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HOTEL DATE EXTENDED: Book by Nov. 13 for the 54th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention, November 28-30 in Washington, D.C.
"Innovation and Change in Electromagnetic Warfare"

Hotel Rooms are Available at AOC's Overflow Hotel, the Cambria, for $201 per night.
Reservations must be made via the portal by 5 p.m. EST on November 13, so don't delay!
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The electromagnetic environment is changing at an increasing pace, and thus the importance of electronic warfare (EW) system adaptability, flexibility, and innovation has also increased. Not only are innovative technologies greatly needed, but the Industry and EW Community itself needs to change organizationally to embrace innovative ideas, technologies, and tactics – and at a significantly faster pace. Innovation is more than just technology refresh, it is also culture refresh. The 54th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention will focus specifically on these ideas and provide Industry, Government, and Militaries a world-class forum to address how we should change and innovate as an EW community:

JOIN US for a book signing with Fred Kaplan at the AOC Symposium and Convention

Fred Kaplan, New York Times best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist of Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War, will be the keynote speaker at the AOC Awards Banquet on Wednesday, November 29, as part of the 54th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention.  He will join us as the sponsored guest of Raytheon.  

Cyber vulnerabilities threaten the very fabric of our social, economic, and political life and security.  Dark Territory traces how the vulnerability of computer networks has been known, discussed, and integrated into military-intelligence operations since the dawn of the Internet itself.

Please join us prior to the banquet, starting at 4:00 PM in the Exhibit Hall, Mr. Kaplan will be at the Raytheon Booth (#201) for a book signing. 

You can purchase copies of Dark Territory and his other award-winning book, The Insurgents: David Petraeus and the Plot to Change the American Way of War at the AOC Store adjacent to AOC Central at the convention. 

Limited copies will also be available for online purchase on the AOC website at www.crows.org.

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Symposium Details
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EARLY BIRD RATE ENDS NOV. 24: EW Singapore 2018, January 30-31
We live in a time of increasing uncertainty on many fronts.  Threats, challenges and opportunities are rising. Technology is accelerating. The world is undoubtedly changing and in unforeseen ways.  In terms of future warfare, national forces are being re-shaped and re-equipped to face an operational manoeuvre space that will be complex and connected, but constrained.  It may well be chaotic unless the right, informed choices are made now. The Asia-Pacific region is one of the most vital areas in the world and the focus of much change, but also of uncertainty. In terms of EW and electromagnetic operations, how can we make sense of these things? AOC EW Singapore will consider the future of EW and EM Operations in the changing light of current and emerging threats, including Hybrid Warfare and Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) where potential opponents are out-performing the West. It will consider the possible responses, how thinking and attitudes must change, and examine the new capabilities that will be required across all lines of development, by all services, in all countries in the free world. The Conference will consist of plenary sessions focusing on operations, defence capability development, and industry inventiveness including innovation and breakthrough technologies.

Early Registration Discounts end Nov. 24. Register Today!

Call for Papers
The AOC call for papers is open for English language papers for the second AOC Singapore conference from international leaders, subject matter experts and leading thinkers from the government, military, academia and industry. Potential Speakers are invited to note the conference sessions topics and specific areas of interest:
  • Keynote addresses.
  • Operational updates and support activities.
  • National perspectives.
  • The impact of potential adversarial Hybrid Warfare and Anti Access/ Area Denial capabilities, and how to prevent or minimise these threats.
  • Defensive and offensive capabilities
  • Technological and engineering developments including autonomous or semi-autonomous weapons; swarm technology, cognitive systems including EW; additive manufacturing; directed energy and laser weapons, and countermeasures.
  • Critical EM lines of development such as training, test and evaluation, modelling and simulation, concepts, EW operational support (including parametric database evolution), etc.
  • EW and EM operations, SIGINT, ISR, spectrum management, and network enabled capability.
  • The information domain/environment, information operations, cyber warfare, Cyber EM activities (CEMA)/operations, social media, etc, and how these are likely to develop and influence free-world room to understand, operate and manoeuvre.
  • Briefs on major national programmes and capability development in the maritime, air/space, information/ cyber and land domains, such as the F35 program.
  • Mining Big Data, Information Operations and EW – the implications and opportunities.
  • The Global role of academia in supporting the future of national capability in the EM and Information domains

If you are submitting a paper please provide a succinct title of the proposed paper, a brief synopsis (bullet form is acceptable) and information on the speaker.  Company or product briefs will not be accepted. Submission of a proposed paper does not guarantee acceptance.

