadel, followed by a classified day at SPAWAR facility.
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REGISTER BY MAY 21 to attend the Kittyhawk Week Conference, June 4-7 in Dayton, OH
The AFRL Sensors Directorate (AFRL/RY) will hold the 39th Kittyhawk Week conference June 4-7 in Dayton, OH. The conference, which has a 40-year history deeply rooted in Electronic Warfare (EW) requirements and programs, is a Defense (DoD) Industry forum that provides operating command representatives and acquisition organizations throughout the DoD with the most current information on exploratory/advanced development efforts, technology trends, transition status, and investment strategy and opportunities within the Sensors Directorate's portfolio.

The theme for this year's conference is "Dominating the Electromagnetic Spectrum in Air and Space" and will include related policy, threat, and technology topics and trends relevant to directorate's work in the three-day "classified" agenda. Interaction with industry always plays an important role in this technical forum.
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Giga-tronics Incorporated
MODERN IADS AND SAMS: Join Us to Discuss Performance and Vulnerabilities, June 19-21 in Huntsville, AL
The Association of Old Crows (AOC) and the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) Missile and Space Intelligence Center come together in Huntsville, AL, to present Performance & Vulnerabilities of Modern IADs/SAMs Conference. Scheduled for June 19-21, this three-day classified symposium will provide an in-depth review of technical analysis of both modern Integrated-Air-Defense-systems (IADs) and Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM). Discussions aim to cover the status of new development programs and to identify the current and projected proliferation of high interest air defense systems.

Presentations will include detailed scientific and technical theory of operation, characteristics and performance assessments, and vulnerabilities. The information will be pertinent for weapons developers, Electronic Attack/Electronic Program developers and users, cyber operations planners and operators, as well as other SAM and IADS analysts in the community. In addition to technical SAM presentations, an overview of the air defense network, command and control details, and some early warning radars specific to Iran and North Korea will be discussed. This conference is designed to specifically address modern IADs and SAM system performance and theory of operation but will also deal with operational aspects of SAM system testing, training, and doctrine.

AOC is a non-profit international Electronic Warfare/Information Operations (EW/IO) association, which promotes electromagnetic spectrum operations and related activities across military, civilian and commercial applications.
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CALL FOR PAPERS: EW Asia 2012, November 7-9, Kuala Lumpur
In February 2012, the Association of Old Crows (AOC) and the Shephard Group announced the dates for EW Asia 2012, the second event organized in Asia under their expanded cooperation agreement. EW Asia 2012 will be held November 7-9, 2012 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Symposium planning is being led by AOC Global Programs personnel who have structured the EW Asia 2012 event into five sessions. These sessions are:

  • Session One: An Introduction to Pacific Basin EW Challenges
  • Session Two: Perspectives on Regional EM Ops
  • Session Three: EW Technology Trends
  • Session Four: EM Operations Integration
  • Session Five: Future EW

There are a limited number of opportunities for outstanding individuals, organizations and companies to make a 20-25 minute unclassified presentation at EW 2012 Asia coherent with the theme and suitable for one of the sessions outlined above. Topics likely to be accepted include national perspectives from around the Region; EW and associated capability briefs especially those dealing with integration; operational experiences; EW in the Maritime, Land, Air, Space and Cyber domains; threat briefs; force, platform and area protection including C-IED; technology advances and new concepts.  The conference language is English. Abstracts are due by July 30.
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Elcom Technologies
AOC EDUCATION: Just Back from Australia With Great Feedback
The AOC Education Department just wrapped up a fantastic session of "Essentials of EW" in Adelaide, Australia! Lynn Berg brought the course material to life in an engaging and relevant way for those in attendance. Here's what some of the attendees had to say:
  • "...the course was well presented and provided a good level of insight into operational EW."
  • "...a great course. The presenter was quite good in delivering broader concepts in an attractive manner."
  • "The presenter was fantastic. He has vast experience and knowledge for this field of expertise."
  • "Highly recommended. Enjoyed the examples presented during the course."
  • "[I] Should have done this course two years ago!"
  • "Very informative. It expanded on my current knowledge while providing an extremely interesting insight into the U.S. perspective. The instructor built on the information being delivered with accounts of his own experiences, which were both very interesting and provided a relevant context. I would definitely recommend this course to members at my unit. Thank you."
It seems that the few criticisms focused on the discomfort of the chairs the attendees were sitting in! The concerns are noted, and the AOC is in contact with several recliner manufacturers regarding the next course. All jesting aside, this is another great example of how the AOC is proudly bringing EW education to the global practitioners. Visit www.crows.org today to see all of the upcoming educational opportunities presented by the AOC!
Fundamental Principles of EW, June 12-15
This course provides insight into the whole electronic warfare field at the systems and operational level. It uses little math beyond algebra, yet the sources of important propagation and jamming equations are made amply clear.

