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The AOC would like to take a moment and extend a heartfelt "Happy Holidays!" to you and your loved ones. We are wishing you safety, health and peace, whether at home or traveling. If you are one of our many service men and women who won’t be with family for the holidays, we want to say a special "Thank you" for your tremendous sacrifice. We are honored to help advance the protection of our forces through the art of electronic warfare and related disciplines. 2011 was a great year in our community, and we’re looking forward to a fantastic 2012!
COUNTING DOWN TO THE DEADLINES: 42nd Annual Collaborative EW Symposium, January 24-26
The Mugu Crows Chapter of the AOC, under a co-sponsorship agreement with NAWCWD, will hold the Collaborative Electronic Warfare Symposium at the Ronald Reagan Library on January 24 and at Pt. Mugu, CA, on January 25-26. This conference is designed to look forward with an aim to understand the potential collaborative EW solution vectors to achieve interoperability in the near and long-term.

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: The call for presentations or demonstrations challenges presenters to explore the way forward in collaborative EW. Presentations or demonstrations from all services, DoD, industry and academia are requested that identify technical paths, options and potential opportunities for EW collaboration. Presentations are due by December 30.
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CALL FOR PAPERS EXTENDED: AOC Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) Radar, Counter LPI and ELINT Receiver Conference

The paper submission deadline for the AOC LPI Radar, Counter LPI and ELINT Receiver Technologies Conference is extended to February 3, 2012. Refer to the call for papers below for submission guidelines. The important dates are:

  • Extended summaries due: February 3, 2012
  • Notification of acceptance: February 17, 2012
  • Final extended summary submission: March 1, 2012
  • Author registration with AOC: February-March, 2012

On behalf of the AOC and the NPS Center for Joint Services Electronic Warfare, you are cordially invited to submit a paper(s) to the Symposium on LPI Radar, Counter LPI and ELINT Receiver Technologies Conference (to be held at the S/NF classification) at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, from March 19-22, 2012 (see below, the call for papers including the paper format required).
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IMT - Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC
IMPACT OF EXTREMISM: Information Operations Europe, February 22-23
This conference explores how individuals and groups use the information environment to advance extremism within nation states. The events surrounding the "Arab Spring" awakened Western countries to the plight of disenfranchised populations in the Arab Region and Northern Africa. Large groups of disaffected people coalesced their anger to overthrow long-standing governments. These groups leveraged the information environment to communicate on a world stage while garnering support within their home nations, across their region and from the entire world. This same information environment is available to other groups to advance their goals and objectives.
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With NATO surviving on the cheap, Europeans have an elaborate scheme to share defense burdens. Can this really work? (National Journal)
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X-Com Systems
ACCESS RESOURCES from the AOC 48th Annual Symposium Online
Continue your professional development this year with the AOC Learning Center. This online portal connects you to sessions recorded LIVE from the Annual Symposium and Convention. It's nearly impossible to attend every session at the event but with the Learning Center, you can access twice the knowledge. It's tough absorbing so much knowledge in such a short amount of time. The Learning Center lets you go back and review some of the most critical information from the most captivating speakers. AOC is committed to providing quality learning opportunities, which is why full symposium attendees can enjoy the ultimate digital conference FREE! Watch your email for instructions on how to access the Live Learning Center as a full symposium attendee.

Weren't able to attend the 48th Annual Symposium? Become a virtual attendee and find out what you missed. Purchase your online access to the AOC Learning Center today for only $99 for complete access! Purchase now at http://AOC.sclivelearningcenter.com
REGISTER NOW: EWCI-2012, Second International Conference on Electronic Warfare
Early Bird registration for the AOC India Chapter's Second International Conference on Electronic Warfare, February 21-24, 2012 in Bangalore, India, ends December 31. Don't miss this chance for discounted registration for tutorial and conference fees.
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ENGAGE WITH DISCUSSIONS IN THE AOC COMMUNITY: Online Now in the AOC Communities of Interest

Whether you're focusing on reprogramming, modeling and simulation or broader topics, the AOC Communities of Interest will offer an online community of EW and IO professionals discussing topics and sharing information.

