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ARMING THE SPECTRUM WARRIOR: Call for Papers & 49th Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention
The spectrum is critical for operations in all domains, all phases of conflict and successful day-to-day functions across many facets of daily life. Your input as Electronic Warfare practitioners has never been more critical. The AOC seeks those innovative ideas for presentation and discussion at the 49th Annual International Symposium & Convention, September 23-26 in Phoenix, AZ. 

Specifically, the AOC seeks original papers that discuss advancements in EMS-enabled technologies and strategies from their conceptual phase, through development and testing, and into the user's hands. Users of the EMS include the U.S. and foreign militaries, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, local law enforcement and every smartphone user. Abstracts are due by May 15.
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REGISTER NOW: SPECTRUM SUPERIORITY - Critical Enabler to 21st Century Warfare Conference, April 3-5
This Conference, April 3-5 at the Rio Hotel & Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV, takes on the theme of "Training, Tactics, and Testing in the Contested EMS." Furthering requirements and employment of EMS Control through Airborne Electronic Attack, Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defense, test, training, and TTP development leveraging Live Virtual and Constructive mediums.
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PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS Regiment to Honor AOC Award Recipient Col. Jeffery B. Jones
On March 16, 2012, Col. Jeffery B. Jones will be inducted as a Distinguished Member of the Psychological Operations Regiment. This ceremony will be hosted by Lt. Col. Brinton Rosenberry's 5th Battalion, 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne) at Ft. Bragg. His wife, Mrs. Pam Jones, will accept on Jeff's behalf.

Col Jeffery B. Jones was the recipient of the 2009 AOC Information Operations Outstanding Service Award at the first InfoWarCon. As a reflection of the example he set within the Information Operations Community, the award was changed to the Jeffery B. Jones Information Operations Outstanding Service Award to honor his service and dedication. Col. Jones served his country for 30 years and after retirement he held numerous civilian roles working on various projects and assignments dealing with PSYOP and Strategic Communications. He was a distinguished American and a mentor to many in the Information Operations Community.
IN TWO WEEKS: Dixie Crow Symposium 37, March 18-22
Dixie Crow Symposium 37 comes to the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA, March 18-22. You can still register on-site to attend the symposium and exhibit floor. Don't miss this major EW event.
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THE AOC PROUDLY PRESENTS: Communities of Interest
The largest benefit of being an AOC member is the network of relationships that are built within the Spectrum Warfare community. These personal relationships can pave the way for professional development and lifelong friendships. They also can produce partnerships that lead to tremendous innovations and breakthroughs in advancing Spectrum Warfare. Now, we're making these relationships easier.

Our Communities of Interest (COI) are the newest feature for the AOC community to engage with like-minded individuals. They will allow you to connect and share ideas with folks that share similar interests within the broad scope of Electromagnetic Spectrum Warfare.   

 Communities include:
-AOC Open Forum
-48th Annual Convention
-Electronic Attack
-Information Operations
-Collaborative EW
-Life Cycle
-Navigation Warfare
-Pacific Region

...Can't find a community that you're interested in? No problem! Ask us how to create a new community, and invite others to join!

The AOC is mobile!
You can also access these COI's via your smartphone. The mobile app can be downloaded by pointing your smartphone's browser at the appropriate platform link here:

This service is free to all AOC members!  If you need any help accessing your login information, please contact Glorianne O'Neilin at oneilin@crows.org. For any questions that you may have about the Communities of Interest, contact Tony Ramos (ramos@crows.org).
COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: Should U.S. Follow China's Example in Merging Cyber and Electronic Warfare Efforts?
Join us in the AOC Communities of Interest for this discussion - Response to Loren Thompson's article: "U.S. Should Not Follow China's Example in Merging Cyber and Electronic Warfare Efforts."

"My bottom line up front: DoD needs to update and integrate Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (JEMSO) policy and doctrine and establish the specific processes, procedures, and personnel for the successful convergence of military mission areas in a combined arms context in the electromagnetic spectrum."
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NEW DATES: Spectrum Management for Special Ops Conference, August 21-23

The inaugural Educating the Spectrum Warrior: Harnessing STEM & Spectrum Management for Special Ops Conference is moving to August 21-23 in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

The conference will focus on two main objectives. It will address:

  • Key Special Operations Forces (SOF) concerns about tomorrow’s Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) battlespace; specifically the programming, planning, and execution of operational SOFs within the EMS across all domains.
  • The vital role Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education play for preparing your future labor force, military operations and personnel.

