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May 29, 2014

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COMING JULY 1: 2014 AOC Elections

Fellow Crows,

During the past six years, the global economy has been challenged in ways not seen since the Great Depression. These challenges have manifested in the form of tremendous fiscal constraint and uncertainty that has rippled through our defense services and industries alike. Your AOC has worked hard to keep its leadership role intact and to advance advocacy for Electromagnetic Warfare in the face of these challenges. We have done that job better with each passing day, but there remains room for improvement. 

How we move forward and where we place our emphasis is up to you. It is the Board of Directors’ responsibility to shape our message and actions, but it us your responsibility to shape the Board of Directors.  

Our elections will run from July 1 through August 22 this year. Step up and be heard. Vote for the candidates you feel can help us continue on an upward vector. If you are concerned you may not have electronic access, reach out to the AOC headquarters, and we can help facilitate a paper ballot.

Here is the list of candidates you will be voting for:  

Dave Hime
Douglas "Chopper" Lamb

Southern Region Director
Lisa Fruge-Cirili
Dave Walman

Northeast Region Director
Antonino Amoroso

Mountain-Western Region Director
Samuel Roberts
Stan L.  VanderWerf

At-Large Directors
Tom "TCL" Curby-Lucier
Edward Fisher
Col. Craig Harm, USAF (Ret.)
Brian Hinkley
Amanda Kammier
Dave Krauthiemer
Geoff Leighton
Steve Tourangeau, USAF (Ret.)

We will provide you their pictures, perspectives and concerns in the July issue of JED to help you help us continue moving the AOC forward.

The AOC needs you. The AOC needs you to vote. The AOC needs you to remind your fellow Crows to vote.

Spread the word.