Getting Started:

  • Go to http://communities.crows.org/ or from www.crows.org, click "Communities."
  • Click "Login to see members only content" located in the upper right-hand corner of the page in bold.
  • You will be sent to the http://www.myaoc.org/ login. Type in your member username and password that you used to register for Convention (or any other AOC event) and click "Go."
  • If you have never accessed the Communities page, you will be sent to the "Code of Conduct" page. From there, click "I Agree" to access the rest of the community pages.
  • After you have clicked "I Agree," you will be sent to your profile.

To Update Your Profile

  •  You can enter or modify your bio info by clicking the "Add/Edit" links or "Update your information from LinkedIN" – remember to click "Save" when finished or "Save and Add Another."
  • To participate in the discussions, you must enter an email under "Contact Information."
Naylor, LLC
INDUSTRY NEWS: Analysts Wary of Iran's Spy Drone Hacking Claims
Reports that Iranian electronic warfare experts may have succeeded in intercepting and capturing a sophisticated U.S. spy drone were received with some skepticism by security analysts. While it is certainly possible that the drone was electronically ambushed as reported, more details are needed to know what exactly might have happened to the RQ-170 Sentinel drone, they said. (CFO World)
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The Future of RPAs and the EMS is NOW
The press reports about what brought down a U.S. RQ-170 remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) in Iran last month have certainly been rife with speculation. Regardless of the specific events that preceded the drone coming down inside Iran, which are known to only a few (if any) individuals, what is perhaps more significant is what we know for sure: The Iranian government claimed that its Army's electronic warfare unit took control of the drone and landed it with little damage.
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Iran’s Alleged Drone Hack: Tough, but Possible
Take everything that Iran says about its captured U.S. drone with a grain of salt. But its new claim that it spoofed the drone’s navigational controls isn’t implausible. Although it’s way harder to do than the Iranian boast suggests, it points to yet another flaw with America’s fleet of robot warplanes. (Wired)
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CTT, Inc.
INDUSTRY NEWS: Managing the Spectrum for Electronic Warfare
Col. Rod Mentzer is the project manager for Electronic Warfare at the Army’s Program Executive Office for Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Surveillance (IEW&S). In this interview they discussed combining Army and Navy counter-improvised explosive device (IED) technology and managing the spectrum for all defensive and offensive electronic warfare technologies and capabilities. (Defense Systems)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Israeli and Italian Air Forces Complete Joint Training Exercise
The Israeli and Italian Air Forces on Friday completed a two-week joint training exercise involving fighter jets from both nations. The exercise involved pilots flying F-16A, F-16C and F-15Is from three Israeli squadrons, pitted against Italian Air Force pilots flying Eurofighter Typhoons and Panavia Tornado strike fighters. (Defense Update)
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Upcoming Industry Conferences and Tradeshows

January 24-26: 42nd Annual Collaborative Electronic Warfare Symposium
Pt. Mugu, CA
More Information

February 21-24: Second Annual International Conference on Electronic Warfare
Bangalore, India
Call for Papers
More Information

February 22-23: InfowarCon Europe
NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany
More Information

March 18-22: Dixie Crow Symposium 37
Warner Robins, GA
More Information

March 20-22: Low Probability of Intercept/ELINT Conference
Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA
More Information

April 4-5: Training, Tactics and Testing in the Contested EMS
Las Vegas, NV
More Information

April 10-12: SOF EW: Training, Test and Special Ops in the EMS
Hurlburt Field, FL (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)
More information

May 8-10: 5th Annual EW Capability Gaps and Enabling Technologies Conference
Crane, IN
More Information

June 17-22: IEEE International Microwave Symposium (MTT-S)
Montreal, Canada
More Information

Clausewitz Technology
Upcoming AOC Courses
January 23-24: Survey of Electromagnetic Battle Control Applications Course
In conjunction with the 42nd Annual Collaborative Electronic Warfare Symposium at the Naval Air Warfare Center- Weapons Division, Pt. Mugu, CA
Westlake Village, CA
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February 28-March 2: Introduction to Radar and Electronic Warfare Course
AOC Headquarters, Alexandria, VA
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March 19: Leveraging LPI Technologies
In conjunction with the Low Probability of Intercept/ELINT Conference at the US Navy Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
Monterey, CA
Details Soon

April 2-3: Modeling & Simulation Course
in conjunction with the Training, Tactics and Testing in a Congested EMS Conference at Nellis AFB and Rio Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
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