This course is ideal for experienced engineers with expertise in one aspect of EW who want to round out their EW education, engineers and advanced technicians new to the field and those who need to understand how their products and subsystems fit into the big picture.
Instructor: Dave Adamy
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Advanced EW, July 17-20
This course builds on the information in Fundamentals of EW (or equivalent) courses. The principles learned in the fundamentals course will be applied to more complex practical problems, and the theoretical underpinnings of fundamental EW concepts and techniques will be developed.
Instructor: Dave Adamy
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Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare Course, August 7-10
This course will provide an overview of Electronic Warfare from its roots in Electronic Combat to its contemporary EM Spectrum Warfare applications. Although this is not a technical course aimed at engineers, certain technological principles will be presented in order to baseline attendees and help demonstrate the unique knowledge skills, and abilities that warfare across the EM spectrum requires. Lessons will include current information from DoD issuances, Joint doctrine, service program plans and roadmaps, analysis projects and lessons learned from operations.
Instructor: Lynn Berg
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IMS 2012
INDUSTRY NEWS: Platforms and Upgrades Will Change Electronic Warfare
The U.S. Navy's F/A-XX strike fighter, the EA-18G Growler, an unmanned combat aircraft (currently exemplified by two X-47B test platforms) and a nascent arsenal of specialized air-launched standoff weapons are all part of a new emphasis on exploiting the electromagnetic spectrum. Airborne electronic warfare is growing quickly in part because its definition has been expanded to include electronic and cyber attack. (Aviation Week)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Australian Defense Takes Hefty $5 Billion Cut
The federal government will cut almost $5 billion in defense spending as it seeks to find savings to deliver a promised surplus in next week's budget. But Prime Minister Julia Gillard has promised to quarantine operations in Afghanistan, East Timor and the Solomon Islands from cuts and pledged that any equipment needed for operations would be given priority. (The West Australian)
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CTT, Inc.
INDUSTRY NEWS: Iran Claims Ability to Deceive Incoming Enemy Missiles
Iran's top air defense commander on Monday underscored that the country enjoys the capability to deceive incoming enemy missiles and redirect them towards new targets. (Fars News Agency) NOTE: This links to a site in Iran.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: GPS Vulnerable To Hacks, Jamming
This week, the South Korean government reported that electronic jamming signals from North Korea were affecting communications and GPS signals for passenger aircraft. So far, there has not been a serious threat to safety because the pilots were able to use supplemental navigation devices. (Discovery News)
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Delta Microwave
Upcoming Industry Conferences and Tradeshows

June 4-7: Kittyhawk Week Conference
Dayton, OH
More Information

June 5-6: EW, IO and Cyber Capabilities For Air, Sea Battlespace Operations
Charleston, SC
More Information

June 19-21: Performance & Vulnerabilities of Modern IADs/SAMs Conference
Huntsville, AL
More Information

June 17-22: IEEE International Microwave Symposium (MTT-S)
Montreal, Canada
More Information

July 17-19: Combat Systems Integration and Life Cycle Cost and Performance Improvements Conference
Dahlgren, VA
More Information

August 21-23: Educating the Spectrum Warrior: Harnessing STEM & Spectrum Management for Special Ops
Hurlburt Field, FL (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)
More information

September 23-26: AOC 49th Annual International Symposium & Convention
Phoenix, AZ
More information

October 16-18: Pacific Theater Air, Sea Battlespace IO/EW/Cyber Operations
Honolulu, HI
More information

November 8-9: EW Asia 2012
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
More information

Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Upcoming AOC Courses
June 4: Survey of EW and Cyber Applications
in conjunction with the EW, IO and Cyber Capabilities For Air, Sea Battlespace Operations Conference
Charleston, SC
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June 12-15: Fundamental Principles of EW Course
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA
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July 17-20: Advanced EW Course
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA
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August 7-10: Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA
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August 20: Survey of Electromagnetic Battle Control Applications Course
in conjunction with the Educating the Spectrum Warrior: Harnessing STEM & Spectrum Management for Special Ops Conference
Fort Walton Beach, FL
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September 18-21: Electronic Warfare Update Course
at the AOC 49th Annual International Symposium and Convention
Phoenix, AZ
More Information

September 22-23: Modeling and Simulation Course
at the AOC 49th Annual International Symposium and Convention
Phoenix, AZ
More Information

September 27-28: Radar for Electronic Warfare Professionals Course
at the AOC 49th Annual International Symposium and Convention
Phoenix, AZ
More Information

October 9-12: ELINT and Modern Signals Course
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA
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