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Call for Papers: 2nd Annual AOC Low Probability of Intercept Symposium

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2nd Annual AOC Symposium on

February 15-17, 2011
NPGS, Monterey, CA

To Download the below call for papers or more info please click here. 

Prospective authors are invited to submit an unclassified, extended summary of sufficient detail for peer review by experts in the field. Only electronic submissions will be accepted (single column format, maximum of four pages in length). Please send to pepace@nps.edu with subject line: AOC LPI. The extended summaries will be bound and distributed at the conference. Previously unpublished contributions across a broad range of topics are solicited, including (but not limited to) the following areas:

New LPI radar technology and waveform design concepts 
    Ultra-low side lobe antenna design and multifunction arrays
    Power management techniques
    Atmospheric shielding
    Tracking and surveillance algorithms
    New results in FMCW emitter design
    Phase, frequency and hybrid shift keying modulations
    Air, surface, underwater applications of LPI emitters
    Noise radar
    New LPI waveforms for seekers
    Trends in over-the-horizon radar design
    LPI characteristics of minimum input minimum output (MIMO) architectures
    LPI sensor networks and target fusion

Non-cooperative intercept receiver design
    Strategies for detecting LPI emitters
    New technologies for ELINT/SIGINT receivers
    Direction finding approaches, Cramer-Rao bounds
    Autonomous modulation identification/classification
    LPI waveform parameter extraction
    LPI jammer techniques and technology
    Network-enabled detection architectures
    Electronic attack considerations
    Network-enabled jammer architectures
    Wideband, narrowband digital RF memory (DRFM) techniques
    Minimizing jammer throughput
    Deception, noise jamming
    Expendables and effectiveness calculations
    Anti-radiation missile (ARM) design

Important Dates

Extended summaries submission Oct. 15, 2010
Notification of acceptance Nov. 15, 2010. 
AOC Registration/security clearance Jan. 7, 2011
Final extended summary submission Jan. 28, 2011

General Conference Chairman: CDR Michael Herrera, USN, NPS
Technical Program Chairman: Prof. Phillip E. Pace, NPS
SRC, Inc.
Rohde & Schwarz
Maxtek Components

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