Call for Papers
Conference Details


CONVENTION COURSES – Take Advantage of Courses in D.C.

AOC Convention Course: Introduction to EW Modeling and Simulation
December 1-4
Washington, D.C.
Instructor: Dave Adamy

AOC Convention Course: Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering
December 1-4
Washington, D.C.
Instructor: Kyle Davidson

AOC Convention Course: Hands-on Introduction to Radar and EW Course
December 1-2
Washington, D.C.
Instructor: Dr. Warren du Plessis

Electronic Warfare in the New Threat Environment (EW 104)
February 5-28
Online Webcourse
Instructor: Dave Adamy

The Association of Old Crows is excited to increase the convenience of your learning opportunities through our on-demand professional development library! The AOC is making some of our most popular courses available anytime and anywhere you're connected to the internet! On-demand course offerings currently include Dave Adamy's Fundamentals and Advanced Principles of EW, Kyle Davidson's ELINT - Principles and Practice and Warren du Plessis’ Introduction to RF & Microwave Front Ends.


CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: 47th Annual Collaborative EW Symposium, March 13-15, Pt. Mugu, CA

As EW warfighting requirements continue to evolve in their complexity and interdependency, it is clear that future EW systems must work collaboratively with other Air, Ground, Surface Space and Cyberspace systems. The 47th Annual Point Mugu Electronic Warfare Symposium will facilitate the exchange of enabling concepts and provide a venue to disseminate current research in the fields of Collaborative Electronic Warfare. Prominent leaders, contributors and representatives from the United States military, government, academia, and industry will come together to address current Electronic Warfare gaps and emerging technologies in Collaborative Electronic Warfare required to address these gaps.

This call for presentations challenges presenters to explore enabling collaborative electronic warfare through innovation and invention. We will accept presentations and/or demonstrations from all United States services, Department of Defense, industry, and academia that identify technical paths, options, and potential opportunities for EW collaboration. Specifically, abstracts should address one or more of the symposium sessions:

1. Planning/Directing/Assessing Collaborative EW. Collaborative EW is driving mission planning to a new reality. To achieve efficient coordination with and tasking of distributed and cognitive networked EW systems, mission planning needs to be capable of working with multiple disparate systems before, during, and after a mission. The challenges of enabling dynamic resource allocation by EW operators working with unmanned and cognitive systems at the tactical to operational levels need to be addressed.

2. Testing and Demonstration of Cognitive and Collaborative Systems.
Improvements in the testing, modeling, and demonstration of collaborative EW systems against modern/next gen threats is essential to gaining and maintaining advantage in EW. Advancements in the Live Virtual Constructive infrastructure as well as collaboration with the gaming and other related commercial industries are examples of areas to be explored.

3. Autonomy vs. Control of Cognitive EW Systems. The optimal employment of cognitive and autonomous EW systems is a challenge for the designers and developers as well as the operators. The level of interaction required/desired between the operators and the cognitive EW systems in their span of control are functions of many factors including trust, reliability, speed, and awareness of changes by the cognitive systems.

Abstracts for presentations must be unclassified and no more than one page of text or 400 words. Please forward abstracts to Amy Belicev at belicev@crows.org by February 3, 2018. All sessions will be classified SECRET NOFORN.

PLAN NOW TO ATTEND: The Fifth EW International Conference India (EWCI 2018): EWCI 2018
The Fifth International Conference on Electronic Warfare is the latest event in the internationally acclaimed EWCI Conference Series in India, in the field of Electronic Warfare and related areas. The Conference is being organized by the much Awarded India Chapter of Association of Old Crows (AOC), Bangalore. The Conference has the active support of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Government of India, Ministry of Defence and the Defence Public Sector Unit (DPSU), Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Bangalore.
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Employers can post on the Job Vacancies page for free. Follow the guide located HERE to provide information on posting a job listing. Submitted listings will remain live for 30 days. The AOC will not format or edit submitted postings, and will not respond to any questions from candidates concerning postings. We are hoping members and sponsors will take advantage of this free AOC service. Complete the guide linked above and submit to Tim Hutchison at hutchison@crows.org.

