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What's New
Dear General: Where is Your Service Headed with IO/Cyber?
Harmonization is a Critical Database Need: Join the Discussion at the Worldwide EW Reprogramming Conference, December 15-16
Today's EW databases require multiple reprogramming languages, making harmonizing databases a growing challenge in all fields. To address the heightened interest in this topic, the AOC is conducting a Worldwide EW reprogramming conference in Orlando, FL, December 15-16, 2010.

Draft agenda
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A New EW Course for Everyone: Operational EW Course, November 30-December 3 in Dayton, OH
The AOC has launched a new series of courses designed specifically for EW professionals. These dynamic courses are brand new and focus on what you need to know right now if you are operating, building, planning or managing anything related to spectrum warfare.

Be one of the first to take this unique new course. Click here for details and registration form.

Contact Mike Dolim at (703) 549-1600 or dolim@crows.org for more information.
In Two Weeks: Defining IO/Cyber Spectrum Operations Conference, November 30-December 2
This three-day event provides a forum for professionals from the military, government, industry and academic fields to discuss issues related to the changing requirements of IO/Cyber programs, platforms and operations. And maximize your trip by taking advantage of the one-day Cyber Warfare Course added for November 29.

Click here to download a registration form.
Click here for online registration.
Click here to see the conference agenda.
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New: Mark Your Calendars for the First Two AOC Conferences of 2011

41st Annual Collaborative Electronic Warfare Symposium, January 25-27

Plan now to attend the 41st Annual Collaborative EW Symposium at Point Mugu, CA, in late January.
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2nd Annual AOC Symposium on LPI Radar/ELINT Design Strategies & Counter – LPI Technology, February 15-17
Plan now to attend the AOC's Symposium on Low Probability of Intercept Conference at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. The General Conference Chairman is CDR Michael Herrera, USN, NPS, and the Technical Program Chairman is Prof. Phillip E. Pace, NPS.
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Industry News
Shaping a New Con-ops: The Impact of the F-22 and F-35
In mid-September, Second Line of Defense sat down with three experienced USAF pilots to discuss the impact of the new aircraft on concepts of operations. The pilots have significant experience with F-15s, F-22s and or with the shaping of the F-35 for introduction into the USAF. (SLDinfo.com)
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Friday: USAF EWO Training School Inactivation Ceremony
The USAFs EWO Training School, the 563d Flying Training Squadron, will be formally inactivated after 11 years of training EWOs at Randolph AFB, TX , this Friday, November 19, 2010. All are welcome to attend, for more information or to RSVP, please contact the squadron at (210) 652-3031/3754; DSN 487-3031/3754, or Daniel.Simmermon@randolph.af.mil
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Chinese Missiles Could Close U.S. Bases in Attack, Report Says
The Chinese military’s non-nuclear missiles have "the capability to attack" and close down five of six major U.S. Air Force bases in South Korea and Japan, an unpublished government report says.
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What's the Next Generation Fighter?
No sooner does Defense Secretary Robert Gates succeed in ending production of the Air Force's F-22 fifth-generation jet fighter than the service is off into the wild blue yonder developing its sixth. (Time)
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Tankers diverted, deflating power of Red Flag
The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are keeping tankers too busy to fuel fighters headed to a Red Flag exercise, so pilots are cooling their heels on the ground. (Air Force Times)
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Meet Jack Deaton: EW Veteran
The Corps built on Deaton’s mechanical knowledge in 1962 by sending him to Grumman to work on the new EA-6A electronic warfare jet as a programmer. In 1966, Deaton was picked to change intercept gear in the aircraft. (Havelock News)
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Cyber Forces Claim Progress, Eye Hurdles
Cyber missions are still being sorted out among the services to avoid duplication, and cyber operations are still not being conducted as fast as they must be to deter network attacks. (Aviation Week)
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AOC News
Give the Gift of AOC: $25 Memberships through December 15
Know someone who should be an AOC member? We have the perfect gift. This holiday season, give a 1-year AOC membership for just $25 and get a gift for yourself – a free AOC tie tack for each membership you give.
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Papers Being Accepted for FiestaCrow 2011
The Billy Mitchell Chapter presents the AOC Mountain-Western EW/IO Technical Symposium, FiestaCrow, April 11-14, 2011. The event theme is "EW/IO in a Cyber World," and is timed to take place during the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Papers are being accepted through February 1, 2011. Talks should be no longer than 30 minutes The Technical Chair is Mr. John Langford.
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AOC India Chapter EW Workshop: November 24-25
The AOC India Chapter will host its first National EW Workshop November 24-25 in Bangalore, India. The event includes international speakers and registration includes a one-year membership to the AOC.
Workshop information
Visit the AOC India Chapter homepage
Visit the AOC Live Learning Center
Continue your top-level experience at the AOC 47th Annual International Symposium and Convention by accessing symposium session video and audio on-line in the AOC Live Learning Center.
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Nominate the next leaders of the AOC for the 2011 Annual Election
Every year the AOC membership has the opportunity to determine the future direction of the AOC by electing representatives to its Board of Directors. Nominations for the 2010 election are being accepted now through February 2011.
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Find New Opportunities in the AOC Career Center
Visit the AOC Career Center and check out new jobs being posted every week. The AOC Career Center offers FREE and confidential résumé posting, job search control, easy job application, the ability to save jobs and much more. Visit AOC Career Center today and post your résumé!
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Component's Corner
CTT, Inc. CTT, Inc.
At the Heart of Next Generation Electronic Defense Systems: 0.1-20 GHz LNAs, 0.2-100W PAs, Special Purpose Amplifiers, Contract Manufacturing.

Assemblies, Inc.
25 years of manufacturing high performance microwave cable assemblies with low attenuation at frequencies up to 65 GHz.

Consultant's Corner
Clausewitz Clausewitz Technology
Buck Clemons is your answer for face-to-face marketing with the US Army and Redstone Arsenal communities. We specialize in Electronic Warfare and Army Aviation operations, both manned and unmanned.

Get Modern Radar Measurement Resources from Agilent:
These useful Radar and EW resources such as posters, application notes, and an aerospace defense solutions brochure will help ensure system readiness and program success - so you can focus where it co

Calendar of Events
November 29: Cyber Warfare Course
Charleston, SC
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November 30-December 2: Defining IO/Cyber Spectrum Operations Conference
SPAWAR Facility Charleston, SC
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November 30-December 3: Operational Electronic Warfare Course
Dayton, OH
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December 6-10: Advanced EW Course
Alexandria, VA
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December 15-16: Worldwide EW Reprogramming Conference
Orlando, FL
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January 25-27: 41st Annual Collaborative Electronic Warfare Symposium
Point Mugu, CA
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February 15-17: Low Probability of Intercept Symposium
Monterey, CA
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March 15-18: Spectrum Modeling and Simulation Conference
Las Vegas, NV
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