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October 9, 2013

Wild Parrots Chapter at First Naval EW Conference in Rio

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The Braz Navy EW Center (CGEM) organized the First Naval EW Conference (I CGEM) at the Rio de Janeiro Naval Base (BNRJ) premises in Mocanguê Island, August 20-21. This year theme was IMINT dedicated to surveillance of the Blue Amazon, which is the Brazilian maritime EEZ (it is about of the size of the local Amazon region, but instead of green, it is blue!). The subject is quite appealing because the Brazilian Navy is in the process to choose a firm to lead the construction of a Surveillance System for all that sea area (the SisGAAz).
The Conference had several excellent presentations as the one given by Adm Antonio Reginaldo Pontes Lima Jr (Braz Navy Hidrography Director) about IMINT and Dr. Karla Teixeira (from IPqM Braz Navy Research Institute) about Signal Processing for Remote Sensing and IMINT. The President of the Wild Parrots Roost, Captain Antonio Dias (Ret) presented a speech about Satellite and GPS EW and invited the local EW community to join the AOC and the Wild Parrots Chapter. The Conference was sponsored by Agilent, AMSKepler, Ares, Astrium, Cassidian, Medav, Rockwell-Collins, Rohde & Schwarz and SAAB. It had all the support from the Braz Navy Naval Operations Command (CON), the BN Fleet Command (ComemCh) and CAAML (Braz Navy Fleet Training Center). It also had all the support the Wild Parrots could provide at this moment. The organization was perfect, with good coffee breaks when all the participants could also pass in the stands of the sponsors and interact with experts. There were about 450 persons at the Conference room and it was verified that there were also, at the same time, more than 800 points of access by web direct live transmission in the Braz Navy webite.
Next year theme will be COMINT, and further information may be obtained with Lt Cmdr Marcio Costa at or Cmdr Jose Marcelo at The growing Wild Parrots community hopes to see many of their Old Crow colleagues there in 2014!