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STORY OF THE WEEK: Call for Presentations Extended - 41st Annual Collaborative Electronic Warfare Symposium
As EW warfighting requirements continue to develop in their complexity and interdependency, it is equally necessary to explore potential solutions to generate joint collaborative EW effects across war fighting domains, mission areas and generations of deployed capabilities. The rapid growth in technology has created potential opportunities to collaborate with EW in new and different ways.

The 41st Annual Collaborative EW Symposium at Point Mugu, CA, January 25-27, will explore new collaborative ideas for EW. This call for presentations challenges presenters to explore the potential benefits to the warfighter of collaborative effects in both currently deployed and developmental capabilities. Presentations are due December 17.
Call for presentations
Draft agenda and symposium information

Last Chance! Register for the Worldwide EW Reprogramming Conference
Today's EW databases require multiple reprogramming languages, making harmonizing databases a growing challenge in all fields. To address the heightened interest in this topic, the AOC is conducting a Worldwide EW Reprogramming Conference in Orlando, FL, December 15-16, 2010.
Draft agenda
What Every EW Professional Needs to Know Today: Applied 21st Century Electronic Warfare
Intended for professionals in operations, support and training directly responsible for execution of electronic warfare missions, this course is intended to re-baseline operational knowledge and reinforce operational context for personnel in or close to the fight. Although some common body of knowledge fundamentals are briefly addressed, this course leans toward a more advanced discussion of applications, capabilities and processes relevant to conducting and sustaining EMS warfare operations.
Be one of the first to take this brand new course, January 18-21, in Westlake Village, CA.
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Agenda Now Available: 2nd Annual AOC Symposium on LPI Radar/ELINT Design Strategies & Counter - LPI Technology
Plan now to attend the AOC's Symposium on Low Probability of Intercept at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, February 15-17. The General Conference Chairman is CDR Michael Herrera, USN, NPS, and the Technical Program Chairman is Prof. Phillip E. Pace, NPS.
Draft agenda
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Industry News
DARPA Long Range Anti-ship Missile Program Continues to Demonstration Phase
Current anti-ship weapons possess limited range and lethality. As at-sea warfare advances, next generation standoff anti-ship weapons systems are needed. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRASM) program is addressing this need by designing and demonstrating two variants of a new anti-ship missile. (Defpro)
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The Fourth Modernization
China is becoming a military force to reckon with in the western Pacific. How should America respond? (The Economist)
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FiestaCrow 2011 Papers Due by
February 1

Papers for FiestaCrow 2011, April 11-14 in San Antonio, TX, are being accepted through February 1. This year's theme is "EW/IO in a Cyber World." Talks should be no longer than 30 minutes. The Technical Chair is Mr. John Langford.
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AOC News
Last Week: $25 Gift Memberships End December 15
This holiday season, give a one-year AOC membership for just $25 and get a gift for yourself – a free AOC tie tack for each membership you give.
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Meet New AOC Institute/University Member
The AOC welcomes the National EW Research and Simulation Center in Haifa, Israel, which has joined as an Institute/University member.
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Direct Access to Audio and Video in the AOC Live Learning Center
Purchase video and audio from the 47th Annual International Symposium and Convention on-line in the AOC Live Learning Center.
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Nominate a Board Member for the AOC 2011 Annual Election
Nominations for the 2011 election are being accepted through February 2011. Download a nomination form today.
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Your Next Job Awaits in the AOC Career Center
The AOC Career Center offers FREE and confidential résumé posting, job search control, easy job application, the ability to save jobs and new jobs posted every week.
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Component's Corner
CTT, Inc. CTT, Inc.
At the Heart of Next Generation Electronic Defense Systems: 0.1-20 GHz LNAs, 0.2-100W PAs, Special Purpose Amplifiers, Contract Manufacturing.

Assemblies, Inc.
25 years of manufacturing high performance microwave cable assemblies with low attenuation at frequencies up to 65 GHz.

Consultant's Corner
Clausewitz Clausewitz Technology
Buck Clemons is your answer for face-to-face marketing with the US Army and Redstone Arsenal communities. We specialize in Electronic Warfare and Army Aviation operations, both manned and unmanned.

Get Modern Radar Measurement Resources from Agilent:
These useful Radar and EW resources such as posters, application notes, and an aerospace defense solutions brochure will help ensure system readiness and program success - so you can focus where it co

Calendar of Events
December 15-16: Worldwide EW Reprogramming Conference
Orlando, FL
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January 18-21: Applied 21st Century Electronic Warfare Course
Westlake Village, CA
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January 25-27: 41st Annual Collaborative Electronic Warfare Symposium
Point Mugu, CA
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February 15-17: Low Probability of Intercept Symposium
Monterey, CA
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March 15-16: Joint Electronic Attack Conference: AEA Operations Supporting Land, Sea and Air
Las Vegas, NV
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