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Congratulations to the AOC Chapter Award Winners

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Greatest Increase Winners
Mid-Atlantic Region Winner  Independence Roost
Southern Region Winner  Dixie Crows
Central Region Winner  Windy City
Mountain Western  Pikes Peak Roost
Pacific Region Winner  Prowler
International Region I Winner Lafayette
International Region II  Taipei Chapter

Chapter of the Year
Large Category
Chapters of the Year Tie: Dixie Crow and Capitol Club
Distinguished Chapter  UK and Kittyhawk chapters
Excellent Chapter  Chesapeake Bay

Medium Category
Chapter of the Year Billy Mitchell
Distinguished Chapters  Patriot's Roost , Peachtree Roost and Cochise chapter
Excellent Chapter  Mugu and Australia

Small Category
Chapter of the Year  Prowler
Distinguished Chapter  Palmetto Roost
Outstanding Chapter APG-Susquehanna Roost
Excellent Chapter  Aardvarks Nest

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