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INDUSTRY NEWS: NSWC Dahlgren Expands Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare for 'Victory at Sea'
New electromagnetic maneuver warfare (EMW) capabilities are emerging from laboratories to make a vital operational impact in the Fleet, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) leaders announced, Nov. 1. The announcement – made in the wake of NSWC Commander Rear Adm. Tom Druggan’s call for a renewed focus on EMW at a recent conference – means that the Navy and its Warfare Centers are serious about investing in electromagnetic maneuver warfare while new innovations such as directed energy and high energy lasers expand capabilities within the electromagnetic spectrum. (South Potomac Pilot)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: America's Navy Joins Forces With Australia to Develop New Jammer for the EA-18G Growler
The United States Navy and Australia will work jointly on the new Raytheon AN/ALQ-249 Next Generation Jammer that is currently being developed for the Boeing EA-18G Growler airborne electronic attack aircraft. Both the U.S. Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force fly the Growler, which is a derivative of the Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet strike fighter. According to the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), the Airborne Electronic Attack Systems and EA-6B Program Office (PMA-234) and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Oct. 18 to jointly develop the AN/ALQ-249 Next Generation Jammer Mid-band (NGJ-MB) from here on in. (The National Interest)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: The Pentagon Is Quietly Developing A Next Generation Long-Range Air-To-Air Missile
As the latest and likely the last major iteration of the AIM-120 AMRAAM, the D model, spreads throughout the services and America's allies' weapons caches, there has been great speculation as to what will come next, and real concern that the Pentagon has not moved fast enough or in a consistent enough manner to field a next generation long-range air-to-air missile. Now it appears that a new initiative has been quietly underway for two years now to do just that. (The Drive)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Navy Cyber Mission Force Teams Achieve Full Operational Capability
All of the Navy’s Cyber Mission Force teams achieved full operational capability last month, almost a full year ahead of schedule, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet officials announced. U.S. Cyber Command validated all 40 of the Navy’s Cyber Mission Force teams Oct. 6, officials said. The full-operational-capability assessment means a unit has achieved all manning, capability and training requirements necessary as part of the Cyber Mission Force, to fully perform its assigned missions as validated by Cybercom. It is not a measurement of overall combat readiness, officials explained, but rather is an externally validated evaluation that the unit has met all of its capability requirements and that it performs its mission as designed. (US Department of Defense)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: The Army Knows What Weapons It Wants -- But Can It Explain Why?
The Trump administration is putting the finishing touches on a new National Security Strategy. It will be a ringing endorsement of U.S. air power and sea power. But when it comes to land power -- "boots on the ground" -- the message is more muted. This is an old story in Washington. Every time there is a prolonged conflict -- Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan -- the Army does most of the fighting and takes most of the casualties. But once the war is over, it gets less money than the other services to modernize and stay in a high state of readiness. (Forbes)
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INDUSTRY NEWS: Navy, Air Force Build New LRASM Weapon Sensor Targeting Tech
BAE Systems has begun production of an advanced targeting sensor for the emerging Long Range Anti-Ship Missile engineered to track and destroy moving targets from great distances semi-autonomously, developers said. Beginning as a Lockheed Martin, DARPA and Office of Naval Research effort, the LRASM program is developing a high-tech air and surface launched weapon for the Navy and Air Force. While many of the particulars of the new sensor for the weapon are not available for security reasons, BAE Systems developers do explain the technology in a general way. (Scout Warrior)
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The U.S. has finally completed a 2011 effort to upgrade the JCREW (Joint Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare) jammers used to disable IEDs (improvised explosive devices) detonated wirelessly. Another update was underway but was delayed six years because, well, because of a lot of things. In 2011 JCREW 3.1 had been a big success because you could easily add new frequencies to jam and was available in several versions. (Strategy Page)
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The 53rd Wing’s 513th Electronic Warfare Squadron was awarded the Outstanding Scientist/Engineer Team of 2017 for their work on the F-35A Lightning II Initial Operational Capability delivery at Eglin Air Force Base, Oct. 25, 2017. "I’m extremely proud of the work these Airmen, military, civilian and contractors alike, do every day with their Navy teammates," said Col. David Abba, 53rd Wing commander. "Winning this award is a testament to the incredible work they are accomplishing together for the warfighter." This Air Force Science, Technology, Engineering and Math annual award recognizes the efforts and achievements of scientists and engineers who make significant contributions to technology and engineering. (US Air Force)
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