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July 18, 2012

CALLING ALL CROWS: What's Your Favorite Spectrum Warfare Book?

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We need your help! We’re looking at YOU, all of you book-smart crows! Can you think of your favorite book that has helped further your knowledge of Spectrum Warfare? What comes to mind when you think of some of your most influential and helpful professional development books?

We’re looking to reach out to our younger generation by finding out which books would make the "Top 10" in our list of books that provide influential, educational and professional advice in the world of Spectrum Warfare for our young crows. We will take all of your responses and comprise a list of the most popular titles that we receive, then call for a vote on which books YOU think should find a place in the Top 10! To submit a title, please email your suggested book(s) (title AND author) to

Thanks for your help – keep watching to see where your book places on the list!
Laurie Buckhout, AOC President