Spectrum Management is crucial for success, especially during Special Operations. Make plans now to join us as we exchange information on the technical and operational aspects SOF EW/EMSO, and ensure your future labor force is prepared via STEM education. We aim to get government and military operations in Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) and SOF involved and talking with local and national businesses with the emphasis in SOF and a common passion for STEM programs.
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The Association of Old Crows (AOC) and the Applied Communications and Information Networking (ACIN) Camden Technology Center have teamed to facilitate a pathway for small businesses to gain entrance into the competitive DoD market space.  

On May 1-2, 2012, the playing field will be leveled for small businesses by providing them the opportunity to dialogue with larger, well-established, defense contractors and key military program managers. Not only is this a chance for small businesses to gain exposure, but for large businesses and military leaders to hear innovative solutions with focused answers to complex problems.  

The AOC cordially invites you to submit a paper(s) to the conference on ACIN: Legislative Initiatives for Small Business Integration at the ACIN Center in Camden, NJ. Presenters will have an opportunity to voice their solutions in front of industry executives and representatives of military, industry and academia. Potential speakers are invited to share their expertise that offers a solution to the following challenges:

1.    EMS-Enabled Life Cycle Management Solutions
2.    Infrastructure Support to EMS Solutions
3.    How Can ISR Information Be Better Shared Across Government, Industry and Research Partners?
4.    Modeling and Simulation Capabilities for EMS Warriors
5.    Asymmetric Warfare Solutions - EMS Denied Environment
Click here for full details on the Call for Papers.

Papers are due by April 2.
Conference Information
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Defense Budget Cuts Require Innovative Management of Aging Electronic Warfare Systems
AOC will host the EMS Combat Systems Life Cycle Management conference in Dahlgren, VA, July 17-19, 2012. In the wake of constrained Department of Defense (DoD) budgets, Electronic Warfare (EW) combat systems must develop strategies of integration and cost-effective methods for sustainment to remain in operational use by the warfighter.

The AOC cordially invites you to submit a paper(s) to the EMS Life-Cycle Management conference in Dahlgren, VA. Selected speakers will present their expert solutions in front of representatives from government, military, industry and academia - addressing these issues:

1. Combat Systems Integration and Life Cycle Cost and Performance Improvements
2. Combat System Component Integration

Deadline for abstracts is June 4.
Full Call for Papers Details
INDUSTRY NEWS: Number 1 on Army’s Shopping List: Wireless Broadband
The most important element of the Army's effort to modernize itself doesn't shoot. You can't ride in it. You can't wear it for protection against homemade bombs. And it doesn't spy on an enemy. You transmit data on it. (Wired)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Darpa Warns: Your iPhone Is a Military Threat
There's a growing threat to the U.S. military, according to the Pentagon's premier research wing. No, it's not Iran's nukes or China's missiles. It's the iPads, Android phones and other gadgets we all carry around with us every day. (Wired)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Vigilante Jamming Cell Phone Calls on City Buses to Help Preserve Peace and Quiet
Those who would dare violate the public peace in Philadelphia, consider yourself on notice: You have a sworn enemy. He's not quite as noble as Superman, and his gadgets aren't up to par with those used by Batman, but to those sick of loud cell phone conversations on city buses, he's a genuine superhero. (Yahoo! News)
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Upcoming Industry Conferences and Tradeshows

March 18-22: Dixie Crow Symposium 37
Warner Robins, GA
More Information

April 3-5: SPECTRUM SUPERIORITY - Critical Enabler to 21st Century Warfare
Las Vegas, NV
More Information

April 18: 4th Annual NRL/AOC EW Technical Exchange
Washington, D.C.
More information

May 1-2: ACIN: Legislative Initiatives for Small Business Integration Conference
Cherry Hill, NJ
More Information

May 8-10: 5th Annual EW Capability Gaps and Enabling Technologies Conference
Crane, IN
More Information

May 9-11: EW Europe 2012
Rome, Italy
More Information

June 17-22: IEEE International Microwave Symposium (MTT-S)
Montreal, Canada
More Information

NEW DATES August 21-23: Educating the Spectrum Warrior: Harnessing STEM & Spectrum Management for Special Ops
Hurlburt Field, FL (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)
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Upcoming AOC Courses
March 13-16: Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare Course
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA
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April 2-3: Modeling & Simulation Course
in conjunction with the SPECTRUM SUPERIORITY - Critical Enabler to 21st Century Warfare Conference
Las Vegas, NV
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April 9: Survey of Electromagnetic Battle Control Applications Course
in conjunction with the Educating the Spectrum Warrior: Harnessing STEM & Spectrum Management for Special Ops Conference
Fort Walton Beach, FL
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June 12-15: Fundamental Principles of EW Course
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA
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July 17-20: Advanced EW Course
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA
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